The Office Fan Tours, Scranton

The Office Fan ToursThe Office Fan Tours take place in Scranton, PA, and showcase landmarks made famous in ‘The Office,’ such as The Mall at Steamtown, Cooper’s, Poor Richard’s, and Lake Scranton! (It’s a blast; here’s my trip report.)

Includes: four-hour tour, lunch at Cooper’s, and drinks at Poor Richard’s.

Price: $55 adults, $45 under 21 | 2012 tour information and schedule | Buy tickets

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  1. I’m definitely going, my friends and i are getting tickets for a saturday in july

  2. I’m in the process of trying to convince my boyfriend to take me there next weekend, that would be awesome.

  3. I’m going June 27th…can’t wait…I’m gonna take so many pics….maybe Tanster will put them up for you all! (I will even give a breakdown of the tour…I’m so excited for this) I’ve been to Scranton many times but never like this!

  4. Going in August! So excited!!! No kind of tour like a Scranton tour, cause a Scranton tour don’t stop!

  5. I so would like to go, but I am already taking a vacation this summer. Maybe next year … if they do it again

  6. it’s really a shame that i have to work… oh, and can’t afford a ticket to scranton. or hotel room. or uh, anything, for that matter.

  7. ok, so I literally just got back from my tour and it was AMAZING!!! If you were at all on the fence about going, you HAVE to go! Seriously, we had an amazing time. From the tour guides, which included many people who organized the Convention and other awesome locals that made the experience amazing, to the sight seeing, which included Lake Scranton, Paper Magic, Poor Richards, The PA paper building, Farley’s, Coopers, (just to name a few) and funtivities like an egg race at Lake Scranton, and Trivia in the bus, to the awesome extra things like getting to try on the actual mustaches worn by the cast in Branch Wars, all I can say is that is something I will never forget and a MUST DO trip for any true office freak. Can’t say enough good things, it was magical!

  8. AWESOME!!!!!! To Rachel, I’m sooo sorry I didn’t get your names sooner….so cool we both think alike (doing the reports, haha) My sister and I had such a good time. You gave me some good comptetition on that trivia…haha (sry, I won!) Tanster, thanks so much for putting these up! If you come out for one I’ll go again..haha!

  9. The Office Tour was great. So glad I had a chance to be a part of it

  10. Ugh WHY must I live on the west coast?! I would So road trip to Scranton if I only had the means.

  11. These are wonderful fan reports! Thanks to the lucky fans for the recaps, photos and to Office Tally for posting them. I’m so lucky I can come to this site and enjoy the tour vicariously–I want to go so badly, but Seattle’s too far away from Scranton to do it in person!

  12. If only I could afford a plane ticket out there, and the ticket, I would go!

  13. We ordered our August 1st tickets so that we could hang out with Bobby Ray. Today I read that Tanster will be there too! Double Bonus!

  14. soooo excited….going on the 25th, for my second tour..haha…gonna meet melora hardin…can’t wait! (I saw a day too late that tanster was going on August 1st….bummer, so hoping to meet you..maybe a third trip to Scranton should be in my future..haha)

  15. I went on the tour this weekend and had a wonderful time! If you want to see more photos, check out mine here

    If you’re thinking about going, I give it a full recommendation. It was actually a really good value for the money, especially with such a great lunch at Cooper’s.

    The tour staff were absolutely incredible. They all do it because they love The Office & love their city, and I was just blown away by how nice they were.

    If you are going, the episodes to watch beforehand are “Business Ethics” (when Michael & Holly eat at Cooper’s) and “The Merger” (for it’s Lazy Scranton video).

  16. I’m going tomorrow! Nice to see some other Tallyheads will be there as well. :)

  17. I am the big Office fan in my house and will be going on the tour on Aug 8.
    I convinced my husband to do this instead of the Baseball
    Hall of fame for his birthday weekend! Too bad there aren’t any special
    guest that weekend. We are coming from Boston, and have family in Western
    Connecticut and will start our drive to Scranton from there.

