The Office: Roy’s Wedding, 9.02

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The Office: Roy's Wedding

Writer: Allison Silverman, Director: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim go to Roy’s wedding — David Denman guest stars. The wedding toast of Pam’s ex-fiance Roy causes Pam and Jim to examine their relationship for buried secrets. Dwight stubbornly protests Nellie’s mandatory charity initiative by supporting the Taliban and agreeing to live by their severe laws. Clark hits on Erin by dangling a fake newscaster job; Andy also takes the bait.

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In a poll conducted September 26-October 1, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.20/10

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The Office Roy’s Wedding quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster. :)

Kevin: A wheel is supposed to spin.

Creed: A wheel wants to spin, Pam.

Kevin: I don’t think you understand wheels.

All: Tiny wheel! Tiny wheel!

Pam: I planned a wedding with him. He wanted hot dogs.

Nellie: Get excited! The special projects fairy has arrived!
Creed: I know you don’t really exist.

Nellie: This one is about charity, so I’d like to see him piss on that one.

Jim: Actually, I did tell Pam, and we decided no. But then I decided yes anyway. So… I’m thinking there’s another conversation coming. And it’s hard to know when that will be.

Angela: I’m sorry, is the assignment to pick a selfish charity?

Kevin: Heifers International. Listen to this. They give a poor person like a goat or something. It’s a great prank!

Creed: I want to work with Jimmy Carter and help build gnomes.

Dwight: I will not be participating, as there is no evidence that charity works.

Andy: I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for the preservation of nautical flag signaling.

Creed: The Taliban is the worst. Great heroin, though.

Jim: Is it almost time to cut the pancake, or what?

Pete: My friends are Scott, Glen, and Rob. But you don’t know them.

Erin: What if the ad had been for a CEO or for a brain surgeon?

Pam: We still surprise each other.
Jim: Definitely.

Nellie: When you use a ridiculous font, no one thinks you have a plan.

Pete: That Clark, huh?

Jim: I’m not going to tell her until it’s real.

Darryl: I’m into The Godfather ’cause I’m a cinephile. I like Scarface ’cause I’m black.

Meredith: Cronkite was hot. If I could go back in time, I’d take that mustache ride.

Erin: I will do whatever it takes to get the job.

Erin: Afghan president Hamid Karzai declared a new policy of dollar days throughout the country, promising low, low prices on all 2012 Kia Sentras and Sonatas. Aren’t you glad you waited, Karzai commented.

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  1. I’m so looking forward to watch this episode too. And I hope there’s a perfect closure between Jim, Pam and Roy.

  2. Okay, so now I’m confused… are Andy and Erin suddenly broken up? Or do the new guys not know that they’re together? And isn’t Pete supposed to be the love interest for Erin, not Clark?

  3. Omg, ’causes Jim and Pam to examine their relationship for buried secrets’ – what the heck does that mean? I’m really nervous.

  4. This episode sounds quite good (looks like Jim and Pam’s story will be taking an interesting turn), though I’m not quite sure about the concept of going to Roy’s wedding in the first place. Why would they go when they’ve wanted nothing to do with him for years? Of course though I have to see how the whole thing is played out in this episode and how they explain it.

  5. People, Jim and Pam will be FINE. We’ve had nine years of JAM, the writers are just thinking of the best way possible to justify and solidify these characters. I predict they’ll have some tough times this season but in the end; they’ll be perfect.

    There will be a LOT of tears this season :)

  6. Excited and nervous all at the same time! I can hardly wait to hear the toast and find out the “secrets”??!!

  7. @#10 — Yes! I don’t know why people freak out every time there’s hint of “drama” around Jim and Pam. Do you have no trust in the writers & staff? Their relationship has been handled brilliantly from day one, so I don’t expect their ending (show ending, not relationship) to be any different! Relax and enjoy the ride! :)

  8. I love this episode already!! I’m really excited! There is nothing better than a good jam episode. Not only that but I’m sure we will get to see answers from things that happened in their past. Is it September 20th yet????

