The Office Fan Ratings, Season 6

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
Here are the ratings for Season 6.

  1. 6.04-05 Niagara (Avg Rating: 9.06/10)
  2. 6.17-18 The Delivery (Avg Rating: 8.97/10)
  3. 6.07 The Lover (Avg Rating: 8.569/10)
  4. 6.16 The Manager and the Salesman (Avg Rating: 8.568/10)
  5. 6.13 Secret Santa (Avg Rating: 8.567/10)
  6. 6.21 Happy Hour (Avg Rating: 8.43/10)
  7. 6.10 Murder (Avg Rating: 8.36/10)
  8. 6.24 The Cover-Up (Avg Rating: 8.23/10)
  9. 6.01 Gossip (Avg Rating: 8.11/10)
  10. 6.25 The Chump (Avg Rating: 7.939/10)
  11. 6.19 St. Patrick’s Day (Avg Rating: 7.938/10)
  12. 6.23 Body Language (Avg Rating: 7.93/10)
  13. 6.15 Sabre (Avg Rating: 7.80/10)
  14. 6.08 Koi Pond (Avg Rating: 7.75/10)
  15. 6.02 The Meeting (Avg Rating: 7.74/10)
  16. 6.22 Secretary’s Day (Avg Rating: 7.73/10)
  17. 6.09 Double Date (Avg Rating: 7.47/10)
  18. 6.20 New Leads (Avg Rating: 7.29/10)
  19. 6.11 Shareholder Meeting (Avg Rating: 7.25/10)
  20. 6.03 The Promotion (Avg Rating: 6.90/10)
  21. 6.06 Mafia (Avg Rating: 6.67/10)
  22. 6.12 Scott’s Tots (Avg Rating: 6.61/10)
  23. 6.26 Whistleblower (Avg Rating: 6.52/10)
  24. 6.14 The Banker (Avg Rating: 4.48/10)

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  1. Ratings are taking a downward turn every episode… I’m sure that trend will change after Thursday, though… I’m expecting a 9.5+ for the wedding.

    But, I think this season has been really good. I think all 3 episodes have been right up there with the best of season 5.

  2. @ Andrew

    I was just about to say that. I hope this downward spiral stops with the next episode. So far in my opinion, season 6 came out strong and then fell flat with the past 2 episodes.

  3. I can’t believe The Promotion was so low! I thought it was a good, solid episode. Maybe not the funniest episode, but it was solid nonetheless.

    But I agree, Niagara will probably get a much higher rating than the previous episodes.

  4. Weird. The Promotion has been my favorite of the season.

    [from tanster: i also really enjoyed The Promotion.]

  5. I suspect the wedding will give a rating somewhere in the 9 range. Anything heavy in JAM — and this one will certainly have sweet moments — will certainly give the viewers the flutters.

  6. Ouch! While this wasn’t my favorite episode, I didn’t think it was awful either. Tough critics!

  7. I think it’s safe to say that Niagara will end up being the top rated episode of the season. It’s going to be very tough to top it.

  8. Well, guess there’s no need to watch anymore Office this year, since it’s apparently all downhill from here! ;)

  9. I loved Niagara and it may be my favorite episode of all time! So funny and SO SO SO cute. Double wedding? Hell yeah!

  10. WOW I can’t believe Mafia was so low! I laughed so much during this episode, I thought it was great. Guess I’m in the minority there!

  11. I thought Mafia should be a spot higher…for me, The Promotion was one of the worst episodes in the show. Just didn’t like it.

  12. I think I may be the only “Office” fan who preferred “Mafia” to “Niagara.” I’m normally a sucker for the Jim/Pam episodes, but I was disappointed by the wedding.

    Lots of people don’t find the gullibility in “Mafia” believable, but I found it more plausible than plenty of stuff in the past (the nadir being, in my opinion, driving his car into the lake at low speed when nobody would do that). “Mafia” made me laugh quite a bit, with Kevin, Andy the “mechanic,” and, of course, “mukduk.”

