The Office at the 2007 Golden Globes

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Jan. 16, 10:54pm PT

Photos of Ross the Intern hanging with the Office gang!

Tipster: Christine

Jan. 16, 10:30pm PT

More photos: Creed | Melora | Mindy | B.J. | Steve and Nancy | Rainn

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Jan. 16, 3:49pm PT

A short (but cute) video of some of the Office cast at a People photo shoot.

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Jan. 16, 9:38am PT

Here are some more photo collections (no watermarks):

Jan. 15, 9:38pm PT

More Jenna and John pics.

Jan. 15, 6:45pm PT

Promo just ran for ‘The Return.’ GMMR’s response was “OMG! OMG! OMG!” Somebody YouTube it and post the link!!!

Jan. 15, 6:35pm PT

I am STUNNED. Well, at least I know I don’t have to watch the Pacific Coast airing of the show anymore and can watch 24 instead. :(

Jan. 15, 6:32pm PT

Ugly Betty wins Best Comedy. :(

Jan. 15, 6:24pm PT

Alec Baldwin beats Steve Carell in Best Actor in a Comedy. :(

Jan. 15, 6:20pm PT

Another one of Steve Carell and Nancy Walls

Jan. 15, 6:15pm PT

And our first photo sighting of John and Jenna!

Tipster: Julia

Jan. 15, 5:26pm PT

Another photo of Jenna. She looks amazing!

Jan. 15, 5:03pm PT

I haven’t seen any photos of John and Jenna yet, but here’s what E!’s Kristin Veich says:

And the award for happiest twosome (dare I say couple?) on the red carpet goes to: Jim and Pam! Yes, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer are both so happy! They’re glowing, laughing, working the red carpet (as friends, of course) and clearly love to hang out together. So cute!

Jan. 15, 5pm PT

Check out watermark-free pictures over at xkayers’ LiveJournal page.

Jan. 15, 4:40pm PT

Steve Carell and his wife, Nancy Walls | Steve Carell | Jenna Fischer

Jan. 15, 4:36pm PT

Rainn Wilson photos: 1 | 2

Jan. 15, 4:25pm PT

Jenna pictures!

Tipsters: Allison, Julia

Jan. 15, 4:06pm PT

You can also watch the Golden Globe arrival photos go by at WireImage. (There’s only one of me, so I’m hanging at Getty.)

Jan. 15, 3:59pm PT

B.J. Novak photos: 1 | 2

Jan. 15, 3:30pm PT

The first Office arrival image (Rainn Wilson) has popped up over at Getty Images.

Jan. 15, 10:10am PT

This from People Magazine:

It’s an Office fan-fiction dream come true: Pam and Jim are going on a date, finally! Or at least one can imagine it that way when Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on the Globe-nominated NBC comedy, walks down the red carpet with her costar and date John Krasinski, a.k.a. Jim.

Can’t wait to see the photos … ’cause they sure do clean up good.

Tipster: Tina

Jan. 15, 10am PT

Tonight’s the night! Let’s root for our beloved Office in two categories:

  • Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical: The Office
  • Best Performance By An Actor in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical: Steve Carell

Steve Carell won the Globe last year and gave a hilarious acceptance speech.

The Golden Globes awards show airs on NBC tonight at 8pm (live on the East Coast, on delay on the West Coast). I hate living on the West Coast during times like this …


  1. Seeing Jenna Fischer tonight will be the highlight of my day, other than camping out for the world of warcraft expansion at midnight

    ….im such a geek

  2. Awww, and I was still holding out hope that she might ask me to walk her down the red carpet.

  3. That is so cute that they’re going together.

    Probably makes it easier to pose for the pics together that you know the photographers are going to want.

  4. does the whole ensemble go to the golden globes?.. angela and bryan and phyllis etc.?
    how about the extras (my guess is we wont be seing ed and Rashida.. but that would be so cool if we did)

  5. I think Rashida was there last year. But that could have just been because she was dating John at that point.

  6. does the whole ensemble go to the golden globes?

    Yes, I believe all of the main cast is going. Not sure if that includes Ed and Rashida, though.

  7. Copy and paste this into your browser

    The first and second picture from last years Emmy Awards show John and Rashida.

  8. YES! Go Bears!

    I hope Carell wins again…he makes Michael Scott likable, and that is an amazing feat of over-the-top acting infused with an almost surprising subtlety.

  9. I keep flipping between TV Guide and E!, I’m getting nervous there will be no mention of John and Jenna. eeek!

  10. So Mellissa Rivers is annoying me.

    Love how no one (Melissa) knows Jenna and John arn’t a real couple.