  9. @PB&J I hope you’re right. I enjoyed seeing that type of struggle work out in the end, much like during Pam’s parents’ divorce during Season 5. It’s heartwarming.
    And, damn, I was hoping Andy’s training would get Nellie kicked out right in the beginning of the season, looks like she’s still around.

  10. #14, Pete is played by Jake Lacy, Clark is played by Clark Duke. It looks like they’ll both have a crush on Erin. Also, I’m not nervous about anything happening to Jim and Pam, I know they’ll be fine, of course they will, I’m nervous about some secret being revealed that will change their story in some way, like Danny Cordray in Season 7.

  11. Maybe the buried secret is as simple as finally finding out what Jim wrote on Pam’s secret santa Christmas card!

  12. I am really looking forward to seeing them say goodbye to many of the characters in The Office universe. This really is going to be a fun final season, the premier was the best episode in at least 2 years, and they really have a chance to bookend this show into one of the best sitcoms of all time.

  13. Ugh, Roy… Just when I thought we’d seen the last of him, he crops back up. Not unlike a cockroach. Maybe the closure will be good, though. We’ll see! :)

  14. David Denman said on Twitter that this is Roy’s best episode ever, so I’m actually really intrigued to see what he does.

  15. Love that we’re getting a guest spot from Roy, and hopefully from other earlier characters too before it’s all over. Roy was from classic Office, and during last year’s underwhelming season that factor just wasn’t there. They seemed like they were trying to establish new characters like Robert, Nellie, Val, Nate and Cathy and didn’t rebound in that regard till they brought back Wallace. Stick with what always worked!

  16. Why would Roy invite his ex-fiance that he no longer keeps in contact with, to the wedding?

  17. #27, To exact some sort of subtle revenge on her and on the guy who stole her from him? From the promo, it looks like he says something that really upsets them. Anyway, Jenna has now tweeted twice about how we shouldn’t miss this episode, so I am beyond excited for it! I’ve a feeling something fairly significant happens in it.

  18. Great episode!! I really wish Jim would just tell Pam!

    That was a great cold open too! This is a GREAT season so far!!

  19. The Office is 2 for 2 this season and Greg Daniels has wasted no time in setting up the arcs for this season which gives it that classic Office feel. I thought this episode was a little anti-climatic with JAM but it’s really setting it up for the next few episodes and also it was nice to hear Jim call Pam ‘Beesly’ again. The cold open was really good and I think I like the idea of Pete going for Erin it’s going to be a really good season.

  20. I agree that cold open was fantastic!
    Loved the Jim/Pam story and am looking forward to more. Greg is a genius at balancing the funny with heart.

  21. @30 Nard-dog…

    Great comparison! I’m a huge fan of that trilogy!

    So Andy and Erin are still a couple, right??

  22. Really underwhelmed by this episode. Thought Andy saw through Clark’s game, and was really sad to see that he didn’t. Also don’t like that Erin is just going to pick up with Pete, apparently. I mean, did Erin and Andy break up? Really, this is just so dumb with all the time they invested putting them back together to just split them up. Not too happy with this episode. The Dwight/Nellie stuff was pretty ridiculous.

  23. Very good all around!

    I like how the Jim/Pam storyline this season does NOT leave the possibility open for Jim to be actually cheating on Pam; good move on the writers’ part.

    Meanwhile, Pete and Clark are falling right into the “New Jim” and “Dwight Jr.” roles. I’m not sure if I like it, but it’s entertaining and they’re storylines don’t take away from the other characters (unlike Nellie, who I’ve found funny maybe once in the 13 episodes she has now appeared in – at this point, she’s the biggest problem the Office has). However, did I miss something or are Andy and Erin suddenly broken up and we haven’t heard about it yet?