  18. Make sure you leave some bobbleheads for people touring later in the summer, tanster! Please!

  19. saw melora hardin last weekend, such a nice lady…they all convinced me to come next weekend also to meet you and bobby ray..tour number 3! its all worth it haha.

    [from tanster: awesome! looking forward to meeting you, mindy! :) ]

  20. I’ll be there this weekend for the 2nd time! can’t wait!

    [from tanster: awesome!]

  21. I’ll be there this weekend with my friend, can’t wait!

    PS- Ordered the tickets on the 22nd. Haven’t seen them in the mail yet and I’m kind of nervous they won’t show up before we leave Friday morning. I know there’s still a couple of days left but has anyone else had a problem like this?

  22. Cool, figured that might be the case since they have the name that was on the credit card. Thanks, Mindy! :)

  23. Dana, you won’t get tickets in the mail at all. just bring your confirmation, even though you don’t really need it, they have your name.

  24. I live 1 and 1/2-2hrs away, i will go one day!
    What is in the gift bags?????? I missed the $1 stuff when they had it @ target so maybe some of that stuff!

  25. Emily…If you mean the gift bags from the tour…They have a book from the Convention and a few little “nifty gifties”

  26. Cindy…it starts around 12, although it’s a good idea to get there a little earlier. It starts in the mall but you don’t actually leave to go anywhere until closer to 1.

  27. Hey! My friend and I are driving from Boston tonight and are going on the tour tomorrow (8/1) I just called the mall at steamtown and they said the tour meets right near Kay Jewelers in the mall. Is this accurate? I just want to confirm it. It wasn’t in the receipt and I haven’t gotten a confirmation e-mail yet. Also my printer is broken so hopefully just our names on the list and our ID’s will be enough! Is anyone else going? I am excited to meet Bob Vance! ha ha!

  28. That tour was a lot of fun! It was eventful between the wedding shot and the guy randomly taking the coke out of the trash and drinking it. Hahaha. It was good to finally meet you, Tanster! I’m sorry now that I didn’t come up to you to say hi at the beginning of the tour because I was so shy. Thanks for posing for a pic with me and my buddy!

  29. Tanster, I hope you and Bobby Ray had a great time! You both were so nice and it was awesome to have met you. I was just as excited to meet you as I was Bob Vance!

  30. I know I’m not the first to say this, but omg — the bride looks like Angela! When I first saw the photo, this was my train of thought in warp speed: “OMG, Angela came! No, Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration is NOT that short; it’s not Angela. It’s a bride pretending to be Angela! No, it’s just a bride…”

    Very cool, Tanster! I can’t wait to read more about it.

  31. Stopped by to take a look for you but you were surrounded at the time I thought I saw you at the Steamtown Mall. Happen to live up the road from it, so figured why not.

    Glad you enjoyed Lake Scranton by the way…I have the absolute pleasure of walking 1/4 mile there and running it a few times a week.

  32. The tour was wonderful! Definitely worth the price and the 3 hour drive from Connecticut. It was so great to meet Tanster, who was just as excited as all of us to be wandering around Scranton!

  33. I had such a great time on this tour. I can’t believe how amazing and generous the tour guides are. We got to pose with the mustaches from the branch wars episode. Hang out all day with Bob Vance and Tanster. They were both so sweet! (thank you for a great time tanster!) my friend and i drove 6 hours from Boston for this and it was totally worth it. I think we made our money back in how many Yeungling’s they gave us! The lunch at Cooper’s was great too. I am going to recommend this tour to every office fan. It’s worth a trip to Scranton even if you live across the country!

  34. Great report, tanster! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. I especially love the random encounter by the family who just happened to be driving by. How excited they must have been!

    By the way, I think you may have stayed in the same Radisson room that I did for the convention – I have a picture that I took out our window that looks very much like yours! :)

    [from tanster: what a coincidence! wish you could have been there, kenna, you would’ve had fun. i heard on this trip that the 5th floor of the radisson is haunted. good thing we were on the 6th floor. ;) ]

  35. My husband and I were also on the tour on 8/1. His voice can plainly be heard giving “play by play” commentary during the first egg race.
    We didn’t know Tanster was recording it!
    We had a fantastic time, and a memorable day. We couldn’t stop smiling!! Bob Vance was so charming and had such a warm personality. Thanks to Tanster for all her great work.