  13. I loved Mafia too. The fact that it is now rated the LOWEST episode EVER is a joke. IMO, it’s the closest thing we’ve had to season 3 in a long time.

  14. So far this season I think all the episodes have been good, which is awesome because I didn’t think last season was that great.

  15. I’m shocked at the low rating for Mafia, too. I love the Michael-Dwight-Andy dynamic – three separate forms of dysfunction that compliment each other so well. I think the whole Mafia concept was certainly believable in the scope of the show. It was believable because Grotti’s actions were enough to drive along the trio’s fear, but it was grounded in the fact that the waitress was completely unaffected. Perfectly done, IMO. (And Mukduk? Potentially the best line of the season so far.)

  16. Who is rating these episodes? 6.67?!

    I could watch Oscar typing for half an hour and I would still give it a 10.

  17. I’m surprised to see Mafia ranked so low, I think this season has been great so far. It sounded like more people liked this episode than The Promotion, at least.

  18. Some of the (somewhat) low rating for Mafia might have been based on how every single character but Oscar was such an over the top caricature.

  19. 1. Niagara (9.6)
    2. Gossip (9.1)
    3. The Promotion (8.8)
    4. The Meeting (8.5)
    5. Mafia (6.9)

  20. I think we need to vote for Mafia again haha. There is NO WAY it should be the lowest ranked show this season much less ALL seasons. I’m very confused by this.

  21. This season’s been incredible so far, so two sub-7 ratings are way too harsh. The Surplus got above an 8 last season…there’s no way every ep this season besides Niagara is worse than that.

  22. mafia?! why so low?! i don’t understand why people didn’t like that episode… i thought it was easily the funniest this season.

  23. Well, if you compare Mafia and The Promotion to seasons two and three, there is such a stark difference in quality that is quite disheartening. I disliked both Mafia and The Promotion. I don’t like the direction the writers are taking Jim’s character. In the past, he was clearly the smartest person in the office and his problem was just a lack of ambition. Now, as the seasons progress, having him act as blatantly ineffectual as Michael just crushed any believability left in the evolution of his character. I also don’t like the more complex natures of the plots. In seasons past, there was a greater emphasis on making the mundane elements of the office atmosphere humorous, but since the fourth season, there have been more complex and bizarre story lines that just show Michael acting like a total idiot. Nevertheless, I stay loyal. I could never abandon this show.

  24. #13 I agree that the Kevin story in Mafia was way better than (what to me) was a silly plot. I have to say though that “Mukduk” is probably one of the funniest lines ever. It’s up there with “hot dog fingers” and “it’s like a hot circle of garbage.”

  25. wow!

    The Lover > Niagara this is fact.

    as much as I love Jim & Pam, it wasn’t better than “The Lover”

  26. My sense of humour must be really twisted, it appears I’m on my own :(

    I thought Mafia was wet your pants funny, the best episode of the season, (aside from Niagara, of course) and although I liked The Lover, it is probably my least favourite episode of the season so far.

  27. I have laughed sooo hard at all the episodes so far!! I think some people are critiquing harshly… just enjoy the episodes!!

  28. This has been an overall strong season so far, in my opinion. But I still think “Gossip” trumps the ones that have proceeded it. I mean, Kevin and Michael’s Hangman game (“Q!”), Parkour, and the interns? Genius.

  29. #33 and #34 – I’m with you, too. Although I’ll take it even further and say that The Lover is, by far, my least favorite episode of all time. However, I absolutely love Niagara and The Meeting, and though it’s not my favorite, I think Mafia is pretty underrated.

    It’s always so fascinating to read the wide spectrum of opinions on each episode. :)

  30. “Mafia” was the only episode I’ve ever disliked. It was just terribly boring and there weren’t many memorable parts. I have to agree with Anna though–I hate how Jim’s been acting ever since his promotion. I feel like we’re losing the playful Jim we all love. He’s turning into Michael!