  11. what is that blue puzzle piece pin some of the actors are wearing? steve and tina fey are both wearing them

  12. Does anyone know if the awards we care about regarding Office are presented towards the end or the beginning of the show?

    I’m surprised how quiet this thread is, and with TWoP down too.

  13. Claudia, it was a pin in support of Autism Speaks. I noticed both John and Rainn wearing them as well.

  14. For some reason I have this image of James’ being like “you better take care of her Mister!” Anyway, it would be WAY too many people if the cast all got to bring their SO, so I bet they let Steve bring Nancy and everyone else is just a big group. Jenna’s makeup is super pretty!

  15. I’m not gonna lie, if he was gonna lose, I’m glad it’s to Baldwin and not Shaloub like the Emmys.

    30 rock is great and alec baldwin is too but steve is way better.

  17. Crap! No Steve! Crap! I hope the show takes it. Maybe we should all clap if we believe. You know, like we would clap for Tinkerbelle.

  18. Alec Baldwin?!?!??! Are these people serious? He’s supposed to be funny? He can act? Really? I don’t care what anyone says – Steve is AWESOME w/ REAL talent and true character!!!

  19. Aww MAAANNN! What a rook. At least I can go to bed now. Just wait until the Emmy’s!

  20. I’m torn. Although I like The Office more, I watch Ugly Betty also and am okay that won instead, but not by much, though. I’m still stinging that Steve didn’t win. :-(

  21. Ugly Betty?! Are you kidding? I thought that was airing on Nickelodian! How is it even in the running?

  22. “Testament to the American dream?”

    The Office is testament to the American workplace.

    Boo. :-(

    Oh well, at least it was nominated.

  23. NOOOOOOO!!!! Not Ugly Betty! Office! Office! Office! That’s it Hollywood Foreign Press…I’m done with you.

  24. there is still hope!

    no one ever wins a golden globe and an emmy! this is good! who care about the golden globes anyway?

    this means big things for carell and the office at the emmy’s :)

  25. In your description thing at the top, I’m almost 100% positive you used the “thats what she said” very wrong. “New stuff on top” did not warrant a “thats what she said.

    It only works for things like, “That test was LONG and HARD.”

  26. Wow! I really like Ugly Betty but I am torn because I love The Office. It has to be really hard for Reveille’s Teri Weinberg and Ben Silverman since they make BOTH Ugly Betty and The Office. It’s like Sophie’s Choice for them tonight!! :-(

  27. Baldwin…GAG, I hate that show. I think Tony or Steve deserve the award not Baldwin…I’m very dissapointed. As for Ugly Betty…I’ve seen it once when the office was a rerun and yeah…I had no desire to watch it again so I don’t really get that win either. BOO Golden Globes, BOO!

  28. Golden Globes are not legitimate. They are like pre-awards. The Emmys are to TV like the Oscars are to movies……so who cares if some cheap laughs show like Ugly Betty wins……The Office won the Emmy!

  29. All I can say is:

    It feels like somebody took my heart, and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. And, at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer. And then, a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone. And I’m crying, and nobody can hear me. Because I am terribly, terribly, terribly alone.

  30. NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
    ah! i’m so upset.
    how could this happen.
    ugly betty?! why?! why?!
    anything but this god!!!!!!
    oh no no no no!
    and steve carell didn’t win either!
    wtf is going on with the world?!

  31. Do you guys want to know why Ugly Betty won?

    The HFPA is a crackpot organization with 70-80 foreign press members.

    Ugly Betty is based on a telenovela that has been adapted and broadcast in a bunch of different countries.

    The Office is pretty much aimed at American audiences.

    Everyone in the entertainment industry knows how much of fake awards ceremony the Golden Globes are…it’s basically a fashion show disguised as a prestigious awards event. This is why they have a tendency of awarding newbie nominees – (i.e. Keri Russell for the first season of ‘Felicity’, Alec Baldwin for ’30 Rock’, etc.).

  32. gugg… I just want to lie down in a very large pool of tears and cry. That made my Sunday evening even more depressing than it already was. Ok, now I really sound like an emo kid.I need to stop, yet I cannot.

  33. can anyone say YOUTUBE? por favor??? I think that my strength is somehow miraculously returning…Praise Jesus!!!!

  34. no worries. the office will be remembered by history as one of the best comedies of its time — ugly betty is a flash-in-the-pan series that panders to the guilt of the overprivileged, plastic-surgery-obsessed industry the HFPA truly represents.