    This episode was written by former Colbert Report head writer Allison Silverman (hmmm… wonder how they convinced Colbert to be on the show for Halloween!) and directed by longtime Office crew member Matt Sohn. A very good effort by both of them!

  24. I liked tonight’s episode, although not as much as the first episode of the season. The Jim and Pam story continues to get better. I thought the Dwight and Nellie story was a bit weak, but the Erin and Clark bit was really good. Solid 7/10. Excited to see what happens next week.

  25. I was really bummed out by this episode. the promo and everything i’ve read on it seemed to convince everyone that most of the episode would revolve around roy’s wedding…. and they were there for like, 45 seconds? i do like where jim and pam’s story is going, gives it a little twist to what has been a somewhat boring plot the past few seasons. i also, along with everyone else, am confused and blown away at the erin/andy storyline… they spent SO MANY EPISODES last season building up them getting back together, and it already looks like there is another twist to break them up for the 523857298375th time. it wasn’t a bad episode at all, lots of laughs, but i just got my hopes up for a lot more.

  26. Not that great of an episode, but I have a feeling that Creed will be getting a lot more lines in this season than he has in the entire run…

  27. Are they really going to break Andy and Erin up AGAIN? I really hope not. I get the sense they really ARE trying to make Pete the New Jim, in a sense that Erin is his Pam and Andy is his Roy. No, just no…

  28. I liked the episode, but I didn’t love it. If they split up Andy and Erin again I might scream. And wouldn’t Dwight be mightily upset about Darryl becoming number two in the office?

  29. It’s an incredible episode. It’s so good to bring Roy back one more time, but is also amazing to see Jim and Pam unleash some secrets to each other. That’s the real drama. I don’t think Andy and Erin are breaking up again because of being lured or decoyed by Clark and Pete. And the Dwight/Nellie thing was pretty funny. Welcome back, Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration!!!!! The same to you, Kenny, Roy’s brother.

  30. I did like last week’s better. But then again, it’s only the SECOND episode. I about died at Angela talking about the Senator and surprises and then Oscar’s reaction. This is going to be a verrryyy interesting season!

  31. @Little Michael Scott: I think you NAILED IT where Erin, Andy, and Pete are concerned. I only wish I’d thought of it first! Great analysis. It falls right into line with my new faces/same old same old continuation in our imagination of our favorite show. Well done, sir!

  32. I had high hopes for this episode…

    Glad to see Roy…make that the new and improved Roy.
    Would have been good to explore if Roy 2.0 made Pam jealous. Wish the episode was more about this dynamic.

    Plop and Dwight Jr. are good additions to the cast.

    Nellie does nothing for me.

    I still do not get the character of Erin. Way too offbeat. Maybe she and Kevin should get together…2 buffoons are better than one. Come on Office writers…you are better than this.


  33. Overall, this wasn’t as good an episode as the premiere. But at times, it was quite funny. I liked the cold open with the chore wheel, as well as Nellie’s talking head about Andy “pissing all over her special projects”. The Dwight-Nellie stuff was a bit wild, and I had hoped to see more of the actual wedding.

    That said, this episode felt like one that would set up later good ones. It wasn’t bad, but I think it’s a sign that the next few episodes are going to be better than this one.

  34. Erin absolutely rocks! Do you guys think she may be rebuffed by Andy’s parents in the next episode and break up with him?

  35. I’m disappointed. This was kind of boring. :(

    But it could be a fluke. I always remain optimistic with this show — not every single one of the 24 episodes can be fantastic.

  36. Little Michael Scott: this is exactly how I feel! Are they just going to pretend “Get the Girl” never happened? Is there no continuity in this show now?

  37. @LovesItalianFood

    If you don’t get Erin, maybe you should watch her scenes with Michael. That relationship was one of the most touching of the entire series.

  38. I didn’t find this episode as good as the premiere. I didn’t like the Dwight/Nellie plot and I didn’t like the ending of the Andy/Erin/Pete/Clark storyline. I was disappointed with the small amount of time spent on Roy’s wedding. I wanted to see more of Roy 2.0.