  31. I loved the episode The Lover!!! I have watched it over and over again. I just think it is really funny. Like when Jim yells at Toby, and when Pam yells at Michael in the kitchen. (Michael: “You want me to be happy right?” Pam: “I could give a Sh*t about your happiness!”) I guess I just think it is funny when people get mad and yell at each other. :D

  32. I completely agree with the list! Nothing will ever beat Niagara (for obvious reasons), but The Lover is one of the funniest episodes on The Office ever. Nice to see that I agree so much with the fanbase :P

  33. i didn’t get a chance to rate it, but i liked koi pond even better than niagara. i loved andy and pam in this one, and it had a lot of other good stuff too.

  34. I kinda agree with the order of the list but think some of the ratings are a little low but there we go.

    THE OFFICE is my life! Sad eh!

  35. I completely agree with the order of this list except that I would flip flop Niagara and The Lover.

  36. I’ve never understood why so many people on this site are so harsh about this show. I don’t know what people expect, frankly, except maybe a show that never changes, and stopped evolving after Season 3. Both the writing and acting this year have been superb, the characters have become different people (sort of like what happens with actual people over any given length of time), and the show has branched out in new and unexpected directions, yet some people are mad every week because “Pam is mean,” or because Michael is a sad sack. I think it’s quite notable that the highest rated episodes have been the feel-good ones, and not in a good way.

  37. After re-watching the season, this is my new order. As a whole, so far, season six has beat out season five as my second favorite season. Except, for “Mafia,” this season has been great, although I wasn’t a huge fan of “Double Date,” “The Promotion,” and “Koi Pond.” That said, The Lover was my second favorite episode ever and Niagara, Gossip, and The Meeting are incredible episodes. As good as season two.

    1. The Lover (10)
    2. Niagara (9.7)
    3. Gossip (9.4)
    4. The Meeting (9.3)
    5. Koi Pond (8.8)
    6. Double Date (8.7)
    7. The Promotion (8.7)
    8. Mafia (7.1)

  38. Niagara and Murder are my favourite episodes of season 6 so far. I just wish future episodes will be this awesome!

  39. I’m glad Murder was so well received. It was a fun episode, reminiscent of earlier seasons, in my opinion. You know what really sold it for me? The scene at the end, where Pam is still playing along, in a Mexican standoff with Michael, Andy and Dwight. Classic.

  40. I’m sorry. Shareholder Meeting was MUCH better than Double Date. I think people were too harsh on this episode and in time it will become one of the season’s most underrated episodes.

  41. Looks like Scott’s Tot’s landed in its deserved spot. Not funny. Jim looking like an idiot has long grown old. Bring on the funny.

  42. I can’t believe Scott’s Tots is hated so much. I thought it had everything I love about The Office: cringe-worthy plot, humor, and something heart-warming to top it all off. I’m not saying it was the best episode, but it certainly deserves more respect.

  43. so disappointed, scott’s tots deserves a much higher rating. “out of all the empty promises I’ve made, this was definitely the most generous” amazing line from a good episode

  44. I don’t really feel that surprised that “Scott’s Tots” was ranked so low in the ratings. The episode had its moments, but overall it seemed bitter and gloomy.

  45. Ouch. No way was Scott’s Tots less funny/worse then Mafia. It wasn’t amazing, but it shouldn’t be that low.

  46. Man, this show needs to get funnier. This season hasn’t been nearly as funny as any previous. Scott’s Tots was decent and doesn’t deserve to be in the last place, but I’d say almost every episode this season is about a 7 at most.

  47. Totally agree with Scott’s Tot’s following Mafia at the bottom. Hopefully the writers/producers see this and realize that overblown, insane plots aren’t going over well.

  48. I’m definitely not surprised by Scott’s Tots ending up dead last. It was not funny, and the plots were terribly over-the-top. I just hope the writers manage to turn the trend because it is really dragging down the show at the moment.