  36. Great video. :)

    I made a photo album on the tour on Facebook if anyone wants to see: link

    [from tanster: nice! thanks for sharing! :) ]

  37. Thank you all for those that posted the picture/video of my husband and I on our wedding day Aug.1st with (Bob Vance)!!! We are both huge office fans! It was a great surprise!

  38. Hey, I am the groom from the wedding on the Aug 1st Scranton tour. Just wanted to say thanks for the great video and pics. We are both huge office fans and this was very unexpected. It made fun conversation at the reception afterwards. Anyway I wanted to throw my E-Mail address out there so you could let us know if you guys are doing anymore office related events.

  39. Thanks for stopping by OfficeTally, Brooke and Dave! Very cool that The Office Fan Tours and Bobby Ray were there on your special day.

    Congratulations! :)

  40. Went on the tour yesterday (their last of the summer), and it was so much fun! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. The tour guides were very into it, so nice. They even made cupcakes because there were birthdays in the group. It was so worth the eleven hours spent in the car!

  41. The Office fan tour is sooooo much fun. Everyone that runs it is super nice and are just as big a fan of the show as anyone on the tour. Lunch at Coopers was amazing, I would go back to Scranton just to eat there again! Probably the best part of the tour was the egg race and the trivia challenge in the limo, both of which I won, and got a sweet Dunder Mifflin t-shirt.

  42. ahh i am the biggest office fan and i would love to go on this tour so much! i would drive hours to get there but i think it’s just that bit too far to come from australia :(
    if anyone remembers in season 2, how jim was going to take a trip to australia when pam was getting married. well i think they should put that in the story line and jim and pam finally go. yayyy! then i could meet them!

  43. Does Scranton still have The Office festival? I can’t find any information about it. Was there just the one or two? I’d love to go!

  44. Nancy (#57) there was only one convention in Fall of 2007. These tours are supposed to raise money for a future convention but I’m not really sure why they haven’t had a 2nd one. I think they’re trying to get the entire cast but that is incredibly difficult. I think a lot of us would be thrilled with a few of the cast, writers and other show staff. The first one was incredibly fun.

  45. “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway”

    The Scranton landmark I am most excited to see is beautiful Lake Scranton. I chose this site because “Beach Games” is one of my favorite episodes and I find myself quoting it often. It would also be an honor to gaze upon “America’s eighth largest indigenous body of water.”

  46. I’m most excited to visit the Boscov’s in the Steamtown Mall if I win the tickets from The Office Fan Tour Giveaway. I hear they have some excellent purple sweater sets. :)

  47. I would most like to visit Alfredo’s Pizza. Because Pizza by Alfredo tastes like a hot circle of garbage. And because it’s the only stop I missed the first time around!

    I went last year, but enjoyed it so much I would totally go again. Everyone was so sweet and fun and Cooper’s was so yummy!

    – The Office Fan Tour Giveaway

  48. I would love to visit Alfredo’s Pizza. The Launch Party episode is definitely one of my favorites and it would be pretty awesome to be able to visit the place. Also, I would also like to try some of the pizza that all of the office employees put in high regard.

  49. I would love to win the Office Fan Tour Giveaway. I would be ecstatic if I won! I think I would be most excited about visiting Lake Scranton. Beach Games is one of my very favorite episodes. I lose it every time Andy falls in the lake in his sumo wrestler outfit.

  50. If I won “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway”, it would be exciting in itself just to visit Scranton, PA. My husband and I are such fans of the show that all of the landmarks would be fun to see. If I have to pick though, then the lunch at Cooper’s sounds great because we like trying new places and love to eat!:)

  51. The Scranton landmark I’d most like to visit is Poor Richard’s, the site of Pam’s confession, Roy’s outburst, and the screening of the Dunder Mifflin ads. It looks like a comfy place to hang out & unwind from a tough day at The Office!