    I hope the writers aren’t planning on breaking Andy and Erin up so that Erin can date Pete. That would be ridiculous considering that so many of the episodes from last season were spent on getting Andy and Erin back together. I really think Andy and Erin should end up together when the show ends b/c this relationship has been going on since Erin’s first episode way back in Season 5. Andy doesn’t deserve to have his heart broken twice, not after what happened with Angela (when she was cheating on Andy with Dwight while she was engaged to him). Andy deserves a happy ending, and it should be with Erin.

  39. I thought the opening charity wheel was way over the top.It needs to be more realistic (mockumentary) Andy was better, oscar is back to his old self. Kevin talks WAY too much, dwight sucks now and nellie is horrible.

  40. They are setting up Pete and Erin to be the new Pam and Jim. They are and have already set up Andy to be the new Michael. Clark will become the new Dwight and Nellie is the new Toby.

  41. Tanster, you wrote “Brian” in stead of “Kevin” on one of the quotes :)

    [ from tanster: lol, thanks! i do that every few episodes. :) ]

  42. I have no idea what everyone is talking about when they say they feel underwhelmed with this episode. I personally loved it. My only complaint is that the Taliban plot basically went nowhere.

  43. Any particular reason why my iTunes download from the Season 9 season pass of “Roy’s Wedding” is instead called “Don’t Be Blinded By the Headlights?” I have a screencap if anyone’s interested, lol….

  44. That episode bored me to death :/

    Hopefully it’s one of those episodes that is more enjoyable after multiple views.

  45. Whatever they decide with Andy and Erin, together or not I hope it’s quick and painless. They never worked for me and I really don’t want this last season full of their story. There are lots of other characters we have loved for 8 seasons that deserve some extra airtime.

  46. @ 40. Little Michael Scott. I was thinking the same thing at the end of this episode. I’m actually for this idea though. Andy and Erin don’t really do anything for me and I think it’d be kinda cool if the new Jim got Erin. Although, I can see how it would seem pretty ridiculous because it took a couple seasons for them just to get back together.

  47. Not a bad episode. I am starting to like the new characters of Clark and Pete. They bring a different dynamic to the show, and are very funny in their own way. They are being integrated into the show in a very easy way. The way Pete sabotaged Clark was pretty ingenious. More Clark and Pete episodes. I do see the difference that Greg Daniels has made, the shows and subplots seem to run more effortlessly than forced like last season.

  48. I really liked it!! Erin and Andy never did it for me – I think that they are too much alike and don’t really have the PB&J or even Michael/Holly level of chemistry. Pete did remind me of early Jim when Pam was with Roy, so I would totally be down with Pete/Erin. I LOVED the cold open, Jim calling Pam “Beasley”, and Nellie (who is great in small doses).

    I don’t know, the show just seemed to have the quiet, understated feel of season 2, which I loved. Michael’s absence is a lot less striking than last season.

  49. I personally loved it! I love the attention on Jim and Pam’s relationship. I can’t wait to see the story unfold through out the season and see where their little “family” ends at the series finale. I also think each character has great potential for excellent story arcs! I think the writers have done a fantastic job to keep the series alive for 9 years! Love The Office!!! :)

  50. I love Pete so much! Great character! Also I love the story arcs so far, much more interesting to follow!!

  51. You know, Greg Daniels said something in an interview before the season started that I didn’t understand at the time, but has got me wondering now. He said something about looking at what would happen if Jim and Pam had never gotten together and trying to grab that this season. I had no idea how they were going to do that, but now I’m thinking that they’re not going to use Jim and Pam at all to do it, but Erin and Pete. Paul Lieberstein said in the past, a couple of seasons ago now, that Andy and Erin were an awkward couple because they weren’t necessarily right for each other. So what if Pete is actually the right guy for Erin, but she chooses to stay with Andy because, unlike Roy, he’s a nice guy?