  49. I didn’t like “Scott’s Tots” at all. Why has everything this week except for 30 Rock been so dark comedy-oriented?

  50. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who didn’t like Scott’s Tots…Michael’s story line was just plain mean. The Dwight story line was totally negated by Michael’s, which is a shame because it had the potential of being funny. Come on Office writers! Go for funny not serious, sad and mean.

  51. littlekidlover: You must not like a lot of episodes, because a huge part of this show has always been dark comedy.

  52. I’m glad this episode was at the bottom. Hopefully the writers end this terrible Dwight sabotage storyline!

  53. @ Jimmy

    Dark comedy is fine by me but last week’s episode was dark comedy resulting from unbelievable plot lines. Jim isn’t a fool and you would have to be a complete fool to not figure out Dwight was behind last weeks hijinks.

    I have no problem with the writers keeping some of the humor dark but keep the show believable above all else.

  54. First of all-The Banker got a 4.48. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t that bad. Here’s my list:

    1. Niagara
    2. Secret Santa (producer’s cut)
    3. The Lover
    4. Gossip
    5. Murder
    6. The Meeting
    7. The Promotion
    8. Scott’s Tots
    9. Koi Pond
    10. Double Date
    11. Shareholder Meeting
    12. The Banker
    13. Mafia

  55. Sorry to double post, but I wonder how many people vote in these polls every week.

    [from tanster: the average is over 1,000.]

  56. The Banker aside, I’m surprised that this season holds the three lowest voted eps all-time at this site. I’ve felt this season has been much stronger than Season 5 was at this point in its season.

  57. Aw, geez, The Banker wasn’t that bad now was it? It was snippets of great stuff and well framed with the visiting auditor. I liked it a whole lot!

  58. @mr.dude

    I agree, everyone says they like this season better than five but the episodes are in general rated lower. There are some pretty harsh critics on this site. (Not a bad thing)

  59. Yup, this looks about right. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t a fan of “The Banker”.

  60. I am not a fan of clip shows, unless it is making fun of itself…like the Simpsons did many years ago. This was an episode that saved the producers money, I guess. It was filler. With today’s standards, viewers want episodes that move stories along or contribute something. A clip show will not do that. they are around to save money. Mafia was a horrible episode and probably deserved to be lower then this, but both were not good.

  61. At first I was going to say that I thought Sabre’s fan rating was too low. Then I looked at it a little further. It wasn’t quite as good as Gossip, but was definitely better than Koi Pond. So I guess it was just about right. So, nevermind?

  62. With a few exceptions, this has been a pretty disappointing season in my opinion. I’m hoping once they get through this transition to Sabre things will pick up again. Overall though Season Six is my least favorite thus far. I’d rank them as 3, 2, 5, 1, 4, 6.

  63. Interesting idea Ross.

    I would rank them 2,1,3,5,4,6

    I think “The Lover” is the only episode this season that is on par with season 2.

  64. Come on people – it goes season 2 then all the rest. None of the others even comes close. Season 2 is not only the best season of the show, it is one of if not the best seasons of TV comedy ever.

  65. Chris, I totally agree. I tell my friends and family this all the time. Season 2 is indeed one of the finest in television history.

  66. Mindy so far has writen 3 of the top 4!

    Also I think … 3, 5, 2, 4, 1

    Again not ranking 6 yet.

    But all very close.

  67. A favorite season Survivor poll after the finale would be pretty interesting based on some of the responses here. For me, season 2 is perfection, and season 3 places second, but I’m really not sure of the rest.

  68. What I’ll be interested to see is when we do our Season 6 Survivor whether the wedding beats the baby episode – what will JAM fans do!!

  69. Mindy Kaling is probably the best writer on the show, three of the top four are hers…also I remember she wrote The Dundies which I love.

  70. I would totally rank “The Delivery” over “Niagara,” even though they were both brilliant episodes.

    Tanster, I just noticed the link to “The Delivery” directs to the “Manager and Salesman” episode page. No biggie, just wanted to make you aware. :)

    [from tanster: thanks, fixed!]

