The Office: Scott’s Tots, 6.12

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Writers: Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky
Director: B.J. Novak

Summary (NBC): Michael is forced to face the music after he realizes he can’t keep a promise he made to a group of kids 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Jim starts an employee of the month program to increase employee morale.

The Office Scott’s Tots rating

In a poll conducted December 3-7, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.61/10

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The Office Scott’s Tots quotes

Andy: Would you rather me say, “Hey guys, my irritable bowel syndrome is flaring up”?

Andy: Things can get real adult real fast.

Michael: You can’t be a baby in the office. It makes me look like I hire babies.

Michael: And for what it’s worth, I think your baby voice is tops.

Andy: Dr. Tuna M.D., I have some terrible news.

Andy: The entire office has come down with a pernicious case of the Mondays.

Erin: There’s about 30 news alerts for “nip slip.”

Michael: What if I told you I had done the worst thing ever? Would you still want to be my friend?

Michael: Lurk much?

Michael: I miss Pam.

Michael: Is that what we’re going for now, “okay”? We used to go for “pretty good.”

Erin: We’ve already rescheduled seven times.

Pam: Michael, this is a terrible, terrible thing you’ve done. It’s terrible. Just … terrible.

Michael: I’ve made some empty promises in my life, but hands down, that was the most generous.

Dwight: I bet if you tried, you could grow the best beard of anyone in this office.

Dwight: In an ideal world, I would have all ten fingers on my left hand, so my right hand could just be a fist for punching.

Jim: If it’s all the same to you, I’m just going to take away “Survival Skills” and “Self Defense.”

Scott’s Tots: Hey Mr. Scott, what you gonna do, what you gonna do, make our dreams come true?

Teacher: You are a dream maker. And I thank you.

Dwight: Five minutes ahead of schedule. Right on schedule.

Phyllis: In your perfect world, only you get money.

Michael: Who here has done something stupid in their lives?

Michael: Tuition is very valuable. But you know what’s invaluable? Is intuition.

Michael: Some people have evil dreams, some people have selfish dreams, or wet dreams.

Michael: Hold on, they’re lithium!

Creed: Guys, I’m starting to think Pam’s not even pregnant.

Phyllis: No offense, Pam, but how the hell is that possible?

Pam: Yup.

Dwight: This is Stanley Hudson. Jim Halpert is a menace.

Michael: I can give you an extra laptop battery. Not everyone took one.

Dwight: I know how it happened.

Michael: You’re what, like 12?

Michael: You know when I hired Kevin, he was actually applying for a job in the warehouse.

Michael: I have a feeling about you, too.

Ryan: I know about your Diabolical Plan.

Ryan: I want the same thing you want. I want to take Jim Halpert down. I want in.

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  1. I literally had to pause the episode and walk away at one point because it was so awkward and uncomfortable hahahaha

  2. I’m so glad Erin finally got a big role in an episode! I love her.

    Whoever came up with this plot idea is a genius.

  3. Am I the only one frustrated with this Jim-Dwight story arc? What once was funny is turning cruel, and if Jim actually gets into hot water because of one of Dwight’s schemes – or worse loses his job! – he’ll be left to figure out how to support his growing family on only Pam’s salary. With Ryan in on the scheme, I’m getting more and more weary. Also, I’m getting tired of watching everyone be rude to him every episode. I get that he may not be a “real boss” to them but he still deserves respect and the whole “nobody listens to Jim, even though they should” thing is getting old.

  4. Really enjoyed this one. Like the MSPC storyline last year, I think this will be a nice story arc.

    The only season 6 episode I have enjoyed the whole way through was “The Lover.” Looking forward to how this plays out.

  5. best episode since niagara. seriously, amazing from beginning to end. reminded me of the earlier episodes. genuinely cringe inducing, and FINALLY the b plot in a season six episode is as good as the main one. a++++

  6. That very well may have been the worst episode in the history of the show. The Scott’s tots storyline was completely useless and painful to watch. They could not have done this episode at all and nothing about this season would be different. The whole arc with Dwight tries to get Jim fired and everyone else gets mad is very stale, and we’ve already seen Ryan try to get rid of Jim in season 4. I think this season is the strongest since season 3 but this was just awful.

  7. The idea was interesting and had potential, however, I did not laugh very much. Jim being co-manager is just not working for me. The crux of the show previously was Michael’s inept management and that is gone. Still better than anything else on television though.

  8. The main plot was so unbelievable I don’t know how it ever got past the brainstorming stage.

  9. Eh episode, best parts were Pam’s baby bump and Dwight’s impressions of Kevin, Stanley, and Toby.

  10. Mmmm…I don’t know, guys…I don’t know. The end was very heartwarming. That’s all I can say right now.

  11. Okay so Jim escaped tonight’s plan but I got a bad feeling that by the end of the season Dwight will pull off one these schemes, or at least that’s what I feel the writers are going for.

    Michael’s heart was in the right place but at least he helped that kid at the end.

  12. @4: Totally agree with you! I totally felt sorry for Jim. And even going as far as impersonating other employees to David Wallace to get Jim fired? That was WAYYYY too low, even for Dwight!

    All in all, it was a pretty good episode.

  13. @ Meghan……OMG you too the words right out of my mouth! The “everyone against Jim thing” needs to stop… like… 3 episodes ago!

  14. Happy Smile Patrol: Really? Of all the things they’ve done on this show, Michael making a ridiculous promise to kids (so they will like him) is too unbelievable?

  15. #4 Meghan, You’re not alone. I agree with you 1000%.

    The Jim-Dwight arc is becoming cruel the way they’re treating Jim, and between this and last season when Charles made him look dumb, it’s redundant. I trust the writers know what they’re doing.

    And Michael crushing the dreams of a bunch of high school kids was so wrong on so many levels. Yeah it did seem like something Michael would do, but I don’t know. Over all not loving the episode.

    I do also agree with #10 Corah, I loved that Pam talking head.

  16. I absolutely hated this episode, agree with #7 that this is the worst episode of the series. Even at the parts that should have been amusing,I wasn’t laughing because I was horrified at how mean spirited the whole show was. And the ending where we are led to believe we should expect more of the same – not cool.

  17. Loved loved loved this episode. So amazingly cringeworthy and uncomfortable. And I mean that in the best way possible!

    They really did a great job of mixing awkward with hilarious. Awesome.

  18. I cannot comprehend how Jim didn’t figure out Dwight was sabotaging him. Or at least that SOMEONE was sabotaging him. Did he seriously think that cake appeared out of no where? I hope that something good is in store for Jim, because other than his brief managerial victory in Shareholder Meeting, he’s stuck in some alternate universe where he’s painfully stupid and his jokes are lame. Dwight, on the other hand, has become a complete demon. I hope there’s some satisfying resolution between the two of them… it’s really quite sad because I think Jim considers Dwight a friend in some twisted way.
    Michael and Erin were a nice contrast to all the scheming and manipulation.

  19. I agree with those who are done with Dwight trying to get Jim fired. It’s just not funny anymore. The last thing I want to see is Ryan and Dwight working together.

  20. The Dwight-Ryan vs. Jim story arc should be interesting. Ryan has been waiting to get back at him for quite some time.

  21. I can’t believe no one mentioned Dwight’s impersonations. The cake was hilarious, too.

    Anyway, congratulations to B.J. for his episode directing debut! It’s nice to see the cast become that more involved with the show.