  52. Looks like the hardcore fans of this site loved it. The Jim and Pam story is mildly interesting. Nellie continues to be 100% extraneous. (Why is she here?) Ditto for Dwight…RW looks bored. Kevin is a mentally challenged caricature of himself. Andy and Erin’s story was very contrived. Sad what happened to my favorite show.

  53. What’s this Pete (the new Jim) has a thing for the receptionist?!?! Round and round we go.

  54. Nice Jim/Pam story and it’s nice to know that Roy is a douchy as ever. Maybe richer — but he still has his jerky qualities. It’s sort of sad where Jim as ended up career-wise but it looks like he’s finally doing something about it. He’d better let Pam in on the deal — now!!

  55. Thank you writers for all the tie-ins to previous episodes. Bob & Phyllis making out reminded me of when they and Jam went to V-day lunch. Loved seeing Darryl & Roy. Toby knowing all things Pam, I loved this episode. It just kills me to know it’s ending:(

  56. I generally enjoyed this episode. The first two episodes are so far a vast improvement over season 8 (with the exception of the RC free episodes). More Darryl please. His God Father/Scar face stuff cracked me up.

  57. I have to agree with #69 Alex. This episode was just blah for me. After watching the wedding fun on Mindy’s show, I was all set for some major drama at Roy’s wedding. BTW wasn’t teal used as the wedding colors at the Vance and Roy&Pam(almost)weddings?

  58. Overall this was an okay episode, not as good as the premier. I know that they need to instill some drama for Jim and Pam but I’m kinda mad that Jim didn’t just tell Pam when she said “just tell me”. The way she said it made it obvious that she knows he’s hiding something.

  59. I just realized I missed the opener thinking last night was the first episode. Doesn’t sound like I missed much.

  60. Please let them have new Jim end the tedious Andy/Erin stuff. Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper have zero chemistry and their portrayed ages (both mental and actual) are too far apart. Decent episode overall, but the Nellie/Dwight stuff went on too long. Still not sure I buy Jim keeping his secret for so long.

  61. This episode was quite a letdown after last week’s great episode. The whole Dwight – Nellie thing was stupid. I hoped that there would be some consistency to the quality of the season, especially since it’s the last one. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  62. This is just a little thing, but I wish they would have explained why Roy was having his wedding at 8am on a weekday. I also wish they would have showed more of the wedding.

  63. Aw, I like Andy and Erin together. Whatever happens, I just hope they end up happy. They deserve that, given the way they grew up (Erin never having parents, and Andy’s parents barely acknowledging his existence.)

    It was an okay episode. I loved the wheel bit, it was a good set-up for an episode, but after that the laughs just sort of tapered off into grins and mild amusements.

    Misleading episode title, I must say. The wedding was over about eight minutes into the episode.

  64. Greg Daniels is back; I think that he clearly heard our cries last season with the Andy/Erin debacle. Now, he’s going to fix it, classic Office-style.

    @67, Jessie, I actually think that makes a lot of sense…Unlike other past relationships, I’m actually rooting for Pete cause he seems like a genuinely nice guy who kind of likes Erin. He is new Jim. And the whole idea of “if JAM never existed” is a really deep storyline…

    All in all, the new Daniels season is an Office Renaissance

  65. My personal predictions.

    Andy and Erin will break up, because of Andy’s behavior. She will date Pete, who’s established as a good guy. It would make zero sense to retread last season’s arc about Andy and Erin’s reunion, so I assume they will break up for good.

    If Erin ends up with Pete, it leaves Andy single. But there’s a potential love interest, as shocking as it sounds, in Nellie. Hatred can turn into passion over the course of a season.

    Angela and her husband will split, and the senator will come out with Oscar, while Dwight and Angela will reunite.

