The Office: Andy’s Ancestry, 9.03

Thursday, October 4th, 2012 | 110 comments


The Office: Andy's Ancestry

Writer: Jonathan Green, Gabe Miller, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): Andy learns he is related to Michelle Obama — Darryl has a hard time in his new role as assistant regional manager when Andy flaunts his bloodlines. Dwight teaches Erin the Dothraki language to impress her boyfriend’s educated family. Nellie tries to convince Pam that Jim is having an affair, and Jim reveals his secret in the warehouse.

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  • In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Rainn Wilson answers the question, “What your favorite funny scene/joke/line that never made it to the final cut of the show” with “i did a shirtless talking head monologue in Dothraki for the last episode and it was hysterical. Didn’t make the cut. No idea why.”


In a poll conducted October 4-8, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.71/10

The Office Andy’s Ancestry quotes

Dwight: You’re not Jim. Jim’s not Asian.

Asian Jim: Hats off to you for not seeing race.

Darryl: Life hacking, baby.

Darryl: Whoa. That person has really gotten him or herself into quite a predicament.

Dwight: French. It’s a great language. If you’re a chain-smoking acrobat.

Erin: They all speak more than one language. Usually when I’m there.

Dwight: Dothraki is the native tongue of the nomadic war-mongering horse lords of Essos, as featured in the superb Home Box Office series, Game of Thrones. And it has a lot of nudity. Which I fast forward through to get to the chopped off heads.

Nellie: I just don’t want to burden you with my massive stress freak outs.

Nellie: I’ve had no time to do that, thanks to “Demandy.”

Andy: Nellie! Get your wrinkly old balls in here.

Jim: I have a thing. A thing of soup. Which I’ve been wanting to try.

Nellie: Here is a printout of your genealogy from

Nellie: You are a distant blood relative of Michelle Obama. Loves gardening, wants to wipe out fat children.

Andy: This is a big day for both of us.

Erin: She’s going to be like, “what’s your stance on politics?” Or, “what is the best war to do?”

Clark: Just clap through it, man.

Andy: Right now I need Canned Tuna, okay?

Darryl: Tracee Ellis Ross. Daughter of the First Lady of Motown, Diana Ross.

Andy: Darryl said, “cool, man.” He called me a cool man.

Stanley: Well somebody owned somebody. And I don’t think anybody would buy an Andy.

Nellie: You know how Andy has been really salting my onions lately.

Pam: Nellie’s pretty fearless. And I think she might be maybe even almost sort of fun.

Andy: I cannot keep track of these B.S. holidays.

Andy: Ooh, spreadsheets, yum yum.

Andy: Right on, brother. Word dat.

Dwight: Does anyone here have fermented mare’s milk?

Pam: Angela insisted that all the animals be fully clothed.

Erin: If it makes you feel any better, the Dothraki word for slave master, azzafrok, is a term of respect.

Erin: I’m learning to speak Dothraki! Color you impressed?

Dwight: People laughed at Klingon at first, and now you can major in it.

Pam: He looks really Nixony when he wakes up.

Pam: Because he just loves me too much.
Nellie: You’re a cocky little thing, aren’t you, Pam?

Andy: Kevin is related to both John Wayne Gacy and John Wayne Bobbitt.
Kevin: And John Wayne?

Dwight: Oh. I was joking about that whole Bund thing.

Andy: And Meredith is a blood relative of Lizzie Borden.
Meredith: Cool!
Angela: Stop it, you’re frightening me!

Darryl: It seems like the better the title I have, the stupider my job gets.

Darryl: It’s not real until your wife is on board.

Nellie: I’m going to find you someone better. And rich. And Filipino. But we’ll break that to her later.

Pam: I still can’t believe he didn’t tell me.


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  1. 110. Lauren  

    does anyone have the link to the talking head Rainn mentions being cut? I’d love to see it!

  2. 109. ascribe  

    Another mixed but pretty good episode with some funny moments. It’s definitely picking up and I’m actually enjoying it again rather than watching each ep with growing dread.

    But I’m really hoping the Pete/Erin thing is harmless and not *another* cliched love triangle in the making. After all the developments and trouble Erin and Andy have gone through since season 5 and then getting back together, I think I’d kick in the screen if they break them up *again*. Over the years Erin has had romantic/sexual interest from Andy, Dwight, Kevin, Ryan, Gabe, possibly California, Clark and now seemingly Pete as well? OK she’s attractive but that’s like almost all the single heteros guys even close to her age in the workplace (surprised Toby didn’t make a move). Enough, I think just let A&E be for a while. At least it’s good to see Erin coming out a bit and maybe starting to grow, though I still miss the old Erin of S5 and 6.

  3. 108. Jessie  

    I have to say, I’m loving how the media is beginning to take notice of The Office again. On TV Line, Michael Ausiello said that Nellie and Pam should have their own spin-off, they were so fun, and Jake Lacy as Pete was on E! Online’s list of the ‘Best Things in Pop Culture This Week’. As an Office fan, I’m feeling very proud of both mentions!

