1. Creed is hilarious! And wow Brian B. is SO NOT like Kevin in real life! It must make the cast fall apart with laughter in every episode when they see Brian go into Kevin mode.

  2. If Kristin is right about Pam trying to hold the baby until the next day for insurance purposes, that’s at once one of the most hysterical things I’ve ever read and one of the most true to life. It’s not a pregnancy, but my wife has needed a crown replaced for 6 weeks because we were waiting for our dental insurance to roll over into the new year. Sometimes The Office veers into the unlikely, but it’s when they take these relatable circumstances to a comic extreme that they are the most successful.

  3. Pam’s going to try to hold the baby in? This really reminds me of one of my friends who recently had a baby. The baby was due around Christmas and New Years and she said that besides a healthy baby there were only two things she wanted: to not be in the hospital on Christmas and for the baby to be born before 2010 so it would be tax deductible. The Office can be so realistic even when it is absurd!

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