The Office: Happy Hour, 6.21

Thursday, March 25th, 2010 | 108 comments


The Office Happy Hour

W: B.J. Novak, D: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): Michael gets kicked out of the bar when he whips out all the stops to impress a friend of Jim and Pam’s. Meanwhile, Andy and Erin do their best to keep their relationship under wraps. Dwight rethinks his pre-natal contract with Angela.

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Favorite quotes

Michael: Anyone who does more than 25 pushups …
Dwight: … and one girl pushup …
Michael: … gets to go home!

Michael: Well it’s not exactly fair. He’s got all this weight that’s helping him go down.

Oscar: Yeah, we talked this morning and we talked at Christmas. So … a little momentum there.

Darryl: Look, just be straight with me, man. You can be gay with Matt, just be straight with me.

Phyllis: I love going to bars with Bob. I tend to wear something low-cut, get men to flirt with me, and Bob beats them up. What?

Jim: I gotta tell you, this baby is amazing. She gets me out of everything. And I, and I love her. I also love her very much.

Erin: Talk to me that way again, and I’ll cut your face off!

Kevin: When a new mom hears a baby cry, her you-know-whats fill up with you-know-what. And then her shirt gets … you know. That would be funny.

Isabel: A girl like me is why a guy like you comes to a place like this.

Dwight: I love repartee.
Isabel: Do you?
Dwight: Usually means there’s a battle scene coming.

Julie: He doesn’t act like a boss at all. If I had a boss like that, we’d never get anything done.

Hide: My brother, good head, bad heart. Good head, bad heart.

Michael: Hi, I’m Date Mike. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Dwight: Universal donor.
Isabel: Mm-hmm.

Dwight: Height, advantage Isabel. Birthing hips, advantage Isabel. Remaining child-bearing years, advantage Isabel. Legal obligation, advantage Angela.

Isabel: You are amazing at this. How did you get so good?
Dwight: Whacking moles.

Bouncer: We got a problem?
Michael: Yes. Homelessness.

Michael: I’ve written all of it. In my head. If you’re really interested, it is called “Somehow I Manage.”

Michael: Read it? I own it.

Andy: What movie? Black Snake Moan?

Andy: This is not what I want my relationship to look like.

Andy: Hi ladies and gentleman, my name is Andrew Bernard and I’ve been on two dates with Erin Hannon, and they went well. And there will probably be more. Thank you.

Andy: I’m a total drama queen.

Hide: My big secret: I kill yakuza boss on purpose. I good surgeon. The best!


In a poll conducted March 25-29, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.43/10


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  1. 108. Brian  

    When Jim calls Pam and asks her to come out, she yells over the phone that she can’t wait to see “Creed, Brian”… I thought she might have said Ryan, but I definitely heard a BR sound in there…for those not in the know, the actor that plays Kevin is Brian Baumgartner. And yes, my name’s Brian too, lol…

  2. 107. Hamlet  

    I finally found out what yakuza is! It is from Murder, where Dwight is teaching the office about the “new” karate techniques. He gives an example about two different karate clans or something, and one of the clans is the Yakuza. Boom roasted!

  3. 106. Mabby  

    My favorite episode in a long time!

    I really love how smooth Dwight is with Isabel.

    I can see them ending up together and then that would make Jim and Dwight KIND OF brothers in law.

    “You are an impressive specimen…” HAHAHAHA!!

    Also loved Jim’s “What is HAPPENING?!”

  4. 105. Mitch  

    creed ya go creed

  5. 104. Stan  

    Everytime I heard Michael say ‘Date Mike…nice to meet me’ made me laugh out loud, especially the last time he did it. Steve Carell added a little more ‘lewdness’ in that last time, awesome!

    Also, favorite line of the show:
    Look, just be straight with me, man. You can be gay with Matt, just be straight with me.

    Darryl is epic!

  6. 103. chalon  

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was great to see Pam again, and I thought the ensemble shined in this one.

  7. 102. Lea  

    I actually laughed until I cried! Kevin is beyond pervy at this point LOL

  8. 101. Liz  

    Loved it! I like Isabel. Dwangla is played out.

  9. 100. kathy  

    I can’t wait to see what develops with Isabel & Dwight…not so much for Erin & Andy. I like both the characters, but this seems like a “re-do”of the Jim & Pam story. Yawn. On the other hand, Dwight has met his match with Isabel, and that is fodder for great writing.

    And, I always love an episode when Creed has more than one line. CREED!

  10. 99. Mozjohn  

    Nice Solid episode. Still not sure if it could be considered with some of the best from season 6 but not bad. Reminded me at times of the UK version of The Office.

  11. 98. Nicole  

    I miss Dwangela :,(

  12. 97. Jamster  

    Go Dwisabelle! Great fun.

    [from tanster: dwisabelle! love it.]

  13. 96. Catherine  

    I’m not sure if anybody said this yet but.. did anyone else notice the green screen in the cold open? it was during Michael and Jim’s talking heads while everyone was chanting for Stanley. Sigh.

  14. 95. hide  

    This episode was the funniest thus far of the entire series! There were so many excellent moments. I love Andy & Erin!

  15. 94. MuckMallard  

    Who knew Kevin could out-creep Creed?

    And finally…”Whack!” FTW

  16. 93. hmm  

    If I remember correctly, it is implied in season 1 that Oscar can play basketball, given his desire to play in the game against the warehouse, and it is hinted in that episode, yet in this episode, he is portrayed as terrible at basketball. Still a good episode, just a problem with continuity.

  17. 92. tom  

    great episode, hey tanster whats up with everything being underlined and in caps, little bit distracting

  18. 91. hm  

    I really really liked this episode, it felt a little like Cafe Disco to me, kind of a feel good story.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy Date Mike as much as I’d hoped. I loved how Michael and the friend interacted (actually, I think I like them together more than michael/holly, but that’s probably just me), so I was sad to see him mess it up.

  19. 90. Peter  

    @ #82 I believe she said “Ryan” and not “Brian”

  20. 89. Shane  

    Not my favorite episode. It was funny with small laughs, but I didn’t really have a hilarious moment. Still, wasn’t bad by any means.

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