  71. Blech – the delivery ranks with Phyllis’ Wedding. Completely unrealistic and over the top. Male lactation consultant? – What are there two in the whole world? HMO going with coverage that begins when she enters the hospital and not after the birth? – I have 4 kids, all with HMO’s, this isn’t how it works. Pam’s water breaking at 5 minutes apart and her wanting to stay at work? Come on. Dwight just tearing their house apart? I realize he’s nuts, but that’s too much. Breastfeeding the wrong baby? Too much reality suspension in this episode.

  72. 1. The Lover A+
    2. Niagara A
    3. Gossip A-
    4. St. Patrick’s Day A-
    5. Secret Santa A-
    6. The Delivery A-/B+
    7. Manager and Salesman B+
    8. Murder B
    9. Koi Pond B/B-
    10. Shareholder Meeting B/B-
    11. Sabre B-
    12. The Meeting C+
    13. Mafia C-
    14. Double Date D+
    15. The Promotion D
    16. Scott’s Tots F
    17. The Banker Incomplete

  73. I still don’t get the hate for Scott’s Tots. I thought it was awkward and hilarious.

  74. I just want to say that I thought “New Leads” was one of the BEST episodes of this season (top 10)… it was easy for people in the business world to relate to and it was HILARIOUS!!!!! :)

  75. I never understood the hate for “New Leads”. I thought it was the best of the season behind “The Delivery”

  76. Here’s my final rankings:

    1. Niagara
    2. The Lover
    3. Happy Hour
    4. Secretary’s Day
    5. The Delivery
    6. Sabre
    7. Manager and Salesman
    8. The Chump
    9. Murder
    10. Gossip
    11. The Meeting
    12. Koi Pond
    13. New Leads
    14. St. Patrick’s Day
    15. Whistleblower
    16. Scott’s Tots
    17. Double Date
    18. The Cover-Up
    19. Body Language
    20. The Promotion
    21. The Chump
    22. Shareholder Meeting
    23. The Banker
    24. Mafia

    Most of these episodes were very forgettable. I really hope next season can improve and be the last one because if Steve Carell leaves, I don’t think I’ll watch.

  77. I think it says a lot that Niagara and The Delivery are at the top, given they’re Jim and Pam heavy episodes. Maybe someone will notice that and give Jim more than three lines in an episode, as was the case in Whistleblower, and utilize the talent instead of shoving it into the background. I don’t want to sound like the show should be just about them at all. But in their best seasons, Jim and Pam were always in the forefront. I miss the pranks, the beats, the reaction shots. And not just of them. Of everyone. They’re infusing jokes for the sake of being funny instead of funny dialog that meant something. Just my opinion. Please don’t throw things.

  78. Not surprised Whistleblower is second to last. For a regular epsisode it was decent, but for a season finale it was a major, major disappointment. I agree with Danielle, the lack of Jim/Pam in the finale and throughout the season, with the exception of Niagara and The Delivery, (and I mean Jim and Pam as a couple not individually) hurt the show. I’m not suggesting turning it into the JAM show, but there was a definite shift away from them this season and toward more broad comedy and that is not what made the show so great during seasons 1-3.

  79. #94: Danielle, I agree with you. I have missed the interactions between all of the characters this season. During the first four seasons we would at least hear most of the characters speak during one episode. Now it’s like they have forgotten about, not just Jim and Pam (my favourite tv couple ever), but also Angela, Creed, Meredith, Phyllis, Toby, Kevin and Stanley. I understand that the show has to change, but i miss the good old days. With that said, I have to add that I will never stop watching the show, and I still love it.

  80. As disappointing a finale as Whistleblower was, in no way, shape, or form should it be rated this low. This was clearly just an immediate overreaction by the fans and I hope it does better than this in the survivor poll. To put it below duds like Double Date, Mafia, The Promotion, and especially Scott’s Tots, is laughable. I have it ranked in the middle of the pack.

