The Office Fan Tours, Scranton

Friday, March 15th, 2013 | 194 comments


2013 UPDATE: Want to attend The Office Fan Tour? Then please post a comment below or email the Party Planning Committee at to let them know. If they get enough interest, they’ll consider adding tours for this year!

The Office Fan ToursThe Office Fan Tours take place in Scranton, PA, and showcase landmarks made famous in ‘The Office,’ such as The Mall at Steamtown, Cooper’s, Poor Richard’s, and Lake Scranton! (It’s a blast; here’s my trip report.)

Includes: four-hour tour, lunch at Cooper’s, and drinks at Poor Richard’s.

Price: $55 adults, $45 under 21 | 2012 tour information and schedule | Buy tickets

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  1. 194. Olivia  

    Would love to take an office tour!!! Please schedule some soon! : )

  2. 193. Morgan  

    I would love to take this tour!!!

  3. 192. Steph Mitchell  

    Is this tour still going?? Looking for the weekend of February 21st

  4. 191. Ryan  

    Would love to still take a tour of The Office!

  5. 190. Joshua Farber  

    We would love to go on a tour some time next year, hopefully there are a few that will be scheduled!

  6. 189. Jacinda  

    Please please please have a tour!!! I would love to go!!

  7. 188. Karissa  

    Please plan dates for 2013-2014! I’ve never been to Scranton and this is the main reason why I want to go!

  8. 187. Jodi Dunlap  

    Would love to take my niece on a tour this spring or summer. Will there be tours in 2014?

  9. 186. Carly  

    PLEASE PLAN TOUR DATES for 2013-2014!! that would be phenomenal !!

  10. 185. Greg  

    Lots of comments about tours over the past couple months. From

    Yes folks, we do plan to follow suit with the show itself and RETIRE the regularly scheduled fan tours here in Scranton… We will gladly, however, host “Special Impromptu Tours” should any (or all) of the former cast members choose to swing thru Scranton again.

    Stay in the loop by simply liking us on Facebook at

    If you can’t wait and you need to get your “Scranton On” now, you can visit anytime and follow this handy map.

    Finally, if you have a group of 40 or more and you want to plan “The Office Fan Tour” for your own crew – send us a note at

  11. 184. Whitney Wilson  

    I would absolutely love to go on a tour with my boyfriend! We are huge fans and I am currently watching an episode right now as I type this comment! Please plan another trip this year or soon!!!

  12. 183. ASFan  

    Any tours on 8/13/13?

  13. 182. Diana Pasquali  

    Visiting Saturday 14 September from Australia. Any chance of a tour?

  14. 181. Samuel Owens  

    Would love to go on a tour when i get back from deployment in December

  15. 180. bob  

    looking for tour 8/13/13 or 8/14/13.

  16. 179. Leslie  

    Would like a tour sometime between July 26-30

  17. 178. Nowak  

    Please post a 2013 schedule. My wife is a huge fan and this would be a perfect bday gift for her.

  18. 177. Christine Clifton  

    We would like to visit the area July 12 – 16, 2013. Please let me know if any tour dates. Thank you

  19. 176. Diana Pasquali  

    Visiting in September 2013 from Australia. Any tours happening?

  20. 175. Al  

    Would love a tour july 29th!!

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