  22. Ah, this episode was incredible. Michael building up anticipation for the laptops and then giving batteries had me laughing like crazy, as did Creed’s line and almost everything else. And I don’t really understand what the big deal is about the Dwight-scheming-against-Jim plot. He’s done it the whole series and Jim’s job has never been in jeopardy.

  23. Great episode! I was so nervous when David Wallace got mad at Jim and then I got equally angry at Dwight…and then Ryan. Great job, BJ!

    Though, all week I mistakenly thought “Scott’s Tots” was referring to some Scranton diner and I’ve been craving tater tots ALL week. Mmmmmm, Scott’s Tots.

  24. I really didn’t “get” this episode. I though the Scott’s Tots storyline was well-executed, but everything back at DM was a mess of unbelievable weirdness. It just didn’t work or even make sense. Who would buy into that? How did Jim not suspect Dwight or Andy? Are there arcs in this season besides Jim’s managerial one, or am I just missing something? Each episode seems to be its own entity, which I don’t like.

    I got a kick out of Dwight’s impressions, though!

  25. This episode was horrible. This is my favorite show ever and I’m usually here scowling at all of you who complain about the episodes.

    But this? This wasn’t even funny. It was awful and horrible and cruel. I’m sorry but what is funny about watching a nice guy who is just trying to support his family being sabotaged by his psychopathic coworker? Nothing. This show has always toed the line between funny and cruel, but they just completely lost it this episode. If I wanted to watch people being horrible human beings I’d watch a reality show.

    I never thought I’d say this, but if this becomes a season-arc thing then I am done with this show.

  26. #26. Wilt – I’m not understanding your comment. I’ve seen every episode of this show, more times than I can count, and I’m not sure what you’re referring to with regards to Ryan wanting to get back at Jim for a while now (I paraphrase)… Unless you mean when Jim made him work in the closet in the last episode. What am I forgetting?

  27. I’m glad Michael got some comeuppance.

    The plot against Jim was dumb. Dwight gave him the score sheet that made him look bad, how things went wrong should have been instantly, blatantly clear to Jim. And everyone (except Pam) jumping all over Jim like that was ridiculous. That storyline is dull, but it’s also nonsensical. How has Jim become the office pariah/moron after so many years of everyone liking him for being so clever and nice? Becoming a manager doesn’t actually play out like that so quickly.

  28. Did I miss the episode where Jim suffered a traumatic brain injury? Can he even dress himself any longer?

  29. Terrible episode. I am all for character development, but Dwight’s character is now almost unrecognizable from the character he was in Season 1. Remember him? I loved the old Dwight because everyone knows or works with someone like him, but Present Dwight is too far-fetched and completely unbelievable. He’s not even fun to watch because he is just unbelievable.

    The only good thing about this episode was the dinner I ate while watching it.

  30. I was confused by this episode. The background characters are usually what makes the inter-office scenes so charming, but they were all horrible caricatures of themselves (except for Stanley’s laugh). Just think back to earlier seasons – these are completely different characters, and not in a “personal growth” way.

  31. I can see how people are split on this episode, but in my opinion it’s been the best one since Niagara.

    I laughed out loud plenty of times and the ending was SOOO great!

    Some people might have found the underprivileged kids getting let down not funny though. But I found the situation that Michael found himself in rather humorous.

  32. Really great episode tonight, IMO.

    It was the first time that I have laughed out loud at The Office in… years. No joke.

  33. If we’re going for realism here, Dwight’s attempting to sabotage his newly-married-with-a-baby-on-the-way co-worker – in an economy like this no less! – is not only irresponsible, but also unethical and downright horrible. Not really seeing the humor here, especially since, for all of Jim’s pranks, he’s never been this cruel to Dwight. Jim’s even gone so far as to lend him a helping hand a time or two (their conversation in “Money” comes to mind now). And now with Ryan in on the sheme? I see a mess ahead and I’m not really up for watching Jim get himself into hot water when he seems to be really trying to be fair and impartial despite his obvious ties to some of his co-workers

  34. I did not like this episode. Getting a man fired is not funny these days, or any day. Jim is expecting a baby and we’re supposed to enjoy watching him fight for his job? This had better pay off in a big way or I have lost faith in the Office. This season has been great so far, but this is just going too far. I don’t mind cringe-inducing moments, but this is becoming more cruel. Stop it now!

  35. I was so hoping to see Dwight get his come-uppance at the endtag of this episode – to see Ryan get in cahoots with Dwight was majorly disappointing, especially after the last new ep when Jim finally won some respect in the office. I really hope the writers are not going to let Dwight and Ryan get the best of Jim. I’ll be sincerely disappointed if they let Dwight get away with continuing to use that LiveScribe pen to spy on Jim as well.

  36. Tonight was just… awful.

    The only good part was Dwight’s impersonations and the Michael and Erin scenes, even though they both kinda annoyed me. But seriously, how could Jim not figure out Dwight was behind this? I know they probably just want to move the “trying to get Jim fired” story line along, but he’s never fallen for it before. Also, everyone didn’t hate Jim before the promotion, but now he’s only friends with his wife?

    Not a single audible laugh came from my family’s living room tonight. This could easily be one of the worst episodes of the series. It was just so menacing and unfunny. The Office has always managed to have lightheartedness to make things seem better, but with just plain cruelty I wonder what they’re going for. (Michael and Dwight for this episode) Last week I watched quite a bit of Seasons 2 and 3, and tonight I was wondering where the characters went that we know and loved.

  37. Sorry for re-posting but:

    Although I really, really liked this episode, I hope the Jim/Dwight/Ryan thing was just the tag…

    Because if it’s not, it will become very old, very, very quick.

  38. Why would the writers not have Jim put the Dwight plan together? He’s a smart guy. I’m tired of him having work managerial problems every episode…. I loved the fun and pranks and now it’s all such a downer. and, as others have mentioned – looks like it’s not even close to being over with Ryan and Dwight working together now against Jim. Give the guy a break!

  39. I think it’s unfair to imply Jim’s dumb for not being able to see Dwight’s plan for what it is. Considering Jim, himself, gathered the numbers from Toby (and Oscar?) the pieces simply weren’t adding up on his side for him to blatantly point the finger at Dwight. And unlike Jim, we have the benefit of knowing about Dwight’s ongoing plan. The sad part is, this is the same Dwight Jim’s invited to parties, given advice to, even defended on numerous occasions. I mean, Dwight attended his wedding for God’s sake! For all of their bickering, Jim simply doesn’t think Dwight could sink this low … Probably because Jim, himself, would never think to.

  40. What I meant to say is, I have no problem with character development but this isn’t really what I call good character development.

  41. GREAT episode. I found myself laughing throughout the whole show.

    I do agree that the Jim/Dwight story-arc is getting annoying, though. I thought it made for a good storyline this episode, but I think it really needs to stop.

    Season 6 has been the best one since season 3, I think.

  42. Wait people don’t believe Dwight – a character who has been pranked on and humiliated by Jim for years – would try to destroy him after Jim gets the job he’s wanted his entire tenure at Dunder Mifflin?

    This has been building up since the beginning.

    This was the most mean-spirited and cringe-inducing episode since The Merger – so I dug it a great deal.

    This was classic UK Office level of being messed up.