    [from tanster: speaking of which, Survivor is coming in June!]

  81. The shift away from Jim and Pam this season is a natural progression. Think about it – they’re married and have a child now AND work together. They’re virtually with one another 24 hours a day. Now that they have a private life together as one, they’re not gonna bring their romance into work as much as they used to. The baby is the peak of their relationship. It would be completely unrealistic if they were still a couple at work.

    I don’t think Whistleblower deserves to be that low at all. It was a good finale and a solid episode.

  82. as a season finale, i would have expected holly to walk in at the last 15 seconds. I also would have expected to see cici again, or something major with the dwight/angela contract, like a pregnancy test or something.

  83. “It would be completely unrealistic if they were still a couple at work.”

    Ummm…they’re still a couple whether they are at work or at home.

    I do agree, however, that the shift away from most things Jim and Pam have made the heart of the show suffer. It feels like the writers over-compensated in not trying to make it the Jim and Pam show to nearly ignoring them completely, unless it’s a big moment like the wedding or the birth. It’s a shame.

  84. Jim and Pam got married and had a baby all in one season. How much more can they cram into one season? There’s no way the writers can make everyone happy. If they invented some conflict to throw in at the end of the season, there would be people saying “oh, that was so contrived!”.

  85. The whistle blower down there! crazy! people seriously need to re-watch that one!

  86. SERIOUSLY?! Worse than Scott’s Tots?? Just because it didn’t “Feel like a finale” doesn’t make it a BAD episode! Quit being so harsh!

  87. Maybe The Whistleblower is a referendum on Season 6 as a whole. Maybe not. Probably should be somewhere around the middle. At least it beat the clip show.

  88. “Whistleblower” was nowhere near that bad, and I have a sneaking suspicion “Niagara”/”Delivery” rated so high purely because they’re JAM episodes, not because they were particularly funny or clever.

    Anyway, I think if people really went back and watched, say, “Mafia”, and then “Whistleblower” back to back, they’d see they gave it such low ratings out of disappointment, not because it really deserved it. “Whistleblower” was a solid episode, especially given how weak S6 was altogether.

    Office fandom, I am disappointed.

  89. I rated Whistleblower because it just wasn’t very good, not because it didn’t feel like a finale or there was no JAM moments. I really felt like it was one of the weakest episodes produced in the whole series.

  90. Tallyheads UNITE! We are talking about the greatest show ever. EVERY EPISODE RULES! Whistleblower on my first viewing was ok. 2ND VIEWING, was absolutely hysterical, and the plot was great! I missed so many lines the first time, but the second round, wow! Maybe cause I am not that bright and it takes me a couple times to get things,,,,,,,,,howeva, spermed lover, I sometimes run, I’m a runner, Defcon 5 means peace and problem is over and Michael messed that up, the IT guy, alchemy, suck it, woof, Andy’s face after Erin touched his leg, Kevin not knowing why Jo was there, HOLLY REFERENCE, I stayed up all lunch thinking of the situation, Michael STILL explaining to Pam what he tried to charade to her, MEREDITH’S ENTIRE VAN SCENE! Tallyheads you surely can’t be serious that Whistleblower wasn’t an amazing episode, and don’t call me whistleblower!!!!

  91. #101: I completely agree with you! The writers cannot please everyone. I think one day, when this shows completely over and we all go back and watch ALL the seasons back to back, we won’t notice one single bad episode. Because it will all be one BIG story with twists and turns, and ups and downs for each character.

  92. There have been many amazing episodes of The Office. The Whistleblower wasn’t one of them. Sorry.

  93. Whistleblower wasn’t great, but it was certainly better than Mafia or Scott’s Tots, easily the worst episode they’ve ever made. Every episode doesn’t need a Jim/Pam story, but just a moment of them talking brightens the show every time.

  94. Shows how much I know… Whistleblower and Scott’s Tots were two of my favorite episodes. But Niagara was definitely the best.