  35. Did you guys see the preview for the upcoming episdoe? I had the sound turned down and missed it. I think Karen asked Jim if she still had feelings for Pam… Can nyone update? Thanks!

  36. I’m so upset!! Pure hype wins over quality. So disappointing.

    Anyway, I turned the Globes off because I can’t stand it anymore, can someone tell me what this promo is about? Karen asked what? Jim, yes what/

  37. please, describe the promo from The Return. I’m from Argentina, and i’m very upset cause i saw the stupid awards

  38. Also, they throw a party for Oscar’s return. People are wearing Sombrero’s and moustashes.

  39. Ugly Betty is a comedy?? That show’s supposed to be funny!?
    And no way is Alec Baldwin funnier than Steve Carrell.


  40. It isn’t fair to say that Ugly Betty won cause it is based on a telenovela that has been redone is several countries. That is exactly what the Office is!!! It is a remake of a foriegn comedy that has been redone in several different countries.

  41. Can someone make her shut the hell up? Just cuz her name is America doesn’t mean she’s welcome on our TV sets. “Sit down. Shut up!”

  42. I love Ugly Betty, but this is not fair. A show that’s only been on less than half a season should not be categorized as better than a show that should have been nominated last year. Bleh. And poor Steve; he is much funnier.

  43. God – you are funny!

    Ok – I’ll admit it. I think it was really cute how Salma Hayek teared up when America Fererra won. :)

  44. America Ferria….what a surprise…..again…no Jenna Fisher nom…you’ll get your year girl…you’ll get your year.

  45. Sarah, The Office was originally made in the UK.

    There is ONE remake. The US version.

    Ugly Betty has over 8 remakes, I can go look them up if you really want to know.

  46. SHE TALKS TOO MUCH…..gawd, could’nt at least one of the desperate housewives could have one? ugly betty, the one time i saw it, seemed to be an overrated soap opera!

  47. well well well… Miss America…. I wonder if anyone has ever called her that before…hehehehehe

  48. Oh well. Nobody remembers who won Golden Globes…but people remember who won Emmy’s. Also, the Globes ALWAYS favor new shows and newer actors. So it’s not surprising that Ugly Betty won.

    Meanwhile….could Warren Beatty look any older. I remember when he was as hot as Brad Pitt is now.

  49. I didn’t realize there were that many versions of The Office – my apologies.

    I just knew they heavily publicized the fact that Ugly Betty has numerous incarnations around the world.

  50. Can I just say how handsome Steve looked tonight? It’s shocking how hideous I think he looks as Michael Scott, but he’s a fox as himself!

  51. John looks great but I’m not really a huge fan of Jenna’s dress…she still looks gorgeous though

  52. Jenna reminded me so much of, oh crap I forgot her name. The chick from Will and Grace. I thought she looked a lot like her tonight.

  53. John looks the same as he did at the Emmy’s. I thinkk Jenna looked better at the Emmy’s.

  54. very sad.. though i have to say i’m not surprised. the office hasn’t had quite the punch this season as it did last season, and ugly betty’s pretty sensational, so i wasn’t too surprised. honestly, it’s the only show i could tolerate beating the office. so very sad for steve though, he deserved it. and i’m sad because i didn’t see john. :-(

  55. I enjoy 30 Rock and I think Alec Baldwin does a pretty good job on there, but I dont think it is nearly as demanding from an acting standpoint as Steve’s job is. Steve can display a wide range of emotions every episode and it seems the Golden Globes failed to notice that this year. Don’t get me started with Ugly Betty.

  56. so unhappy. No Office love. The only “good” part was that I heard the promo, I was in the other room, and I agree, I really want that YouTube link!

  57. I’m sad :( But I love Ugly Betty (and America is cute, so shhh!) But it’s not as hilarious as the Office!

  58. I don’t mind Baldwin winning that much because he is hilarious and Steve did win last year (I’ve noticed the Globes aren’t fond of repeat winners) but Ugly Betty beating The Office is just wrong.

  59. Roni, I think you make a good point. If Season 2 was up for the award, it would win no doubt. This season is not quite the same feel. In fact, I’m really surprised that it wasn’t nominated last year.

    We can still root for Steve in Little Miss Sunshine. Personally, I loved that movie and I thought he was great in it. Go Steve!

  60. This isn’t directly related to the globes but there is a new deleted scene of Andy/Michael bonding up.

  61. I can understand people liking Baldwin but personally I’ve tried to like 30 Rock and it just isn’t happening. To each his own though.

