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  1. Man alive, is this section rad or what?!!
    …my TiVO and I pre-emptively thank you for such a concise schedule.

  2. I may be naiive so my apologies, but why is there no Office (even reruns) during the month of April? Is all of television this way? (Ratings month?) If this could be cleared up, that would be nice to know =)Thanks.

  3. sheigh: Thanks, glad you find it useful! :)

    Nader: I have no official word yet on which Office episodes will air in April. The minute I know, I will post the schedule here. My guess is that two original eps and two reruns will air in April, just like in March.

  4. Thu March 30: Office characters featured in “The More You Know” spots throughout primetime.

  5. Thu March 30: Angela Kinsey appears on Rock 107 Scranton in the morning and Rock 105.3 San Diego in the afternoon.

  6. Thu March 30: Jenna Fischer appears on various radio shows around the country, 6am-9am PT. Schedule

  7. You are doing an awesome job with this site. I love being informed about The Office and it’s wonderful workers. :) Keep up the great work!

  8. Just had to echo April’s comment that you’re doing a great job with the site. I make a stop here numerous times a day and you always have the latest news and info posted! Love the calendar, love the polls, I even love the font you use! Ok, enough gushing – great job!

  9. Thank you, Jennie, for this informative calendar of events. It makes my life a little easier.

  10. Hi – I just found out that on 5/9 at 11:30am CST (check your local listings) Spike TV will be airing the CSI episode called “Who Shot Sherlock” that features John Krasinski.

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