The birth and transformation of Kevin Malone

The Onion’s A.V. Club has an in-depth interview with The Office’s Brian Baumgartner.

Here’s a little bit of what Brian says about his character, Kevin Malone:

The costume designer was like, “Okay, this guy would wear a really tight shirt and have stains all over him, and it would be untucked, and he would be slovenly,” and it was like, “Well, let’s wait a second. Let’s look at him as something else, someone who may wear Dockers, but he’s really trying his best.” And we began to find out other things about him. That he won a World Series Of Poker bracelet, that he was really good at basketball …

The character began to transform, quite frankly, as he got more to do, and there became this child-like impishness, this playfulness, a sense that he did have something going on outside … Nobody hates him or dismisses him. There’s evidence that he and Jim play fantasy football or whatever. He and Dwight enjoy fireworks together. He and Michael get along fine. He has become, I think, in a way, that maybe not overly intelligent everyman that exists, and you get the feeling will always exist, exactly in this place.

Link: The A.V. Club interview with Brian Baumgartner

One of my recent favorite recent Kevin moments is in Scott’s Tots — when he interrupts Dwight as he says “Hey, so Jim thought it would be ideal if we all pitched in … ” So hysterical!

What are your favorite Kevin moments?


  1. I was literally about to press ‘send’ on my email to send this to you. Nuts!

    [from tanster: thanks for the tip, saw it last night!]

  2. One of my favorite Kevin moments is from “Health Care,” when Dwight refutes the possibility of anyone in the office actually having anal fissures. Then Kevin says, “Someone has it.” Classic.

  3. ooh I have a lot!! haha

    1. When Holly was new to Dunder Mifflin and she thinks kevin has some mental issues…
    2. I think it was on “Dream Team” when he was a receptionist
    3. The Swedish chef – “Murder”
    4. When he was breaking the vending machine in Stress Relief.. I thought that was really hilarious!

  4. There are too many to name, but his Koolaid man impression is my all-time fav!

    [from tanster: omigod, yes! love it!]

  5. Kevin is my favorite character on the show, so basically everything he does is my favorite moment, but I think I laughed the hardest in the cold open where he spills the chili and is desperately trying to clean it up! Oh man, I was crying laughing, but he also made me feel SO SORRY for Kevin who was trying to do something nice like bring in some awesome chili for the Office, only to have it ruined. Brian is such a talented actor.

  6. i love his relationship with oscar. like when they’re arguing over whether pam and jim are dating. i love it that oscar takes him so seriously; like brian’s saying, no one writes him off. and oscar has a lot of scorn for other things.

  7. In one of the webisodes when Angela micromanages him to write a memo, Kevin reacts with writing one of his own – “Angela Stinks!”

  8. I love it whenever it goes to a talking head of Kevin and he’s just giggling about something… and how, no matter what the situation, he always ends up clapping for something or someone.

    [from tanster: true! kevin has a happy spirit. :) ]

  9. “My worst breakup was with Stacy. It was a Sunday morning, we were reading the paper, and I said “Oh my God, I think the Eagles could clinch the NFC East!” and she said that we’re done.”

  10. My favorite Kevin moment is his talking head in “Chair Model”. When he said, ” It’s just nice to win one” was so sweet and made you really feel for him. It’s probably one of the realest moments Kevin ever had.

    [from tanster: i remember that made me tear up!]

  11. I absolutely love Kevin. I really think Brian would just be the coolest guy to just hang out with and have a beer. I loved Kevin in Fun Run running in his work clothes haha.

  12. In addition to what everyone else has said, I loved the line that was like “I was looking at pictures of food on my computer” or something like that. I think it was from one of the Lecture Circuit episodes.

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting on the couch using my laptop when my sister (also an Office fan) came in and asked what I doing, to which I replied “I’m looking at pictures of food on my computer.” She didn’t get it though :(. I guess it’s not a well-remembered line but I still love it.

  13. “This place is awesome, it’s better than my own home….my home sucks.” Mafia

    Same episode where he is talking to Oscar “I wouldn’t survive in jail Oscar, I’m not you”….what’s that supposed to mean? “Oh you don’t know about jail? Oh you would LOVE jail”….why would I love jail, ‘Beca….you would love it’ and the face he makes to the camera afterward.