    I’m mostly bugged that UB won because that will give it hype and it is a direct competitor to our baby.

  62. I like that Ugly Betty got recognized, but I hope it doesn’t jeopardize The Office’s chances of winning another Emmy this year. Yeah, it may not be the same as season two, but the show continues to surprise and astound me in totally awesome ways. Including the new promo! Ack!

  63. I heard the promo for ‘The Return’ on the radio…Mum’s sent me to bed, so yes, I am listenting to the Globes on the radio. :-P

    OMG KAREN- ‘Do you still have feelings for her?’



  64. I don’t like 30 Rock at all and I definitely don’t like Baldwin. I really don’t think he deserved it at all. GRRRR…I just appreciate Steve and Tony so much more…

  65. “well if little miss sunshine was going to loose its it lost to borat” it should have said

    well if little miss sunshine was going to loose it is good it lost to borat

  66. Come on!!! The Office had the *only* funny clip among all thoes nominees. I can’t say I’m surprised Alec Baldwin won, but still more bummed out than I should be.

    Heroes lost to gray’s anatomy that show is so dumb
    The Golden Globes blows

  68. I was dying to see that promo and now I think I missed it! Arg…I hope it gets on YouTube soon!

  69. here’s some more photos, from the red carpet section (might have missed a few, they are all thumbnails on the site)

    1 | 2


    Nancy and Steve
    1 | 2

    Jeanna and John

  70. *sigh* this does suck…

    I’ve never actually seen Ugly Betty since it is on the same time as the Office so I can’t really have much of an opinion there….but I have seen 30 Rock. It’s an OK show, and Alec Baldwin is decent in it…but it really isn’t close to being in the same league as the Office and Steve Carell’s performance.

    I’m surprised neither John nor Jenna has gotten even a nomination yet. bah…awards schmards.

  71. Yahoo has a pic up of Jenna & John on the red carpet.
    There are sooo many pics to go through! I think it’s like #325 or something crazy–towards the end.
    And of course they look great.

  72. I’m torn. So there’s Alec Baldwin who won over Steve Carrell in Best Actor. I, of course, as we all do, love Steve in The Office, but Baldwin is seriously hilarious in 3rd Rock, and anyone who has seen it would say the same thing. Then it’s Ugly Betty winning over the Office for best Comedy. Ok, I am absolutely enamored with Ugly Betty, and really cannot be angry about the win. It actually made me squeal with happiness a little bit during the acceptance speach. But that means the office lost. Argh.

    Too much good TV right now. That’s not a bad thing though, right?

  73. I actually like Ugly Betty (Definitely not as much as The Office!! I miss UB over TO every Thursday) but I obviously would rather The Office win. It’s just hilarious, and every single person on the show is a great actor. Gah =(

  74. oh my, i taped the show becuz i wouldn’t catch it at home.. but now i’m not even gonna bother to watch it.. the office was robbed imo!!!

  75. I agree that Jenna’s dress wasn’t as pretty as her dress at the Emmy’s. John looks yummy, but when he wears his hair like that his nose looks big. I like his mussed up Jim look.

    I thought Forest Whittaker was going to have a heart attack.

    House did win for whoever asked that question. Next to Borat, his was the best speech.

  76. I really love the office and all, but I’m not upset over ugly betty’s winning and Alec Baldwin. There is always next year! John, BJ, and Rainn all looked amazing, but Jenna’s dress…:( He makeup and hair looked stunning, but the dress was not at all flattering to her mid section. It made her look a bit pudgy. And it was a bit too long. Last years dress was so beautiful.

  77. Forest Whittaker looked like he was having a stroke with that droopy eyelid. I was worried about him for a moment.

  78. I disagree about all the comments on Jenna’s dress. I think she looks awesome!

  79. Personally, I like America Ferrara. I think she’s a wonderful actress, but I have seen Ugly Betty and I’m fairly confidentthat she is the only good thing about that show. As an ensemble, it’s not very strong. The actors cast as her family are enjoyable but as a whole, she carries the entire program. I don’t know how it qualified to beat our beloved Dunder-Mifflin-ites.

    The Office folk looked beautiful from all of the pictures that I have seen. Jenna is a knockout as per usual. And John? That goes without saying. But Steve, Rainn, & BJ all looked very sharp and I cannot wait to see more pictures.

    Isn’t that primarily what these “award shows” are all about? Red Carpet fashion?

    And can we please stop giving Joan and Melissa Rivers television work? Please?

