The Office at the 2007 Golden Globes

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Jan. 16, 10:54pm PT

Photos of Ross the Intern hanging with the Office gang!

Tipster: Christine

Jan. 16, 10:30pm PT

More photos: Creed | Melora | Mindy | B.J. | Steve and Nancy | Rainn

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Jan. 16, 3:49pm PT

A short (but cute) video of some of the Office cast at a People photo shoot.

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Jan. 16, 9:38am PT

Here are some more photo collections (no watermarks):

Jan. 15, 9:38pm PT

More Jenna and John pics.

Jan. 15, 6:45pm PT

Promo just ran for ‘The Return.’ GMMR’s response was “OMG! OMG! OMG!” Somebody YouTube it and post the link!!!

Jan. 15, 6:35pm PT

I am STUNNED. Well, at least I know I don’t have to watch the Pacific Coast airing of the show anymore and can watch 24 instead. :(

Jan. 15, 6:32pm PT

Ugly Betty wins Best Comedy. :(

Jan. 15, 6:24pm PT

Alec Baldwin beats Steve Carell in Best Actor in a Comedy. :(

Jan. 15, 6:20pm PT

Another one of Steve Carell and Nancy Walls

Jan. 15, 6:15pm PT

And our first photo sighting of John and Jenna!

Tipster: Julia

Jan. 15, 5:26pm PT

Another photo of Jenna. She looks amazing!

Jan. 15, 5:03pm PT

I haven’t seen any photos of John and Jenna yet, but here’s what E!’s Kristin Veich says:

And the award for happiest twosome (dare I say couple?) on the red carpet goes to: Jim and Pam! Yes, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer are both so happy! They’re glowing, laughing, working the red carpet (as friends, of course) and clearly love to hang out together. So cute!

Jan. 15, 5pm PT

Check out watermark-free pictures over at xkayers’ LiveJournal page.

Jan. 15, 4:40pm PT

Steve Carell and his wife, Nancy Walls | Steve Carell | Jenna Fischer

Jan. 15, 4:36pm PT

Rainn Wilson photos: 1 | 2

Jan. 15, 4:25pm PT

Jenna pictures!

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Jan. 15, 4:06pm PT

You can also watch the Golden Globe arrival photos go by at WireImage. (There’s only one of me, so I’m hanging at Getty.)

Jan. 15, 3:59pm PT

B.J. Novak photos: 1 | 2

Jan. 15, 3:30pm PT

The first Office arrival image (Rainn Wilson) has popped up over at Getty Images.

Jan. 15, 10:10am PT

This from People Magazine:

It’s an Office fan-fiction dream come true: Pam and Jim are going on a date, finally! Or at least one can imagine it that way when Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on the Globe-nominated NBC comedy, walks down the red carpet with her costar and date John Krasinski, a.k.a. Jim.

Can’t wait to see the photos … ’cause they sure do clean up good.

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Jan. 15, 10am PT

Tonight’s the night! Let’s root for our beloved Office in two categories:

  • Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical: The Office
  • Best Performance By An Actor in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical: Steve Carell

Steve Carell won the Globe last year and gave a hilarious acceptance speech.

The Golden Globes awards show airs on NBC tonight at 8pm (live on the East Coast, on delay on the West Coast). I hate living on the West Coast during times like this …


  1. Seeing Jenna Fischer tonight will be the highlight of my day, other than camping out for the world of warcraft expansion at midnight

    ….im such a geek

  2. That is so cute that they’re going together.

    Probably makes it easier to pose for the pics together that you know the photographers are going to want.

  3. does the whole ensemble go to the golden globes?.. angela and bryan and phyllis etc.?
    how about the extras (my guess is we wont be seing ed and Rashida.. but that would be so cool if we did)

  4. I think Rashida was there last year. But that could have just been because she was dating John at that point.

  5. does the whole ensemble go to the golden globes?

    Yes, I believe all of the main cast is going. Not sure if that includes Ed and Rashida, though.

  6. YES! Go Bears!

    I hope Carell wins again…he makes Michael Scott likable, and that is an amazing feat of over-the-top acting infused with an almost surprising subtlety.

  7. I keep flipping between TV Guide and E!, I’m getting nervous there will be no mention of John and Jenna. eeek!

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