  52. I would LOVE to go on the tour! I think I would be most excited to have drinks at Poor Richard’s because I would be able to channel my inner Meredith and who doesn’t want to do that?!

  53. The Scranton landmark I would most like to see if I win the tickets from The Office Fan Tour Giveaway is the Penn Paper building, seen during the opening credits courtesy of John Krasinski’s home video!

  54. The Office Fan Tour Giveaway –

    I would most like to visit Cugino’s because their bread is *very* tasty.

  55. I would love to win The Office Fan Tour Giveaway! I think I would most like to see the Scranton sign because it’s in the opening credits and is just so iconic of The Office.

  56. I would love to win the Office Fan Tour Giveaway because that would give me another chance to go back to Scranton. I’ve always been most excited to see Lake Scranton because it is so pretty and not at all what you’d expect it to be.

  57. The place I’d love to visit the most would be Poor Richard’s, the place where Pam finally ended things with Roy!

  58. I’d love to visit Lake Scranton because I haven’t been there yet, and because it’s where Pam found the courage to tell Jim how she felt. Pam’s journey has been an inspiration to me. The Beach Games episode is one of my favorites, and I’ve been trying to get some of my Office fan friends to go on a tour with me. I can’t wait to go back to Scranton!! Thanks Tanster!

  59. I would like to win the Office Fan Tour Giveaway because I would like to see Poor Richard’s, since it is mentioned so frequently on the show!

  60. If I won, I would be most excited about seeing Poor Richard’s, just because it’s seen so often on the show.

  61. The Scranton landmark I am most excited about seeing on The Office Fan Tour Giveaway is Lake Scranton because, as an enormous Jim and Pam fan, I feel like the Lake is such a pivotal place in the Jam relationship. Even though I would love to (and would be honored to) see all of the landmarks in Scranton;
    cecause… “There ain’t no party like a Scranton party ‘cuz a Scranton party don’t stop!”

  62. If I won ‘The Office Fan Tour Giveaway’, I would be most excited to see Lake Scranton. I have loved watching the relationship between Pam and Jim unfold, and Lake Scranton was the location for such an important stepping stone in their relationship. I would be excited to stand where Pam declared her love for Jim!

  63. The Scranton landmark I am most excited about seeing on The Office Fan Tour Giveaway is Lake Scranton because, as an enormous Jim and Pam fan, I feel like the Lake is such a pivotal place in the Jam relationship. Even though I would love to (and would be honored to) see all of the landmarks in Scranton;
    because… “There ain’t no party like a Scranton party ‘cuz a Scranton party don’t stop!”

  64. I would love to see the “Scranton Welcomes You” sign on The Office Fan Tour Giveaway. After all, how else better to embrace people, traditions and future then taking a picture hugging the “Scranton Welcome You” sign!

  65. If I won the “Office Fan Tour Giveaway” I would want to visit Poor Richards Pub the most. Maybe i’ll be luck and win a yellow duck for pam ;) I have been dying to take the office tour!

  66. If I won, I’d be most interested to see Lake Scranton because it’s the primary setting for one of my favorite episodes (“Beach Games”) and I’d probably bring my GPS to see how on Earth Michael ended up turning his Sebring into it, when there is CLEARLY not a road there.

  67. This is a really hard question because I would be really excited if I saw got to go see the landmarks of Scranton. I would probably have to pick Poor Richard’s because it is referenced the most. Hopefully I will be able to have as good a time as the characters from the show.

  68. If I won “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway” and I got to visit Scranton, I would love to go to Lake Wallenpaupack. I don’t know if there are booze cruises on it, but if there are it would be pretty awesome to go on one.

  69. If I won the Office Fan Tour Giveaway, I would want to visit Poor Richards because of all the great episodes tied to that place, and most especially, because that’s where we got to see Possessive Jim come out when the bartender tried to put the moves on Pam in Season 4 Local Ad.

  70. Winning “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway” would be a dream come true! I’m most excited about visiting Cooper’s. The beet salad sounds a little scary, but I would love to try it just to say I have.