    And Jim’s vague venture in Philadelphia will collapse at some point. It would make no dramatic sense to have Jim as the guy who phones it in and gets a situation with the sole remaining issue of having to persuade his unambitious wife to move to Philadelphia.
    But it makes sense to have him turn to Pam for advice. If she saves the venture with a great idea, it gives her a sense of purpose and could land her a partnership in the company. She has to find her own way and get involved.

  66. Seems they were attempting too many story lines. It would’ve been better if the entire or at least most of the episode had been devoted to Roy’s wedding. Kevin is no longer funny. He now comes across as mentally challenged. The success of Dwight’s character was based on playing off of Michael Scott or against Jim (the old Jim, not the current wimpy Jim). Does it really matter about Erin and Andy? It was a lame relationship from the beginning. Angela is definitely the best looking gal on the show. This episode continued what last season revealed. Michael Scott was The Office. With SC gone it will never be better than average.

  67. Watching the Dwight/Nellie scenes made me think of the Roald Dahl story “The Man from the South.”

    Anybody else wonder if the rat will make another appearance?

  68. @fablest

    I have seen the Michael / Erin scenes…and some are touching.

    But that does not change the fact Erin’s character is way over the top quirky and does nothing for me. I think Ellie is a good comedic actress who has been handed a character that is hard to get behind.

    But I hold out hope that Plop will settle her down :)

  69. “Kevin’s too dumb now.” Like the time he was convinced Holly liked him even though she thought he was mentally disabled. Ah, yeah, intelligent Kevin. Those were the days.

  70. I adore Andy and Erin. If they break up, I will be disappointed. I love the Office — always have and always will — but if Andy and Erin don’t get a happy ending together, it’ll tarnish this final season somewhat for me.

  71. “Clark will become the new Dwight and Nellie is the new Toby.”

    So that’s her purpose. At the end of this season we’ll finally understand better the Michael/Toby friction.

  72. I didn’t think I would notice that Kelly and Ryan were gone…but it definitely feels like something is missing. I hope we see Ryan a bit this season.

  73. Pink Dragon – Kevin always came across slow in a good funny way, but now it’s like he’s retarded. I did go back and watch episode 1 and it was better than last night’s.

  74. I was really hoping that Dwight would cut off Nellie’s hand! I was cheering him on while I was eating breakfast since I watched last night’s episode this morning. I prefer it this way since I can choose to Auto Hop the commercials, and I can be done with an episode in under 20-minutes. When I went into work this morning so many of my co-workers at DISH were upset that this episode was even called Roy’s Wedding. I did like that there was a lot going on in this episode, especially the Tiny Wheel, but I was expecting a lot more debauchery at Roy’s.

  75. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was a bit disappointed with this episode. Highlights for me:

    Jim-Pam storyline. Darryl Philbin with his boo. Meredith and Oscar’s coughing.

    Also Clark is not new Dwight, rather New Ryan Howard/Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation ) in my opinion.

  76. @daniel, I was just going to say that Clark is much more like new Ryan than Dwight Jr! Good call.
    Also, I thought it was a little out of character for Jim to tell the camera crew about the new job before anyone else… but maybe that’s just me.
    Overall, I liked the episode and where it’s leading Jim and Pam. This season’s gonna be one great ride.

  77. #94, Jim told the camera crew that he was going to propose to Pam, and that he bought her the house before he told anyone else.

  78. I downloaded this episode online (I live in Asia..) but it ended early when Dwight and Nellie were having their “who’s more stupid” argument. Did anything happen after that?

  79. I was curious when I saw the Producer credits last episode and then excited when I read JF’s explanation. I think they are knocking it out of the park with Jim & Pam storyline. Both essentially gave up their individual dreams to be together – is that always going to be enough? Do they love each other enough to learn to play piano? Do they lust after each other like Bob and Phyllis? I honestly am not sure this will play but it is great storytelling, it is JF/JK’s Jim/Pam story so I will let them tell it. I have been so impressed with their acting in these 2 eps, thrilled with their interactions that are more like the earlier seasons and, I have to say, I thought JF looked gorgeous in this ep.