  43. Okay, my thoughts are more composed now: comedy is supposed to be a relief of stress. It didn’t feel like any tension was “relieved” in this episode. At the end I just felt uncomfortable. Not a whole lot of laughing on our couch. I’m all for interesting story arcs, but I really feel like after building Jim up as a sort of hero the whole series, having him break down into a constant victim is just disheartening for the viewers. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  44. Good episode, but I agree with alot of other people that the Dwight against Jim thing is getting lame.

  45. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious when people complain about characters being too “mean”? It’s amazing to watch people get so involved with fictional characters. I really like dark humor though, so Dwight trying to get Jim fired is a fantastic arc, IMO.

  46. I found this episode to be very disappointing, quite awful actually. The only part I laughed at was Dwight’s impersonations, and sadly, I find the rest of the characters to be shadows of their former delightful selves.

  47. OK, one more thing…Katherine…one of the first episodes of season 3 had Dwight trying to take Michael’s job, and ended with him standing on a chair wearing a “LIAR” sign. That’s about as menacing and dark as it gets.

  48. Well, Jimmy, I’m homebound, so these fictional characters are kinda the closest things to friends I have – sad but true!

  49. I hope this episode is the beginning of an interesting thing: A Dwight/Ryan vs Jim/Pam saga.

  50. This was a good episode and Dwight’s impression was excellent. I agree with Troy that Dwight isn’t someone that is going to take things lightly when Jim has the job that Dwight always wanted.

  51. I wonder how much Rainn had to practice those impersonations before shooting. They were spot-on! So funny.

  52. Another Office Gem!

    Stanley laughing uncontrollably

    The cutaway to Pam “Yup”

    Michael ripping Erin right in front of her

    The Andy Michael baby talk elvis talk back and forth “Thank you Thank you a lot.”

    “Kevin was applying for the warehouse when I hired him.”

    Kevin taking forever to respond to Dwight even though dwight already started talking

    The fact that dwight needed to have the Diabolical plot on paper

    Michael pulling out batteries “They’re Lithium.”

    10 out of 10 LIKE EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!!!!


  53. This episode had good conflict, lots of uncomfortable moments, and good character stuff. I love the Erin scenes too, but found myself annoyed at her for the first time in the series for not taking charge during the Scott Tots thing, as Pam would have done. Even so, it was good that she didn’t, because then she’d be Pam, not Erin.

    Hats off to Rainn for the great impressions. That being said, the whole diabolical plan against Jim makes me SO uncomfortable. I know these characters aren’t real, and everything will be fine in the end ‘cus it’s a sitcom, but I don’t want bad things to happen to Jim! And how could Jim NOT have realized Dwight was behind it all when he got that cake?!

  54. I don’t mind Dwight trying to sabotage Jim, or the idea of him teaming up with Ryan. In fact, I was disappointed last year when Ryan never followed up on his revenge list (which included Jim) when he first returned as a temp after his fraud at Corporate. The problem I had tonight is that they strained credibility with the employee of the month fiasco.

    In order to compile the stats, Toby and/or Accounting would have had to compile them by person, so assigning everyone a random number made no sense. With all the crazy and inappropriate things that Michael has done over the years, today the employees all decide to call Wallace to complain about Jim? Really? That’s not suspicious at all. That Jim, or Pam, weren’t smart enough to figure out that Dwight plotted the whole thing was just not believable. It was so obvious even Kevin should have figured it out. I don’t mind Dwight pulling one over on Jim occasionally, like with the bugged pen, but this storyline had so many gaping holes in it, it fell flat.

  55. Really enjoyed the Michael-Erin scenes in this episode. Great to see Michael be nice to her at the end after he’d been such a jerk earlier. Can’t wait for next week’s promised Andy-Erin action at the Christmas party. Erin/Ellie Kemper is awesome!

  56. Sorry to re-post, but I want to clarify that my issues with Dwight are not due to discomfort with dark humor. I just worry that Dwight is becoming a one-trick pony. He HAS always hated Jim, but he also held a charming loyalty to Michael, was crazy about Angela, had quirky obsessions with bears, karate, and anime, and even had a soft spot for Pam. Now sociopathic, Jim-hating Dwight has completely taken over. I’ve found a similar situation with Phyllis. Her occasional fiery outburts used to add depth to her otherwise quiet, sweet character. Lately, she’s just hateful 90% of the time. Dark humor is fine, but not if the character development has to suffer to serve it.

  57. I’m not really sure what I think about this one…
    There were some funny moments, my favorite would have to be Creed’s “I’m starting to think Pam’s not really pregnant!” line! I also liked how Michael is starting to warm up to Erin.

    That being said, this whole Jim-Dwight story is getting old. We understand that Dwight doesn’t like the fact that Jim is now a boss, but the once funny schemes of his are just getting out of hand. If Jim loses his job, he and Pam will have to raise the baby on only Pam’s salary. When Ryan said he was in, it made me disappointed because that means there will be more stories like this. I want Jim to be accepted as a co-manager!

  58. I can see why Dwight would want to sabotage Jim and I don’t think Jim was as gullible as some are saying by the end of the episode he figured out Dwight was behind everything. And Dwight isn’t Ben from Lost the entire plan did backfire in the end.

  59. Several people have expressed doubt about why Jim didn’t figure out that Dwight had plotted against him. My impression wasn’t that Jim didn’t figure it out, but rather he didn’t want to turn around and immediately place blame on somebody as he is now co-manager of the branch. Just imagine how weak and childish it would look if, while being berated with negative comments, Jim just turned around, pointed to Dwight and said, “He did it!”

    I liked the episode a lot. There were such wonderful one-liners. And Dwight’s impressions had me on the floor!

  60. Dwight’s imitations of Toby, Stanley and Kevin were SPOT ON!!…I kept on rewinding that part…hahaha
    oh yeah and anything by Creed.. haha
    sad to see that Ryan and Dwight are joining forces… I wonder how that storyline’s gonna unfold….
    and Michael and Erin… :)

  61. I loved, loved, loved Dwight’s impersonations of Kevin, Stanley, and (especially) Toby. Best moment of the night for me!

  62. I don’t see why everyone’s complaining about the unrealistic-ness of the Jim-Dwight storyline–think about it. Dwight’s been trying to get Michael’s job (or at least a raise) since season 1. Now Jim, who always used to pull pranks on him, has gotten the job Dwight wanted. Of COURSE he’s putting everything else aside to focus on his maniacal plan to get Jim fired! This is Dwight we’re talking about! Dwight’s just getting better at hatching plans that might actually work. (Thank goodness David Wallace is so nice!)

    I thought this was a great episode, although not in my top ten. And what Michael did at the end was really sweet–I love it when he shows his nice side, it makes him more human.

    On a side note, I was happy that Pam was looking much more preggers now (as she should be, 7 or 8 months in!).

  63. My favorite part was the beginning with Michael and Andy. That was awesome. I also enjoyed Michael and the “Scott Tots”.

    Dwight as the undermining villain and Jim as the gullible boss was really contrived. Dwight shines next to Michael and as the office nerd. I also enjoyed when he was involved with Angela. This dark side of Dwight is not funny or enjoyable for me. Ryan joining forces with Dwight at the end felt forced and too elementary for this show.

    Overall, I think this has been a strong season for the show. This episode was my least favorite.