  4. 107. lynn  

    I love the car scenes with Nellie & Pam. The actresses have great chemistry. Nellie, who has no boundaries, with good wife/mom Pam. Nellie might influence Pam to let her hair down for once. No more hair clip? Nellie needs a down-to-earth, genuine person like Pam as a friend. Nellie is one step away from disaster – always. It’ll be fun to see how they influence each other (get into trouble?) when Jim’s gone.

  5. 106. Julie  

    Right, 63, The Office is really rebounding! Welcome back, Mr. Daniels.
    Cold open was just excellent, Nellie and Pam together in the car were a hoot, and Erin growling the Dothraki was charming and hilarious. I like the new guys already, and Darryl is coming into his own.

  6. 105. LovesItalianFood  

    Great opener….the rest, not so much.
    And I loved Diversity Day.

    The mural idea sounds wonderful…I hope the Office does something for the fans.

  7. 104. George  

    Impressive episode!!!!! I loved all the scenes there, including the ones of how Andy gets confused and brags about being related to the First Lady, how Darryl finds his new job very hard, Erin speaking a different language to try to impress Andy’s family, and how Jim confessed his secret to Pam. Nellie is so full of crap when she told her he might be having an affair, she’s so wrong. I hate Nellie.

  8. 103. Mose  

    Not sure I saw the same episode… I personally thought this one made season 8 look good. Imagine how funny Michael would have been if he found out his family owned slaves. I didn’t laugh once. I mean, Nellie is a bad driver? Really? Ha ha. Not.

  9. 102. Tuna Turner  

    “Whoa. That person has really gotten him or herself into quite a predicament” HAHAHA

  10. 101. pete  

    I was a big supporter of Andy/Erin but I always worried about Andy’s family. They speak in another language in front of her? That is just another way to speak behind her back.

  11. 100. Jim and Pam Fan  

    Another good episode, not the best of the season so far but certainly funny and Nellie was quite likable in this episode. I really liked the new guys clapping at Andy, and Erin’s talking head about Andy’s family always knowing two languages.

    It’s clear that the writing has improved and the cold open is classic Greg Daniels.

  12. 99. James P. Albini  

    Another great episode to add to the collection.

  13. 98. Malone's Cones  

    Now THAT was an old school cold open my friends.

  14. 97. Bob  

    to #93 Philly Jam and Tanster: an “Office goodbye” mural that is shown in the final episode… that is SUCH a brilliant idea, that I have to think they were going to do it all along; if not, maybe they’ll read your idea here and there’s still time to write it into the episode. What Office fan wouldn’t want a poster of THAT mural?

  15. 96. Dr. Krentist, DDS  

    I am not a Nellie fan in the slightest. However, I really appreciate how the writers are attempting to make her likeable! Last season, I wouldn’t rate an episode above a 5 if she was in it, but this season she’s turning out to be a funny character that I don’t mind watching.

    Loved the Plop and Dwight Jr. claps!

  16. 95. Richard  

    Definitely with the group who enjoyed all the plot points – even Nellie this week.

    I liked that it lacked the sillier aspects of the past two weeks (Dwight’s blue vomit, threatening to cut off Nellie’s hand). At the same time, I didn’t feel like this was as funny as the past two weeks. Still, solid episode.

  17. 94. Tim  

    Really enjoyed this episode, as well as last week’s. This is turning out to be a great season. Loved the plot lines in this one! i really don’t want them to break up Erin and Andy. they’re adorable and I’ve waited so long for them to be a real couple. I like Pete, but rather see him with Meredith.

  18. 93. PhillyJam  

    I am really looking forward to the mural that Pam may be painting in the warehouse. It could be a really cool tie in to a send off to the show. Maybe have pam paint all the people that ever worked there, OR, selfishly she could paint an Office Goodbye to the fans on the wall that they show in the final episode. I am gonna be so sad that day:(

    [ from tanster: “she could paint an Office Goodbye to the fans on the wall that they show in the final episode” — wow, that’s an awesome idea! :) ]

  19. 92. awesome blossom  

    This episode was one of the funniest in a while. Erin is absolutely hilarious, and I don’t think she’s unrealistic at all, because I know someone exactly like her in real life. They just don’t think before they speak, and their stupidity just makes you go “awww”. I love that the show is going back to being emotional with those candid Jim/Darryl/Pam moments, without being too gushy. Bringing in Pete and Clark is genius, as it brings the show full circle as the classic characters begin to leave. Now I’m just curious as to how this Jim, Pam, and Darryl leaving plot can drag on for 21 more episodes.

  20. 91. Flippity Flip  

    This was my favorite episode of the season so far. Many laugh-out-loud moments. Ladysmith African-American Mambazo!

    Also, I like how they seem to be making Andy into more of an antagonist, similar to how he was in season 3. He’s blowing it with Erin, and now he’s driving Darryl away from Dunder Mifflin. With both of these story lines I’m rooting against Andy (i.e. I want Erin to end up with New Jim and I want Daryl to find a job that’s more satisfying than being Andy’s ARM). This is a complete reversal from last season, when they tried to make Andy a sympathetic character, but I like this season’s approach much better.

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