The Office: Roy’s Wedding, 9.02

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The Office: Roy's Wedding

Writer: Allison Silverman, Director: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim go to Roy’s wedding — David Denman guest stars. The wedding toast of Pam’s ex-fiance Roy causes Pam and Jim to examine their relationship for buried secrets. Dwight stubbornly protests Nellie’s mandatory charity initiative by supporting the Taliban and agreeing to live by their severe laws. Clark hits on Erin by dangling a fake newscaster job; Andy also takes the bait.

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In a poll conducted September 26-October 1, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.20/10

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The Office Roy’s Wedding quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster. :)

Kevin: A wheel is supposed to spin.

Creed: A wheel wants to spin, Pam.

Kevin: I don’t think you understand wheels.

All: Tiny wheel! Tiny wheel!

Pam: I planned a wedding with him. He wanted hot dogs.

Nellie: Get excited! The special projects fairy has arrived!
Creed: I know you don’t really exist.

Nellie: This one is about charity, so I’d like to see him piss on that one.

Jim: Actually, I did tell Pam, and we decided no. But then I decided yes anyway. So… I’m thinking there’s another conversation coming. And it’s hard to know when that will be.

Angela: I’m sorry, is the assignment to pick a selfish charity?

Kevin: Heifers International. Listen to this. They give a poor person like a goat or something. It’s a great prank!

Creed: I want to work with Jimmy Carter and help build gnomes.

Dwight: I will not be participating, as there is no evidence that charity works.

Andy: I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for the preservation of nautical flag signaling.

Creed: The Taliban is the worst. Great heroin, though.

Jim: Is it almost time to cut the pancake, or what?

Pete: My friends are Scott, Glen, and Rob. But you don’t know them.

Erin: What if the ad had been for a CEO or for a brain surgeon?

Pam: We still surprise each other.
Jim: Definitely.

Nellie: When you use a ridiculous font, no one thinks you have a plan.

Pete: That Clark, huh?

Jim: I’m not going to tell her until it’s real.

Darryl: I’m into The Godfather ’cause I’m a cinephile. I like Scarface ’cause I’m black.

Meredith: Cronkite was hot. If I could go back in time, I’d take that mustache ride.

Erin: I will do whatever it takes to get the job.

Erin: Afghan president Hamid Karzai declared a new policy of dollar days throughout the country, promising low, low prices on all 2012 Kia Sentras and Sonatas. Aren’t you glad you waited, Karzai commented.

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  1. I’m so looking forward to watch this episode too. And I hope there’s a perfect closure between Jim, Pam and Roy.

  2. Okay, so now I’m confused… are Andy and Erin suddenly broken up? Or do the new guys not know that they’re together? And isn’t Pete supposed to be the love interest for Erin, not Clark?

  3. Omg, ’causes Jim and Pam to examine their relationship for buried secrets’ – what the heck does that mean? I’m really nervous.

  4. This episode sounds quite good (looks like Jim and Pam’s story will be taking an interesting turn), though I’m not quite sure about the concept of going to Roy’s wedding in the first place. Why would they go when they’ve wanted nothing to do with him for years? Of course though I have to see how the whole thing is played out in this episode and how they explain it.

  5. People, Jim and Pam will be FINE. We’ve had nine years of JAM, the writers are just thinking of the best way possible to justify and solidify these characters. I predict they’ll have some tough times this season but in the end; they’ll be perfect.

    There will be a LOT of tears this season :)

  6. Excited and nervous all at the same time! I can hardly wait to hear the toast and find out the “secrets”??!!

  7. @#10 — Yes! I don’t know why people freak out every time there’s hint of “drama” around Jim and Pam. Do you have no trust in the writers & staff? Their relationship has been handled brilliantly from day one, so I don’t expect their ending (show ending, not relationship) to be any different! Relax and enjoy the ride! :)

  8. I love this episode already!! I’m really excited! There is nothing better than a good jam episode. Not only that but I’m sure we will get to see answers from things that happened in their past. Is it September 20th yet????

  9. @PB&J I hope you’re right. I enjoyed seeing that type of struggle work out in the end, much like during Pam’s parents’ divorce during Season 5. It’s heartwarming.
    And, damn, I was hoping Andy’s training would get Nellie kicked out right in the beginning of the season, looks like she’s still around.

  10. #14, Pete is played by Jake Lacy, Clark is played by Clark Duke. It looks like they’ll both have a crush on Erin. Also, I’m not nervous about anything happening to Jim and Pam, I know they’ll be fine, of course they will, I’m nervous about some secret being revealed that will change their story in some way, like Danny Cordray in Season 7.

  11. Maybe the buried secret is as simple as finally finding out what Jim wrote on Pam’s secret santa Christmas card!

  12. I am really looking forward to seeing them say goodbye to many of the characters in The Office universe. This really is going to be a fun final season, the premier was the best episode in at least 2 years, and they really have a chance to bookend this show into one of the best sitcoms of all time.

  13. Ugh, Roy… Just when I thought we’d seen the last of him, he crops back up. Not unlike a cockroach. Maybe the closure will be good, though. We’ll see! :)

  14. David Denman said on Twitter that this is Roy’s best episode ever, so I’m actually really intrigued to see what he does.

  15. Love that we’re getting a guest spot from Roy, and hopefully from other earlier characters too before it’s all over. Roy was from classic Office, and during last year’s underwhelming season that factor just wasn’t there. They seemed like they were trying to establish new characters like Robert, Nellie, Val, Nate and Cathy and didn’t rebound in that regard till they brought back Wallace. Stick with what always worked!

  16. #27, To exact some sort of subtle revenge on her and on the guy who stole her from him? From the promo, it looks like he says something that really upsets them. Anyway, Jenna has now tweeted twice about how we shouldn’t miss this episode, so I am beyond excited for it! I’ve a feeling something fairly significant happens in it.

  17. Great episode!! I really wish Jim would just tell Pam!

    That was a great cold open too! This is a GREAT season so far!!