  64. 70. Sammie: That doesn’t really make sense. Pointing and saying “he did it” isn’t the only way to defend yourself. It would not have been at all weak or childish for Jim to have said it was Dwight’s score sheet that put him and Pam as employee of the month, that he’s (Jim’s) never done anything even remotely like cheating his coworkers out of money, and that having that cake sent to himself would make no sense. Where’s the weakness or childishness in any of that?

  65. Seriously, enough with the Jim and Dwight thing. The writers have taken Dwight from one of the funniest characters on TV to a boring, one-dimensional shell. This was my least-favorite episode of the season. Hardly any laughs.

  66. loved the episode – dwight’s impressions were so spot on! also, the phone call between jim and david was great. love to see they’re friends! can’t wait to see next week’s. hopefully there’ll be some jim/pam scenes – there haven’t been any good ones since the wedding!

  67. I might be the minority here but I got sick of jim and pam hogging the show that some more dwight stuff is welcome, although the end left me uneasy!

  68. 69. HowDareYou: Only good part of the episode as far as I’m concerned.

    This thing where everyone yells at Jim is getting real old and this asinine “diabolical scheme” angle gets worse and worse with every new, predictable “twist.”

    Everything gets tied up real nicely if Jim finally flips out and puts things in perspective of his budding family (and everyone’s ignorance of it), but I really see Dwight getting written into a corner because of this whole thing.

    Ryan’s character has been in that corner for a while now.

  69. My 8-year-old cousin was in the still picture of Michael Scott & the tots as 3rd graders. She loved being on set. She said Steve was so nice to everybody, especially the kids!

    [from tanster: that is so awesome!]

  70. I am so tired of this Dwight-Jim thing. And Ryan? Seriously? Why is he even there anymore?
    But honestly, Jim is not stupid, and the writers are making him out to be. He would have caught onto Dwight by now, and he would have done something to stop Dwight. I am waiting for that moment like no other right now. Pllleeeaaasseee bring old Jim back. Please.

  71. I know it’s only a show, but when I think about what took place on the show in a a real world context, it makes me cringe. From Scott’s Tots to Dwight trying to get Jim fired (and in this economy!), this episode just didn’t sit well with me. The end tag with Ryan wanting in on Dwight’s diabolical plan was weakly reminiscent of Airplane! humor and made me chuckle for a moment, but on the whole, I felt disappointed. I liked Dwight better when he was the geeky guy in the office, and when Jim and Pam were actually a team when it came to dealing with their co-workers.

  72. No matter what Michael does, how silly he acts, what he may say, you always end up loving him a little. Not in this episode…at all Very negative storyline all around, including everyone back in the office.

  73. If they keep up with the “Dwight trying to get Jim fired” plot I will stop watching. It’s beyond boring now. It’s just plain horrible.

    What happened to the characters I got so invested in during the first few seasons?

    Dwight used to be quirky, now he’s just nasty.

    Pam doesn’t seem to get excited about anything any more.

    Jim used to be the funny guy everyone liked, now he’s disrespected and ridiculed by everyone.

    If anything they should be happy now that he is their boss.
    I mean, after all these years of having Michael there, wouldn’t they be overjoyed at having a smart,
    charismatic guy as their boss?

    This show used to be funny. I didn’t laugh once during this episode. Except for Pam’s “Yup” bit.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing an episode where they go back to Jim and Pam’s house and show how they are getting ready to be parents and coping with being married.

  74. I thought too that this was a rather mediocre episode, but I’m surprised to find that more people here seem to be outraged at Dwight’s shenanigans than at what Michael did to those poor kids. Michael’s made some bad decisions before, but this one has to take the cake. Those kids’ futures depended on Michael coming through for them, and he let them down. It was hard to watch.

  75. Really wasn’t feeling this episode. It had some good moments but there was just too much not to like.

    1) I don’t think a whole class of kids would really believe a guy in Scranton would be able to pay for that many people’s college tuitions. That would be like 20 million dollars. You can’t be that ignorant and graduate high school.

    2) Michael’s sudden hostility toward Erin was completely out of nowhere and really obnoxious (and not in a good obnoxious Michael way)

    3) Giving Dwight such extreme, over-the-top plotlines of insubordinance should lead to his getting fired, which no one wants

    4) I know I’ve said I’ve had it with Dwight and Andy, but Dwight and Ryan? Please, no. I thought we were pretty much done with Ryan.

    I know not every episode can be perfect, and there was a pretty fantastic run going. But this one was kind of disappointing for me.

  76. I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode, very mediocre. My big issue is that I’m not enjoying Dwight’s character so far. He always had a diabolical streak, but to me these plots should have NO WAY of working! Jim isn’t frakking stupid, he should be able to see through Dwight easily, it just doesn’t add up.

    The only way I see this subplot being redeemed is if Jim actually knows about Dwight’s plans. It’s the only way that it could make logical sense to me.

  77. Wooo-hooo! My home state (Rhode Island) got a shout out in the cold open! I cracked up when Michael said Andy’s baby talk included “Rwoad Iwand.”

    “It makes me look like I hire babies.”

    This show is too darn funny!

  78. I have to say, the whole “Jim is an incompetent manager” theme is getting really old. It started with “Night Out” and there is no end in sight. Jim was a character that was smart, but unmotivated in his job. He has always thought quick on his feet. These repeated episodes where he just stammers and looks like a fool in front of the whole office are trying my patience. I did not get the impression in this episode that he had figured out that Dwight was setting him up-and the old Jim would have figured that out from the get-go. Maybe it’s in the deleted scenes…

  79. This may have been my least favorite episodes of the entire series. I don’t mind the generally uncomfortable humor of this show, but there is always SOME little sweet or triumphant moment to offset the discomfort. Like the “dorky dancer” exchange in Phyllis’ Wedding or Jim shutting the insufferable Ryan in the closet last week. This episode did not have that at all, it was just mean-spirited and cruel on all counts. I found it almost unwatchable; I had to actually get up and leave the room because I was so uncomfortable during the Michael parts. Two SERIOUSLY awkward episodes in a row had better lead to some payoff in the Christmas episode.

  80. I thought the “A Story” was perhaps the weakest and most far fetched of the entire series. I don’t know what’s more unfathomable – Michael Scott promising much dinero, and having a room named after him at a public school and never mentioning it once in 6 years, or a group of kids and parents accepting it as fact and never asking any questions or doing any follow up research. Frankly, the “A Story” seems better suited as a webisode series – and a stretch at that.

  81. This was actually one of my favourite episodes all season – loved it from beginning to end. Made me laugh, made my skin crawl, made me say “awww” at the end – all the things I love about The Office. I’m so proud of the writers that in the sixth season they have been able to write so much fresh, amazing material. And I, for one, can’t wait to see Jim and Dwight do battle again!

  82. 78. tentojuan: amen. entirely agree.

    This episode was alright but a bit painful to watch. The awkwardness for Michael was great especially at the end but the whole Dwight story line is getting old and fast. His consistent failure at it and desire for getting Jim fired is boring.

    Also story lines are getting dropped left and right. What about Andy and Erin, or even Dwight and Angela. Even issues they brought up with Kevin and Phyllis. Season 5 hinted at a lot and it’s not even been discussed. I’m enjoying the break from Jim and Pam as it’s letting other characters develop. Probably best part was Stanley. He did a great job and Pam going ‘yup’ was priceless.