  71. If I won the “Office Fan Tour Giveaway” I would be most excited to visit Poor Richards. It seems like it would actually be a fun place I would frequent if I lived in Scranton. I mean, I’m no Meredith, but I’m just saying.

  72. I’d consider myself lucky to win “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway” because it would mean…a day or two out of my OWN office! :) I’d most like to see the Steamtown Mall, because what girl wouldn’t love to shop in the fashion capital of the USA – Scranton, PA!

  73. The landmark I’d most be excited for is Poor Richard’s, because it seems to be the most referenced. Who wouldn’t want to hang out where “The Office” gang do? I probably won’t win The Office Fan Tour Giveaway but a girl’s gotta dream.

  74. If I won the tickets from The Office Fan Tour Giveaway I’d like to go to Steamtown Mall.

    …because I do have some things to return in the trunk of my car.

  75. The landmark I’d most like to see is Poor Richards…because the duck in the vending machine is so cute. I wonder if they have another.

  76. If I win The Office Fan Tour Giveaway, the landmark I most want to see is the “Electric City” sign, WHAT? The “Electric City” sign! WHAT? The “Electric City” sign!!

  77. I would love to visit Poor Richard’s, and then have my best friend’s bachelorette party there, the attendants are all office fans!

  78. If I won The Office Fan Tour Giveaway I would like to see Lake Wallenpaupack because my favorite episode was the Booze Cruise!

  79. I would like to have a beer at Poor Richard’s if I won the Office Fan Tour Giveaway!

  80. If I won The Office Fan Tour Giveaway, I would find the Chili’s restaurant closest to Scranton, then proceed to ask them all about the Dundie awards ceremonies, including a certain crazy receptionist. I would also bring my Dundie with me so my sister and I could act out part of the awards episode – and sing the baby back ribs song. (Is it bad that it would be a dream come true if we were banned for life?) And for those wondering about more “official” Scranton landmarks, I’d make my own drive-by opening credit video sequence for good measure.

  81. For The Office Fan Tour Giveaway, I’d want to visit Lake Scranton to see if I could find Andy floating in it.

    [from tanster: March 2010 winner]

  82. If my fiance and I were to win “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway” it would be a great early honeymoon for us (we get married in July). The sight we’re most excited to see is COOPERS Restaurant which is ironic because my fiance is allergic to shellfish. Please pick us, we’re the LATINO version of Jim & Pam :)

  83. ohmigod. i am so pumped about this! i know im just a teen, but if i won the ‘Office Fan Tour Giveaway’, it would be the highlight of my life! you have no idea :) id love to visit everywhere the tour goes and more!

  84. If I win “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway”, I would be most excited about seeing Lake Scranton because I love mother nature and its now a tourist location made possible by…my favorite actor B.J. Novak!

  85. If I am the winner of the Office Fan Tour Giveaway, I would be the most excited to visit Poor Richard’s pub because that is a place that the office workers in the show like to hang out at a lot after work and I think it would be interesting to see the place that inspired that.

  86. If I was the winner of the “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway”, I would be most excited to visit Lake Wallenpaupack because Booze Cruise is one of my all time favorite episodes!!

  87. If my boyfriend and I were the winners of “The Office Fan Tour Giveaway” the landmark that we would most enjoy seeing would be Lake Scranton as shown in the “Beach Games” episode. This is one of our favorites as it is where Pam was finally able to prove something to herself and stand up to the others.

  88. Wow, they’re upping the price again! It’s becoming costly but it’s so worth it for as much fun as it is. I see it’s now once a month too. I’m sure I’ll still find myself up there at least once next year.

  89. I flew in from the UK to attend the december office tour (a nice couple from Australia also were on this tour)so i was hoping that i would not be disappointed after all that travelling and i have to say i wasn’t , Tim, amanda and graham were excellent hosts, and with the food and drinks included it was great value. So any fans should get theirselves over to Scranton- don’t forget your camera as a bonus i found the people of the town really nice and polite.

