The Office Fan Tours, Scranton

The Office Fan ToursThe Office Fan Tours take place in Scranton, PA, and showcase landmarks made famous in ‘The Office,’ such as The Mall at Steamtown, Cooper’s, Poor Richard’s, and Lake Scranton! (It’s a blast; here’s my trip report.)

Includes: four-hour tour, lunch at Cooper’s, and drinks at Poor Richard’s.

Price: $55 adults, $45 under 21 | 2012 tour information and schedule | Buy tickets

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  1. I’m definitely going, my friends and i are getting tickets for a saturday in july

  2. I’m in the process of trying to convince my boyfriend to take me there next weekend, that would be awesome.

  3. I’m going June 27th…can’t wait…I’m gonna take so many pics….maybe Tanster will put them up for you all! (I will even give a breakdown of the tour…I’m so excited for this) I’ve been to Scranton many times but never like this!

  4. Going in August! So excited!!! No kind of tour like a Scranton tour, cause a Scranton tour don’t stop!

  5. I so would like to go, but I am already taking a vacation this summer. Maybe next year … if they do it again

  6. it’s really a shame that i have to work… oh, and can’t afford a ticket to scranton. or hotel room. or uh, anything, for that matter.

  7. ok, so I literally just got back from my tour and it was AMAZING!!! If you were at all on the fence about going, you HAVE to go! Seriously, we had an amazing time. From the tour guides, which included many people who organized the Convention and other awesome locals that made the experience amazing, to the sight seeing, which included Lake Scranton, Paper Magic, Poor Richards, The PA paper building, Farley’s, Coopers, (just to name a few) and funtivities like an egg race at Lake Scranton, and Trivia in the bus, to the awesome extra things like getting to try on the actual mustaches worn by the cast in Branch Wars, all I can say is that is something I will never forget and a MUST DO trip for any true office freak. Can’t say enough good things, it was magical!

  8. AWESOME!!!!!! To Rachel, I’m sooo sorry I didn’t get your names sooner….so cool we both think alike (doing the reports, haha) My sister and I had such a good time. You gave me some good comptetition on that trivia…haha (sry, I won!) Tanster, thanks so much for putting these up! If you come out for one I’ll go again..haha!

  9. Ugh WHY must I live on the west coast?! I would So road trip to Scranton if I only had the means.

  10. These are wonderful fan reports! Thanks to the lucky fans for the recaps, photos and to Office Tally for posting them. I’m so lucky I can come to this site and enjoy the tour vicariously–I want to go so badly, but Seattle’s too far away from Scranton to do it in person!

  11. If only I could afford a plane ticket out there, and the ticket, I would go!

  12. We ordered our August 1st tickets so that we could hang out with Bobby Ray. Today I read that Tanster will be there too! Double Bonus!

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