  83. I thought this was absolutely the worst episode of the entire series. Such a disappointment. There is not one likable character anymore. I’m so disappointed with where this is headed, I’m not sure I can watch it anymore.

  84. I thought Andy redeemed this episode – both in the cold open, and in the beginning with Dr. Tuna MD. Glad to see he’s still to loyal/ignorant to join in on Dwight’s anti-Jim schemes. And I agree – the best part of the episode was definitely Pam’s “YUP.” Reminded me of the umbrella talking-head from Casino Night – only a couple seconds long, but left me laughing for a couple minutes.

  85. Getting tired of this Dwight Jim thing. Is it just me or is this season not as good as the previous ones?

  86. I’m not opposed to Jim struggling in his new role a bit, but this has been too much. Jim isn’t dumb or helpless, but that’s how he’s been portrayed. Dwight is so far-fetched that he’s almost unwatchable now. I miss the nuance that these characters used to have. They’re all being painted with such broad brushes now that it’s taken away a lot of the interest of the show.

  87. whoops. definitely in the minority here! (the contrast of my first post and the next one by someone else is hilarious.)

    although no one will probably agree with me, the intense awkwardness of this episode just reminded me of the british office, and the older seasons of the american one in so many ways. the situation michael got himself into was classic.

    why does every episode of the office have to be so uplifting and goofy and whimsical? why can’t it be a little grim and hopeless? this was the first time in years that (well, maybe excepting “double date”) i had no idea how michael was ever going to get himself out of that mess. i missed that feeling and i got it full force in “scott’s tots.”

  88. hey, Mr. Scott, what you gonna do, make our dreams come true?~~~

    Love this episode.
    I really don’t know why people don’t like it.
    i give it 9/10!

  89. Too painful to watch. I watch for my funny fix, and all of it was negative. I really disliked the massive Michael screwup, the boring Dwight/Jim hate and Jim as manager bits.

  90. I don’t know about this whole “co-manager” thing. I don’t see how it could continue without further tampering with the aspects of the show I’ve come to love, especially the interaction between Jim and Dwight. I guess Pam could remain in sales without causing much disturbance to the show, and who knows what lies ahead as her pregnancy progresses. I think the reason Dwight has been so successful at sabotaging Jim and has now joined forces with Ryan is that Jim will ultimately be demoted. Before anyone jumps down my throat, know that I too wish to see Jim fulfill his potential and make advancement within Dunder Mifflin. I just don’t see how else they could restore what Jim brings to the show without putting him back where he was. The reality is, at least for me, that things just aren’t as comical when he’s made out to be nearly as big of a buffoon as Michael.

  91. I just remembered something – in “Launch Party”, Dwight said he won Employee of the Month twice in February. So…wasn’t there already an Employee of the Month system?

  92. That had to be the worst episode in a long time. It’s possibly the worst episode since Phyllis’ wedding (an episode I have watched one time and will never watch again). I didn’t laugh at all during this episode. In fact, I just had to turn away for most of it. There was too many holes in the episode. It was just too cruel.

    Are you telling me that no one at that school checked to see if it would even be possible for Michael to come through with that promise? Wouldn’t they want Michael to have some kind of financial backing before trusting him with a promise like that? Also, how could Jim NOT figure out someone was sabotaging him? It just makes no sense at all.

    This season has gone the wrong way. It has had its good moments, and some classic episodes, but overall, I feel like it’s going the wrong way. What I’m afraid of is that Jim might get fired in the same episode where Pam has her baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the episode where that storyline comes to a conclusion.

  93. Confirm or correct me here but I’m almost sure that on a commentary they were talking about John’s impressions and Rainn said he wasn’t any good at them. Those in show were priceless! Also I’m one of the other 600 people that thought Pam’s “Yup” was the highlight.

  94. It seems like I’m not the only one who is getting tired of this Dwight/Jim plot. Jim is smarter than they’re portraying him, and there’s a reason he was promoted. They haven’t really shown us that yet. I found myself hoping that Dwight would be fired last night for his ridiculous antics. Not that I want to see Dwight leave the show, but he needs to take it down a few notches.

  95. Wasn’t a big fan of this episode but hearing how Kevin got hired was classic

  96. Good call about the EotM system already being there. Maybe that was company-wide for sales record and this was just for Scranton?

    For everyone saying they hated it because of the awkwardness and ridiculous position Michael was in, I think you are forgetting what made this show famous. Watch the first two seasons, some of the moments are unbearable. But they’re still hilarious. And so was this. I loved it.

  97. It was more uncomfortable/disturbing than funny. I’d rather have funny. Not my favorite episode.

  98. I thought this was the worst episode since “Dinner Party”. The writing felt lazy, from all the poor kids being African-American (in Scranton, African-Americans are 3% of the population) to David Wallace confirming dinner plans with Jim instead of staying mad at him. The scene in the car between Erin and Michael was even more lazy. And what was it supposed to accomplish? Were we supposed to agree with Erin that Michael actually did something good because a higher percentage of Scott’s tots were “on track” to graduate than some percentage of other high school students? (What was that percentage anyway, a national average or the imaginary average of this imaginary high school?) Were we supposed to think Michael and Erin and Andy might be the next triangle? Or were we supposed to think, “Hey neat — Erin might become an accountant”? Seriously. WTF.

  99. Sorry to re-post, but there is SO MUCH CONTROVERSY! I just want to say, overall, I thought it was great. I want to be in the “Great” camp. I hope we get a Q & A with this one!

  100. re: Carol

    He won salesman of the month and that was company-wide. This was employee of the month and that was office exclusive.

  101. Hi writers! You guys are awesome. Funny. Talented. Probably over worked and on a deadline. But hey. Most of you have been part of the Del Close concept of comedy and know that funny comes from ordinary, organic situations. Also, characterizations have to remain consistent. The audience signed up for your show because they enjoy the characters for who they are. When you change their personalities and manufacture ways to make them funny, it insults us over here. Michael is so stupid, his antics should have him unemployed. Dwight should be in jail. His antics toward Jim do not even meet the level of pranks Jim pulled on him. In fact, Dwight is quite hateful. Ryan is unrecognizable. Jim, a pretty smart guy, is suddenly intellectually impotent. The entire gang is unlikeable,and not worth caring about. You guys are so much better than this. (P.S. Andy is cool. Keep that up.)

  102. Did anyone else think that Dwight’s impression of Stanley sounded like Al Gore (well, mostly Darrell Hammond’s version of Gore from SNL)? I laughed out loud during that part!

  103. Am I missing something? I thought the whole point of Dwight’s schemes are they are so outlandish that there’s no way Jim’s going to get into any real trouble. I thought the conversation at the end with Wallace cleared that up.

    I admit I’m a bit baffled by the venom coming from the other co-workers towards Jim (Phylis especially), but I don’t see why Jim would have immediately known it was Dwight since Andy brought the idea to him.

    That was just the b-story anyway. Overall, cringed more than I’ve cringed on a TV show in a long time. Not every episode can be whimsical like Murder or Cafe Disco.

  104. The cold open was stupid… not funny.

    But I loved the rest of the episode! I LOVED Erin!! I’m loving her character more and more. And Dwight’s diabolical plan (and leaving it in the copier tray, LOL!) was great! I loved watching Jim squirm.

    Great episode :-) Can’t wait until next Thursday!