  95. I really hope the writers see the fan reactions and take that into account going forward. I don’t think we’re asking for a half hour of JAM, but obviously there is some disconnect between the show and its fans.

    I really wish they could come out and say what they meant by the finale, because even my friends who are casual fans of the show say they didn’t get it. I would like to know what the writers meant to accomplish.

  96. #113 I agree with you completely. The heart of this show is Jim and Pam. John and Jenna need to be put back in the mix of things to get this show back on track. It seems like the fandom has slipped since they have moved away from the original format.

  97. Whistleblower being the lowest fan-rated show of all-time aside from a clip show is absolutely absurd. Maybe it wasn’t a jaw-dropping finale, maybe didn’t have the same drive as previous finales, but as many stated it was a fine episode by itself. I felt that like Broke (while not saying it was up to that standard) it wasn’t the funniest episode, but it just had a good feel to it. I thought Whistleblower had more of the “natural” Office feel that most of the second half of Season 6 was missing. I gave it a 9. Just my own opinion.

  98. Alison:

    I don’t understand what you are confused about. Dwight’s trying to buy the building, Sabre is upset that someone revealed the printer problem to the press before they could fix it, and Michael wants Holly to come back. Pretty straight forward. They set some things up for next year.

    Also, I hate to break it to some of you, but writers don’t look to these sites for ideas. I know they appreciate the fans, but comment sections on sites like this aren’t usually taken very seriously.

  99. Jimmy:

    I don’t see how Dwight owning the building will be that exciting, can any interesting “conflict” over it really last?

    Sabre should be mad at themselves for building bad printers; who cares who leaked it (this plotline felt so anticlimactic).

    Finally, I don’t believe Amy Ryan will actually come back to the show for more than a cameo or two, so I don’t see the point in bringing her up. Last we saw, she was happy with her new boyfriend, so I’ll feel kind of bad if Jo makes her come back.

    Nothing really wowed me, and I’m sorry, that’s what a finale should do: tide you over until next season!

    Maybe I’m cynical, and I really hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see the show like I used to and that makes me sad. Maybe the writers don’t read anything, but I think someone should pay attention to reviews/sentiments among the people that watch. They can do what they want, but I hope someone cares if the audience likes the show.

    I’m just expressing my opinion; I think it’s cool if you liked it and I hope you’re right that they did set things up.

  100. I’ll be interested to see how the “Survivor” rankings compare to this list of rankings. My guess is that “Whistleblower” won’t rank so low.

    Tanster, when will “Survivor” for Season 6 begin?

    [from tanster: still working out the schedule, but it’s probably 1st or 2nd week of june.]

  101. Well shucks, I loved the finale and it got such a low score! I thought it was a great season of a great show. Didn’t really like Mafia because it was typical clownish Michael/Andy/Dwight antics with nothing new in the mix, but even with that little negative jab, my family and I and my pals at work (we have Office Lunch Break every week and are about to start all over with Season 1!) all thought it was still a great year of the Office.

  102. Because I think the show will continue even if Steve Carell was to leave, I hope they use Season 7 to really change things up. Maybe divide the sales team between printers and paper and bring in someone from Sabre to manage the printer team. That could provide a transition from Michael Scott to a new leader. Plus I’m praying they plan the plot lines out more thoroughly so that the resolution feels more earned. Too many times this season the stories (Jim as co-manager, Michael/Helene)just seemed to end without really exploring the consequences.

  103. I don’t understand the venom for Scott’s Tots; it was by no means the worst this season and shouldn’t be used as the barometer of bad. For the show as a whole, I think the best way to inject some urgency and cohesion is to give it a definite endpoint. Continuing without Steve would be catastrophic. This is my favorite show, but I really think next season will have to be its last if they don’t get it together.

  104. I also couldn’t understand the hate for Scott’s Tots. Until I remembered the “Employee Of The Month” B-plot. That’s what wrecked that episode for me. Part of the “Jim becomes manager and turns dumb” story arc.

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