  90. I can’t wait to go to one of the tours! Does anybody know the dates any of the cast members may be joining the tour?

  91. It’s an amazingly fun time! I probably won’t make it up there at all this summer due to increased tour and gas prices. Although, if anyone important (or cast wise) is planning to go, I’ll consider it.

  92. The tour was closed when we went, but luckily I planned ahead. Good that we did because we hit a whole bunch of Office places that aren’t on the tour. Ie, Lackawanna Hotel, Glider Diner, and a bunch of cool coffee shops that are sporting Office art. Poor Richards at night was creepy and the bartender was rude. So go in the day if you can. Coopers was cool but make sure you can get a room in the main dining hall and not in the back room because it’s just a normal room. I recommend mapping out the Office spots before going.

  93. Congrats on such an original and unique business model that allows fans to express their love of the office as well as make a pilgrimage to Scranton.
    Been all over the world, but am seriously considering a vacation to scranton, pa to see the office tour.

  94. Did the tour last Spring… now you guys MUST find a way to do another convention! Let’s make it happen!

  95. Does anyone know if they will be doing fan tours in 2013 after the show is over? I missed out this year, and really wanted to check it out.

  96. Please post the schedule for 2013! I will be visiting PA and seeing The Office landmarks is a must!

  97. Visiting Scranton in early June. The experience wouldn’t be complete without a tour! :) When will 2013 tour dates be posted?

  98. My fiance got me tickets for this in November 2012 and it was a lot of fun. They have so many stories and the people that run it are really nice. You stop at Lake Scranton, Cooper’s for a family style lunch and some drinks, stop in front of Farley’s, Poor Richard’s for some drinks, and you go inside the Steamtown Mall to take pictures in front of the Welcom to Scranton sign. It is completely worth it. My fiance and I went to Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe for dinner too. Andy Buckley (David Wallace) also called in and talked to us. If you can go you definitely should!

  99. I would absolutely love to go!!! Please, let me know when tour dates and information will be posted :)

  100. My family would definitely be interested in this!! I really hope they add some 2013 dates!

  101. My boyfriend and I would definitely love to go!! We will do whatever it takes to go on that tour!!! :)

  102. I would looooove to do this with my boyfriend and really hope they add some 2013 dates!! We are celebrating our 6 year anniversary this year and I know he would love this more than anything!! Please make this happen!

  103. yes absolutely do more tours, me and my friends were hoping to come to scranton for the finale and take the tour as well!

  104. Please Please Please do one more year of tours!!! I really want to get out there and see everything!

  105. Yes yes !!!! Do more fan tours !!! Would be awesome! Always wanted to explore Scranton through how the office did !!!

  106. I would definitely come up for a tour. I loved The Office Convention! It was one of the best weekends of my life. Craig Robinson and Bobby Ray Shafer are at the top of my list for guest hosts or calls. I’d come up for one without a guest host, too.

  107. YES, fan tour PLEASE!!! I’ve been checking this site almost everyday to see when the dates will be posted! And it’s the final season of The Office so a tour is a MUST!

  108. This would be incredibly amazing! We live all the way in Indiana and would definitely come for a fan tour!

  109. PLEASE add some 2013 fan tours!! I would TOTALLY GO! I feel like it’s only right since it’s the last season of the Office! Please, please please? :)

  110. I would love to see some 2013 dates! You’d have two more participants here! Please post!!

  111. My husband and I are coming down from Canada in April and would love to see that the tours are running!

  112. My wife and I were looking forward to new tour dates. The last ones we saw were for October and November, and we didn’t want to take the tour in cold weather. Wanted some summer dates. Please get some warm weather tour dates!! Thanks!!

  113. I’ve done the tour twice and loved it! Would love to do it one more time!

  114. Yes please do this!! We’d like to plan a tour for this summer and hope you’ll make this happen!!

  115. Yes please add some tours this year! Finally stationed on the east coast and would loooove to go! My husband and I are army and Air Force and just got here;) thanks guys!!

  116. Please do tours in 2013!! I know the Party Planning Committee is throwing the wrap party in May but it would be awesome to be able to do a tour as well!