  105. Oh, oh, AND OH MY GOSH! the funniest moment???

    “My sales have doubled!”

    “What, from 2 to 4?”

    Talking Head: “Yup!”

  106. I love cringe comedy when done well; this episode was OK with it. A lot of cringe, but not always believable. I could not believe Scott’s Tots could ever get so far without someone checking if Michael could pay for it. Also, Jim had already said Michael couldn’t be eligible for EotM, so it would apply to him as well and it would have been obvious a mistake was made when his name was called, the others would understand that. There is no way they would have believed he bought a cake for himself to show off either.

  107. I didn’t even giggle, and I always at least giggle. I’m sick of Dwight, sick of how Pam and Jim are so tightly wound, and sick of Ryan all together. Why on Earth is he still there?!?!? I’m hoping that if I hang in there the writers will take this in a feasible direction, but that hope is slim right now. :(

  108. I love the darker offices, so I LOVED this episode. Thursday night on NBC is the best 2 hours on TV. So funny.

  109. Well as much as I did not care for this episode or the Dwight’s Diabolical Plan arc, I must say it’s better than the MSPC from last season, although not by much. I just really miss how the characters used to be, especially Pam. Remember when she had a sense of humor & was pleasant? Now she is just yelling at Michael all the time and hardly ever happy. And Jim as a co-manager should not be tolerating his employees treating him that way. Dwight is no longer humorous. His diabolical plan is just evil. Did anyone else catch when Jim is standing in front of the front desk, he looked exactly like the one shot of Michael that’s in the theme song?

  110. Yeah I wasn’t for the Jim/Dwight plot in this episode – it got annoying. And I think Jim does appear aloof and un-managerial in plot lines like this, which makes me wonder if that’s what the writers are getting at. I mean, wouldn’t Jim mull over the idea of instituting an employee of the month program before doing so? Wouldn’t he take control of announcing the specifications of the award to the office (like whether there would be a cash reward, etc.)? It just seemed like the idea got around the office and Jim never took the reigns himself. But again, is this an episode “flaw” or another example of Jim drowning as co-manager?

  111. I think this was one of the best written episodes for Michael. He handles himself in his usual Michael way, lying to a bunch of kids 10 years ago. But the best parts are after he claims that he lied to himself. he seriously thought he was going to be rich. That and what he said about Kevin were huge highlights. Everything outside of Mike in this episode was boring and lame.

  112. I know that Michael did a “terrible” thing, but did anyone else notice how he knew (almost) all of his “tots” names? He was so sincere and involved. I forgive him.

    [from tanster: yes, i did! he’s always been extremely thoughtful in that way.]

  113. I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode, but it wasn’t terrible. I think that no matter how “bad” Office episodes can be, they’re still good because it’s the Office. :)
    Ellie Kemper plays her part really well, and I loved her facial expressions during the conversation with Michael in the car. Andy was pretty funny too. Oh and Dwight impersonating his fellow employees–his Toby impression cracked me up. There were some other moments and lines that made me laugh. But I don’t think it was a strong episode. I think that The Office can only go so far into the realm of unbelievability before it loses its special ‘something’. The whole time, I was like, why would this school be so stupid as to believe that Michael would really pay all of their tuition? And I can understand why people in the office would be a little antagonistic towards Jim sometimes, but this episode took it over the edge for me.
    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the Christmas episode next week. :)

  114. After reading all the comments I think that a lot of people take this show, and life, too seriously. I watch this show BECAUSE it’s ridiculous and the plots are unbelievable. Take a minute and forget about the dismal economy and just laugh.

  115. Also, to further comment 128 from MeLinda, remember what Erin said in the car when they were driving home? Yes, Michael let them down but because of his promise, but forget about that. 90% of “Scott’s Tots” will graduate as opposed to 30% of the rest of the school. He gave those kids a chance!

  116. Oh and after reading everyone else’s comments, I wanted to add that I agree with the general “urgh” feeling about the Dwight-Ryan team-up. It’s true both characters have always had some tension with Jim, and it does make sense that Ryan would want to get revenge. I just…I don’t know. For some reason I’m just not at all interested in seeing it. I hope the writers change my mind. :)

  117. This was a cringe-worthy as Phyllis’ Wedding! My husband turned to me during a Scott’s Tots scene and said, “Honey, it’s not real.” LOL.

    LOVED Dwight’s impersonations.

    I think the reason so many of us dislike Jim being picked on is because we love Jim. It’s ok to see Dwight or Andy or Angela picked on, but not Jim and Pam. I agree and I’m very uncomfortable with everyone on Jim’s case.

  118. Great episode!

    I may be in the minority, but I really appreciate the way the writers have tried to grow the characters as the series progresses. Just because Jim is smart and personable doesn’t mean he is going to immediately thrive as a manager. It makes sense for Dwight to step up his animosity towards Jim since he feels he was unjustly promoted. Pam with Jim is going to be different than the wallflower Pam with Roy. And so on. There were two choices. Find ways for the characters to grow or recycle old ideas. Remember, the original Office only ran two seasons. In my opinion, the writers have given us a consistent stream of excellent comedy for well over 5 seasons because they are willing to take risks with our beloved characters.

  119. I loved this episode. It was nice to see Michael fess up in a straightforward manner instead of creating a diversion or caving into some floor crawling/moaning scene. His conversation with Erin in the car was a spot of sunshine, and it was great to find out how Kevin ended up in the Accounting Department! Consistently, Jim is shown to come unraveled and not have his quick retorts when he’s backed into a corner or misunderstood. Poor guy! And the end scene with Dwight’s Diabolical Plan (found in the copier) was straight out of Arrested Development or the Simpsons–my kind of humor! Great episode!

  120. There were some good moments in this episode, but sadly, the bad outweighed the good. Everyone’s pretty much said it all on Dwight/Jim for me so I won’t speak on that. I’m sorry if people may think I’m taking it too seriously, but it’s not funny at all for Michael to make a HUGE promise concerning college tuition only to not come through for them in the end. And then he tries to appease them by giving them laptop batteries?! How is that funny? And it’s even more disappointing that we, the viewers, are to believe that a school would name something after him and not ensure that Michael would be able to pay.

    What was the significance of Michael’s storyline? The whole “Scott’s Tots” story came out of left field. At least with Dwight/Jim, the story makes sense (we all know Dwight hates that Jim is his superior), but what did the writers hope to achieve with Michael/Scott’s Tots? What was the writers’ frame of mind in writing those scenes because in the scheme of things, the story in and of itself, whether fans liked it or not, did not make sense. There was no need for it.

  121. Even though I didn’t like this episode that much, I can’t get over how great of an actor Steve Carell is. When the high school kids are singing and dancing, his reactions are so perfect. He is truly a talented actor.

  122. I found this episode mediocre at best, and stretching the limits of believability at worst. I agree with the others that no school would have gone along with Michael’s promise without doing some checking over the course of ten years, and a dumb premise can’t carry an episode. That said, Jim knows Dwight is always out to get him, and it seems too naive of Jim that he isn’t suspecting Dwight of setting him up. The highlight was Michael’s comment about Kevin.

  123. I didn’t really care for this episode, but I think as the viewers, we should ask ourselves not if the Scott’s Tots line was funny, but is it something Michael would do? I honestly think it is… This show is a comedy, but it’s not about being funny, it’s about being real, and that seems real to me, knowing Michael.