  80. I personally would like to see Pete and Erin’s relationship turn into more of a brother/sister thing. With Erin not have any siblings this would be good for her and something different than the cliche TV love triangle. Pete could “coach” Andy beyond his cluelessness and help him finally propose to Erin. They are both perfect for each other and to have taken us through all the ups and downs just to end with some new guy ending up with her seems like a let down. There needs to be a pay off for all of that.

  81. I think it would be good if Pete and Erin get together. Erin is such an idiot that she needs a caretaker, and since Andy needs to be watched as well, I’m all for Pete and Erin!! :)

  82. I’ve enjoyed the past two episodes more than I did any from last season. It’s gotten back on the right track. That said, a couple of things. 1) Kevin needs to go back to being Kevin. 2) What’s going on with Andy/Erin? Are they together? Because it feels like they aren’t. 3) More Creed bits, 4) Small doses of Andy go a long way, and 5) let’s see some consistent storylines. Let’s see some arcs!

  83. I’m actually enjoying this season so far more than I expected to.

    I’m glad that they’re not focusing as much on the Andy/Erin relationship.
    I was never really a fan of that story arc, and I think there was way too much of it near the end of last season.
    I don’t think they’re going to try for a “Pete and Erin date and Andy’s jealous” story line since that already happened with Gabe.

    Speaking of which, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m kind of missing Gabe.
    I actually started to like him last season.

    I’m also liking that they’re involving Pete and Clark in the episodes.
    It’s nice to have some new characters to get to know.
    It’s also nice to have story lines that are based on the new characters.
    I feel like it’s getting harder and harder for the writers to make the older characters interesting because we know them all so well.

    This Jim/Pam arc really has potential and I’m actually interested in seeing what happens.
    I’m excited to see how it plays out later on.

  84. So far I’m loving this season of the office, the first two episodes have been brilliant.

    Season hate was ruined for me by the Nellie character, but they have toned her down quite a bit.

  85. @JP: I agree. I’m all for Erin and Andy. I doubt there will be another love triangle. That’s been played out quite a few times. If it happened again, that would be some ridiculous overkill. Well, here’s hoping!

  86. I JUST got a chance to watch this episode, and I have to say, I have NO idea why there are so many negative comments about it on here! I loved it and thought every single story line was great. The episode wasn’t just about one little story in twenty one minutes– there’s a lot of past, present, and future stuff in here. Does that make sense? No? Pretend like it does. Solid 9.

  87. Roy’s not a bad guy, but he is what he is. The piano serenade was an ultimate act of love from Roy. But, true to character, the wedding (which was very pretty) in his backyard didn’t cost them much. Remember, he has a $50,000 car. And, it’s at 8:00 in the morning. Did guests hang around to celebrate the wedding all day? At least some of them went right to work afterwards. It’s suppose to be the “bride’s day,” all day. Right? I ended up thinking that I like Roy, but I wouldn’t want to be married to him. Pam dodged that bullet.

  88. I’ve avoided reading the forums for months because sounded kind of bad. But based on these episodes, I think it’s noticeably picked up since S8.

    My likes:
    -They’ve managed to cut back the wackiness somewhat and toned down the storylines.
    -Less of the lame, amateurish, strained feel of a lot of S8.
    -The JAM subplot might be a fresh direction for them and set up a good finale.
    -More Erin so far is good. I’m glad A&E are still together but also that Erin’s plots aren’t all just about that.
    -Greg Daniels!
    -The new characters aren’t totally annoying. They’re actually OK.
    -No Dwight baby, it was getting stupid.

    -Nellie. Guessing CT was under contract or whatever but she still doesn’t fit the show and she’s still annoying, despite toning her down.
    -Some of the subplots (Taliban rules, GoT language) are still a bit lame. Erin and Dwight deserve better material.

    This show is back on my watchlist.

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