    Who could forget “I am TOTALLY going to BANG Holly”

  14. Lots of favorite Kevin moments, but two that stand out for me are:

    “I’m sorry I did such a whorish job filling out this form.”


    “I’ve gotta erase a lot of stuff…a LOT of STUFF.”

  15. Also, the entire webisode “Kevin’s Loan” is one of the absolute funniest things I have ever seen.

    “Gambling debts??? Wuuuuuuuttttt????”

  16. I have to go with Kevin in Diversity Day. “I think you do, mon.” and “Maybe some spaghetti.”

  17. JamaicanJan — That’s my favorite too. I also love his and Michael’s comments during Blood Drive when Michael introduces Kevin to Lynn: “So run with the ball! Run with it, Kev.” and then Michael says “Where you from?”
    Kevin looks at him and says “I’m from here!”
    And then Michael says “Well, he only gets better.”
    And Kevin says thank you!! HAHAHA!

  18. When Charles calls for everyone’s attention to David Wallace and Kevin goes “Hi”, after David had already started talking. Just that simple, delayed “Hi”. Typical Kevin Malone. ha-ha

    [from tanster: YES! i absolutely LOVED that.]

  19. Favorite Kevin moment:

    Episode: Dream Team

    Kelly Kapoor [to Charles]: Well, you know what my name is? Rajanigandha, and I hate it. I hate it!

    [pause as Kelly runs away…the camera moves to Kevin]

    Kevin Malone: I thought Rajanigandha was a boy’s name.

  20. One word: “Stacy.” The highpitchiness of it is brilliant.

    And I’ve done many an impression of his, “She said I was dull” from the outtakes.

    And, yes, “It’s just nice to win one,” was epic. I’ve teared up a lot watching The Office but I never thought Big Kev would do it to me.

  21. How about the episode where he does his Australian accent?


  22. The best thing about Kevin is he is unfiltered.

    One scene that is a favorite of mine, that has yet to be quoted, is when Pam mentions her mother will be coming into the office and without missing a beat, Kevin mutters “Milf!”

    I am glad Brian/Kevin is getting the recognition they both deserve!

  23. I love Kevin! He’s such a big, loveable, teddy bear. My favorite line ever: “I thought they’d be good together, like PB&J. Pam Beasley and Jim. What a waste. What A Waste!” -Fun Run
    That line has become an inside joke between me and one of my best friends!

  24. I agree with Nate:

    “My worst breakup was with Stacy. It was a Sunday morning, we were reading the paper, and I said “Oh my God, I think the Eagles could clinch the NFC East!” and she said that we’re done.”

    And it’s all in the timing/delivery too… “and she said that… we’re done.”

  25. So many of the moments mentioned are some of my favorites too- another is in season 2 Christmas Party where we see Kevin, in the middle of the party, happily using his self-gifted foot bath.

  26. Love the giggling he does in the talking head after finding out that Oscar’s gay lol and the goodbye wave he motions to Holly when driving away to go to the store in “Goodbye Toby”

  27. I absolutely love Kevin and all the scenes mentioned above are my faves… but I also like when he’s singing “You Aughta Know” during Benihana Christmas. That makes me laugh everytime. “You you you you you you…aughta knowwww”. and no one is expecting it. HAHA!

    Same thing with “O Christmas Tree” in Secret Santa in a baritone voice haha.

  28. In “Murder” when he asks Andy to impersonate the Swedish Chef and when Andy doesn’t know what it is he responds “He lives on Sesame Street, dumbass!” So surprisingly hostile–love it!

  29. I agree with Bertha, the chili intro was one of Kevin’s funniest moments, but my favorite is in “Job Fair” when he plays golf with Jim, Andy, and Phil Maguire…and Phil says, “Let’s make it interesting, say, uh, ten bucks a hole?” to which Kevin replies “What are we talking? Skins? Acey Duecy? Bingo bango bongo? Sandies, Barkies? Arnies, Wolf? What?”

    Kevin’s gambling problem is always hilarious!

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