  124. Everything that happened outside of Michael and Erin at the school I found kind of boring. The loudest I laugh was when the students are singing, and Michael is falling apart and the camera turns to Erin singing along. Michael did do a dumb thing, but he did give those kids hope even though it was fake. But 90% are graduating. Yeah, I agree that it wasn’t the best episode, but I love the ending with Michael and Erin. Last season Michael had several tender moments, and I’ve been dying for such a moment this season. It’s moments like those that make me love the man, and I’m happy that he is learning to trust Erin as opposed to constantly depending on Pam.

  125. I hate to say it, but I thought this episode was very weak indeed. Considering that B.J. was directing and that it was written by Lee and Gene, I had high hopes for the episode, but it simply did not deliver. Michael’s story line was too awkward and not funny, while Dwight’s battle against Jim makes no sense. Doesn’t he know that the company might go bankrupt at any moment? This is not the time for petty rivalries. I hope the Christmas episode is better.

  126. to #138 Vicky87 (and probably others): I’m not really understanding why you’re questioning why the writers would have Michael do a ridiculous thing such as this. That’d be like saying “well why did they have Michael grill his foot?” or “why did Michael drive into a lake?”. He does absurd things. That’s his character. And Michael promising to pay for some kids’ tuition is completely in character. And it was painfully hilarious. I really don’t get people sometimes.

  127. #141 — this is exactly what I told my husband. He said the Scott’s Tot’s plot was too “out there”. I said NO WAY! This is EXACTLY what Michael would do! EXACTLY! It is SOOOO totally Michael!!!

  128. I loved this episode! It was so uncomfortable. Reminded me of something Gervais and Merchant would write. Very first season-ish.

    And about the Jim/Dwight storyline, should you not forget that Dwight is, and has always been, the “badguy” in the office? He has never been the likable character. It’s just in past episodes, he was easier to connect to. Being evil to Jim is just proper payment.

    Very good job Gene, Lee, and B.J.

  129. Foster Bronson (144):

    True, but those incidents aren’t as extreme as letting down 15 high school students. Yes, Michael does do crazy things, but making such a huge promise that involves the future of those kids? A bit much, even if it is something he would do (I never did dispute that). So what if he grilled his foot, crashed his car into a lake? That’s nothing compared to the whole Scott’s Tots situation.

    For the record, my questioning isn’t an attack on the writers by any means. I’m just genuinely curious on why they wanted to tell that story, as far as their perspective is concerned. That’s all that was.

    Also, I don’t think your “I really don’t get people sometimes” was really necessary. It’s all good discussion. Just because myself and others don’t agree with the ones who liked the story doesn’t mean my points and others aren’t worth noting or any less valid.

  130. #134 single-cell shark–you said it all as far as allowing the characters to grow and change, even when it isn’t what we like or find LOL funny! That is why I find this show so real on many levels.

    And–watching Steve Carell and Ed Helms do their back-and-forth Elvis and Baby impressions, and watching Rainn Wilson impersonate Kevin, Stanley, and Toby (spot-on!!) was like watching a virtuoso musician play a complicated piece—breathtaking! What great comedy chops these actors have!!!

  131. Dwight is always as cruel as ever. He won’t get rid of Jim that easy. If he does, will do the same thing with Pam, and that’s not good.

  132. saying that some people take the show and therefore life too seriously sounds a bit like a personal attack – which I thought wasn’t allowed in this forum. some people watch comedies to laugh and get away from their problems – and some people do have more problems than others.

  133. Very uncomfortable episode. I agree with others: wouldn’t the school check in with Michael periodically to see if he could still deliver on his promise? In a future episode they should show Stanley on the Internet and laughing hysterically when the Scranton newspaper prints a follow-up on Scott’s tots and it goes viral.
    For the Dwight/Jim storyline: I was waiting for Jim to look down at the clipboard with the criteria on it and realize that Dwight was up to something. Kind of funny that Ryan found Dwight’s diabolical plan in the copier tray – does Dwight need a copy for work and home? I foresee something happening that causes Dwight to back off from Jim, such as seeing Jim and Pam as new parents, or god forbid, delivering the baby at the office. Ryan will then be the fall guy for Dwight’s diabolical plan, and no-one will believe Ryan when he claims Dwight was behind everything.

  134. I loved this episode simply because it SO Michael to promise something like that. I wanted Michael to come up with some way to put those kids through school so badly, while at the same time I knew he couldn’t.

  135. @147: How soon we forget that just two weeks ago, Michael told the shareholders that they would have a plan to save the company in 45 days. That’s an even bigger empty promise than telling 15 kids he’ll pay their college tuition.

  136. The most far-fetched idea in the show to me was everyone giving $20 to the cash prize. What?! Who would do that? Were they just hoping they were going to be the winner? And was it supposed to be a monthly thing? I sure as heck wouldn’t do that in my office. ;-)

  137. @138: Vicky87
    What was the point of the Office Olympics? Or the Dundies? Or having an episode where Michael grills his foot, or even an episode about a karate fight between Michael and Dwight? There wasn’t a need for any of those story lines, but they were still funny and make the Office what it is. Michael promised them tuition, when he couldn’t deliver it appeared as though he was giving them laptops, and then he ends up with lithium laptop batteries. That’s just Michael.

    I can also understand why he would pledge the tuition: he loves kids and hoped that he could better their lives. He is a great “philanderer,” keep in mind. :)

  138. I guess I’m among few people who don’t like the idea of Jim got promoted. I miss Jim-Dwight equal fight next to each other. So funny to see the dynamics of Dwight the evil idiot against Jim the voice of reason. I love when they were together and made the most effective sales team ever. Now Jim the good guy is finally equal to Michael with too much JAM lovey-dovey, while Dwight got marginalized and other characters are pretty much dead. So what next? The end?

  139. @130 I totally agree, not that I’ve read any comments below yours. This is not the British version of The Office (which I love). That was ultra-realist, this is much more of a sitcom, silly, but still with very human elements in it.

    Pointing out plot holes in this show is one sure-fire way to ruin the show for yourself. It’s not meant to be scrutinized in that way I don’t think.

    The only plot hole that I have taking objection to is the way that the Angela-Dwight-Andy love fiasco just seemed to blow over in about 2-3 episodes. But that’s only because I was so into that storyline :P!

  140. What was the deal with the dimensions of the scene with Michael and Erin at the end? Black bars around the whole screen on both my DVR and my iTunes copy…anyone else notice this/have an explanation?

    [from tanster: yeah, that part was weird.]

  141. As usual, it takes me a few watchings before I can really form a strong opinion about the episode. But after reading everyone’s comments, I realized there’s a parallel between what Dwight’s been doing to Jim these past few episodes…and Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. For those of us old enough to remember the Looney Toons cartoons, Wile E. Coyote was always trying to get the Road Runner, setting up traps and such. Road Runner might have seemed oblivious, just going about his business and not “fighting back,” but in the end he always managed to outwit the Coyote and not get caught or duped. So I’m seeing the similarities with Dwight and Jim.

    [from tanster: that is awesome!]

  142. The only element of this episode that ruined it for me was the very end, where Ryan join Dwight’s crusade to destroy Jim. One of the key elements that make The Office a much better comedy is how well it tends to distance from being a sitcom, even though it is. If the writers can keep the freshness of the “documentary” view of the show, without falling in the three act show, it would be fantastic.