  80. I like Ugly Betty also and agree that America does a fine job and, of course, Steve does a most excellent job. The difference between the two comes from the rest of the cast and I feel The Office excells on that point.

    With The Office, the supporting cast are all well-rounded characters whereas on Ugly Betty, the supporting cast are all one-dimensional characters and rather stereotypical. Ugly Betty is funny and has its moments (but also some weak ones also) but I like the ‘realness’ of The Office. The Office seems to have more consistencies in writing and plot than Ugly Betty.

    I’ll still watch Ugly Betty but The Office always comes first for me. I’ll spend money on The Office DVDs but I would never invest in Betty.

  81. ah! so *that’s* what the blue puzzle piece is about! i think i just fell even more in love with john.. *sigh*

  82. karlyj, I was gonna say the same thing!

    Jenna & John totally look like really close siblings. :-P

  83. Did anybody else see the TVGuide Channel interview that Melissa Rivers did with Jenna and John? She didn’t know who they were (read a Que Card for their names) and mentioned nothing about the show. She was disinterested in the fact that Jenna was wearing a labeless dress. I saw how she was interacting with other stars from grey’s anatomy, ugly betty, etc..and praised their shows…which annoyed me. My little heart is a bit bruised from tonight’s Golden Globes..*le sigh* I can’t remember the last time I gave a crap about an awards show since The Office came around. SAG Awards..HERE WE COME!

  84. Ugly betty is a horrible horrible show… horrible. retarded. 30 Rock is funny. BUT UGLY BETTY?! so stupid.

  85. DunderMifflinDee, i stopped watching award shows a loooong time ago b/c no one won that i actually cared for. I started watching them again ever since The Office was nominated (and House and 24 were bonuses), but it is results like these that make me question why i watch them. Of course, The Office did win an Emmy and i hope they win again, along w/ Carell.

    But tonight was a disappointment (w/ the exception of Hugh Laurie’s win).

  86. I keep wondering how Jenna’s dress looks in person. I think that sometimes the pictures make things look different.

  87. Watch ELLEN today (about 19 minutes in) for a very quick , but great clip, of John and Jenna talking to Ellen from the red carpet. And girl scout cookies are involved.

  88. Oh. Steve’s on too, but some guy pulls away his earpiece before he finishes speaking and sends him on his way.

  89. People… we all know that there is only ONE award in this life that means anything at all: The Dundie.

    And Ugly Betty will never win a Dundie.

  90. They all look so beautiful! The Jenna and John/Jenna and Angela pairings are especially adorable. The pictures really reflect what the stars have been saying – they’re a close crew! Despite the losses, I hope they had a wonderful time!

  91. has anyone noticed that there are no pictures of Mindy?
    wonder why she didn’t go

  92. Sorry MelB
    I just read your post, you asked the same thing

  93. What is Rashida wearing…hard to see. I’ve decided she doesn’t fit in. Neither do Ben Afflek and his wife. They all look so happy…must have been a fun party.

  94. My guess: Mindy was sick. And, that’s why BJ went with that other female, who is his friend. Yeap, that’s my story that I choose to believe.

  95. Fact: Ugly Betty is not funny.

    Fact: Steve Carell is a million times funnier than Alec Baldwin.

    Fact: The people who choose the winners of the Golden Globe are moronic baffoons with no sense of what is funny and what is not.


  96. There’s a pic of Mindy from the red carpet. It seems to be the only one.

    Here’s the link

  97. loving jenna’s hair and makeup, not feeling the dress. i think angela and melora had the best overall look, they’re both downright stunning. rashida… i like her hair, really not feeling the jacket over the dress… and that’s all i’m gonna say because i’m refusing to believe rumors of.. wait, why say it when i don’t believe it? john is single. i’m sure of it.

  98. I saw John and Jenna for just a second on Ellen today. Did anyone manage to catch it? It was very cute… they were talking to her via video and eating girl scout cookies she had out.

  99. i completely agree w/ “the office fanatic” – the office should have won at least one of those but it deserved both of them

  100. Judging by the body language in those GMMR pix it would appear that John and Rashida are not a couple. Where was Jenna’s hubby I wonder. That guy is a riot. Maybe he only digs the horror movie scene, though he does go on about 24.

    Jenna’s dress was no doubt more flattering in person.

    Re: Promo…I don’t think Jim is going to respond truthfully to Karen’s question. I think that was just a taunt. We shall see.

  101. Wow… Was it a little cold in that photo, Melora?

    Oh, I apologize… I couldn’t help it…

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