  117. Please do a tour – we tried last year but we were unable to go on the dates that were avaialble! We have been hoping and planning a trip to Scranton for this year!! please do tours :D

  118. My girlfriend loves the office and has watched every episode from every season, not missing one. I would love to take her to attend the tour. Are there any dates in 2013???

  119. Please schedule tours soon! Have been dying to take my kids on the tour!

  120. Please do some tours in July 2013! My husband is a HUGE fan and we’re planning a trip in July.

  121. PLEASE add tours for the summer of 2013! Us Michiganders will take a trip to Scranton just for the tour! :)

  122. Will there be any tours in late summer….fall of 2013?? Would love to take a girls trip to Scranton for an office tour!!

  123. We are moving to Pennsylvania from North Carolina at the end of May. We would love to come to Scranton for The Office tour!

  124. Would love to have a tour in late June, early July or August!! Like the rest of the group: huge fan!!

  125. Office tours would be awesome! Not a bad drive from Cleveland. Definitely worth it!!!

  126. Just moved here from CA. Not a whole lot to do out here. My family is visiting in August and this would be the perfect outing!

  127. We are going to scranton to pay homage to my favorite tv show. Please do a tour on Sunday/Monday June 16, 17. We’ve got to do this!!

  128. Would like to go on a tour if offered July 10,11th or in August 2013. Thanks!

  129. We would like to visit the area July 12 – 16, 2013. Please let me know if any tour dates. Thank you

  130. Please post a 2013 schedule. My wife is a huge fan and this would be a perfect bday gift for her.

  131. Would love to go on a tour when i get back from deployment in December

  132. Visiting Saturday 14 September from Australia. Any chance of a tour?

  133. I would absolutely love to go on a tour with my boyfriend! We are huge fans and I am currently watching an episode right now as I type this comment! Please plan another trip this year or soon!!!

  134. Lots of comments about tours over the past couple months. From

    Yes folks, we do plan to follow suit with the show itself and RETIRE the regularly scheduled fan tours here in Scranton… We will gladly, however, host “Special Impromptu Tours” should any (or all) of the former cast members choose to swing thru Scranton again.

    Stay in the loop by simply liking us on Facebook at

    If you can’t wait and you need to get your “Scranton On” now, you can visit anytime and follow this handy map.

    Finally, if you have a group of 40 or more and you want to plan “The Office Fan Tour” for your own crew – send us a note at [email protected]

  135. Please plan dates for 2013-2014! I’ve never been to Scranton and this is the main reason why I want to go!

  136. We would love to go on a tour some time next year, hopefully there are a few that will be scheduled!

  137. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show and we would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to take the tour. We just moved to the North East and the first thing I thought of before our move was LET’S TAKE A TOUR!!!! Please make a tour schedule for 2014! This would make an awesome anniversary trip for us!!

  138. My parents are going on a trip at the end of this month, and they are both HUGE fans of the show!!! Please make a schedule for 2014, I would love to be able to send them on a Scranton tour!!!

  139. My fiancé and I LOVE The Office and I want to kidnap her and fly to Scranton, PA for our anniversary on October 10th, 2014! I want to make a big surprise for her, and I would love to have her clueless to where we are going the whole time. Can you guys PLEASE make one for October – preferably the 10th? Thank you so much!

  140. Would love to get a schedule of tours for this summer! Me and some buddies want to take our senior trip to Scranton PA!!

  141. is this tour still available I would love to go on something like this as a huge fan from Canada I am traveling to the area sometime in the fall of 2014 and would plan my whole trip around doing this tour

  142. We’d love to do a tour end June / early July or beginning august. We’re coming from London xx

  143. Will be going to Scranton Sunday afternoon, July 20th. Stopping through just because I am such a huge fan of the show. Didn’t even know something like this existed, it’s a genius idea! Would love to do the tour with my family :)Any way we could make it happen?

  144. Will be hanging out in Scranton today with my wife. Is this tour available? It seems awesome.

  145. Are there any future tour dates? My husband would love this as an anniversary gift. Please let me know any information. Most appreciated!

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