    The individual performances were sublime as usual, they are so comfortable on camera and can convey a true emotion. This could be taken advantage of even more to add the realism of seasons 3 and 4.

    I truly hope the writers can enjoy the holiday season to freshen up, recharge and keep this show alive for more seasons, it’s well worth it.

  143. This was a fantastic episode. Probably one of my favorites. I still think season 1-2 are the best, but season 6 is coming pretty close to those.

  144. Anyone else with a DVR pause it on the article Stanley held up? There’s a quote in there from Mikela’s parents about being unsure how they’d pay for vet school, considering they are fans of fine Italian wine, which “takes a big chunk out of [their] weekly income” :-P

  145. Blah, I went over the 200 word limit last time apparently, whoops. So, second try (without so many points) – Michael’s horrible blunder couldn’t make me dislike this episode (even if my boyfriend & I were so uncomfortable we literally couldn’t watch certain parts) yes, it was probably one of the most careless things he’s ever done, but Steve Carrell delivered brilliantly as usual. His performance took me right along with it. I just hope they keep the Ryan/Dwight partnership toned down and not too far from being somewhat realistic, but I am hopeful & devoted…I love this show :)
    Also, Pam’s maternity dress was cute.

  146. I am not really liking the Dwight – Jim storyline. Jim seems a little oblivious and that is not really conducive with his character.

  147. What I really enjoyed about this episode was that Erin got a lot more screen time and I really loved watching her. I wasn’t sure of what I thought of her until this episode, but now I’m sure I’m a big fan. She’s so cute and bubbly! I could totally see Michael promising a class of 3rd graders on a whim that he would pay their college tuition. I thought Steve’s acting was amazing! In short, love Erin, and while shaking my head at his actions I still love Michael.

  148. I don’t want to re-hash too much of what everyone else has said, but I also really dislike the increasing implausibility of the Jim-Dwight dynamic. In the past, Dwight wasn’t the most likeable person, but he was a much more well-rounded character (we saw softer sides of him with Angela, for instance, among others). I think a big part of people’s distaste for Jim lately is because he has been the character fans most easily relate to by mirroring what the audience is thinking about the absurdity taking place around him. When he becomes part of the absurdity, a key element that makes this show what it is missing.

    I do, however, take comfort in telling myself that Dwight’s escalating diabolical-ness eventually has to lead to a very satisfying payoff. I don’t think the writers would be so cruel to put Jim (or us) through this without making it worthwhile… hopefully sooner rather than later.

  149. I understand that most of what happens in The Office is not realistic, and the point of the show is to give people an experience to enjoy. However, there’s a difference between episodes like The Dundies and Office Olympics and episodes like this one.

    With The Office, they are out of the ordinary plot lines, but they are generally based off of things that could happen in an ordinary office. It’s not uncommon to have an employee awards program or play some games at work. They just took that up a notch, and that’s where The Office gets some of its best comedy. Even earlier this season, with the one open where everyone threw up, at least that’s something that could happen.

    The episodes I don’t like are the ones where it goes too far. No one would act like Michael did at Phyllis’ wedding. Someone from security would have got Michael off stage much sooner at the shareholders’ meeting. Scott’s Tots should never have happened. The episodes where The Office is at its best is when they take a normal office event and take it up one or two notches, not ten.

  150. Andy simply being Andy gets a thumbs up, “Yup!” gets an A+, and Dwight doing impressions of his co-workers gets a gold star. Loved this episode!

    As for Dwight/Jim…c’mon, Dwight has wanted Jim out of there since season one! Of course he’s going to ramp it up now that Jim is (co)running the place. I don’t think he REALLY wants Jim fired, he just doesn’t want Jim to be his superior. Also, I think Dwight is so blinded by that, he hasn’t thought of the consequences, i.e. Pam and the baby.

    I still don’t like Jim as co-manager, but I have no problem with him not immediately realizing that Dwight is behind his troubles. Jim is still learning how to be a manager, from how to deal with the employees to all the responsibilities and tasks that we DON’T see which are a part of his job. Also, he just got married and he has a baby on the way. Season 2 Jim can spot a Dwight plan from a mile away because he didn’t have anything else to do, aside from flirting with Pam and apathetically making some sales. Season 6 Jim has a lot more on his mind.

  151. Did not like this one at all. Soooo over the Jim/Dwight battle. Talk about beating a dead horse! The Office is, by far, the funniest show on TV. This season has been a bit hit and miss for me. The hits, however, have been HIT out of the ballpark. The misses…seriously bad misses. I know they all can’t be ‘the best episode ever’….but yikes. Can we move on from Jim/Dwight? Don’t like Jim as manager.

  152. Honestly.. i love The Office.. but this episode was one of the most cringe worthy episodes in a long time. I just don’t think that there was really a point to the episode. And i’m just going to repeat what everyone is saying.. i dislike the constant Jim/Dwight bickering.. and now Ryan added to the equation! I just don’t see how that will work, what with Ryan costing the company millions of dollars. But on a positive note the best part of the episode was dwight doing everyone’s voices in the warehouse, I laughed so hard. And also the Michael/ Erin piece at the end was really cute.

  153. this is the best episodes of the season and an instant classic. I love the hard to watch, cringy episodes and this was the best one ever! It also was hilarious. For some reason andy saying “pernicious case of the mondays” had me in stitches! office has been great so far this season

  154. Someone mentioned that Dwight hasn’t thought of the consequences of what he is doing to Jim. The more and more I think about it, the more I fear that this will resolve in the same episode where Pam gives birth to their child. It’s almost set up that way. I doubt Jim can just go back to being a salesman at this point. I think that bridge was burned in the 2nd episode this season. If Jim is not a manager, then he won’t be with Dunder-Mifflin. He’ll do what is best for his family.

  155. #151: the latter isn’t going to happen to make Dwight back off. And hey. Beginning of february, that happens, I will comment on this article again and say I was wrong.

  156. I thought this episode was really great! The cold open was just hilarious, and Pam was adorable when she was briefly named EotM and during her talking head. I cringed the whole time Scott’s Tots were on screen, which is a throwback to earlier seasons for me. Where was Kelly though? Loved this ep!

  157. # 169 Janae – Very well said – I had not thought of the aspect of Jim now part of the crazy going on instead of just watching it, like us. I think (hope) this arc will be resolved by baby time – at least, it better be. :)

  158. This is definitely my third favorite of the season! I don’t know why it’s so low. That laptop battery bit? Absolutely classic.

  159. I’m surprised at the low rating for this one. Someone complained that the Scott’s Tots part was too awkward and uncomfortable, but this is what makes it such a stand-out episode. I’m relatively unimpressed with Dwight’s diabolical plan as a plot device, but Scott’s Tots took me back to the cringing days of the BBC version, and that’s always a good sign.

  160. The strange tiny screen is even on the DVD as well. Oh, and I didn’t know that Erin could drive until I saw this ep, since I saw her waiting for a ride in “Secretary’s Day.”

  161. I’m surprised at how many people talk about how awkward and uncomfortable some of these situations are. I believe that’s what the show is all about and what makes it so hilarious. Anyone that saw the UK version knows that is what this show was based on, an awkward, naive, jackass of a boss with no self awareness. It’s what sets this show apart from the lackluster sitcoms that plague other networks. If you notice, there have been many copy cats to use this formula.

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