The Office: Jury Duty, 8.13

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The Office: Jury Duty with Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin)

Writer: Aaron Shure, Director: Eric Appel

Summary (NBC): After Jim returns from jury duty, Dwight questions him on every detail of his case. Meanwhile, Angela and the senator (guest star Jack Coleman) welcome their new baby.

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In a poll conducted February 2-6, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.12/10

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The Office Jury Duty quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Andy: Oh yeah, Mayor Stress? Well watch this! And then? We dance. Oh how we dance.

Andy: Sex also works.

Andy: Tuna Wrap! Hand roll!

Dwight: Can’t believe they let someone like you serve on a jury. Makes me question the whole judicial system.

Erin: Oooh, the case of the hit and run. That’s exciting!

Dwight (as Jim): He apologized, and I just really want him to like me!
Jim: We’re best friends, actually. We’re going wine tasting next weekend if you want to come.

Erin: Angela had the baby!
Kevin: Is it black? ‘Cause that would be hilarious.

Kevin: Did I win the pool?
Erin: No. Right month, wrong year.

Kevin: Oscar’s the dad, I’m Oscar’s dad, and Angela’s my mom.

Gabe: I love maternity wards. It’s the perfect blend of love and horror. Things can go so wrong, or so right.

Meredith: Titillate us.

Stanley: My wife got to the TV first. Had to sit through damn Rizzoli and damn Isles.

Jim: I never considered that my week off would make everyone else’s job harder. Least I could do is give them a good story!

Toby: We used to recreate the various stranglings with empanadas from Ernesto’s.

Dwight: I was in Los Angeles last year. Jim tricked me into thinking I’d won a walk-on part on NCIS. But, that’s not important.

Dwight: I saw food trucks everywhere! Everyone in Los Angeles eats from them! And nobody calls them restaurants.

Kevin: Got that, bimbo?
Erin: Got it, bimbo.

Kevin: Philip is so fat!

Kevin: You didn’t prepare me for a big giant fat baby!

Erin: He’s more than substantial. He’s a monster!

Dwight: The fact is, you never said he was on a bicycle.

Dwight: You have the right to remain silent! You have the right to beg for mercy! You have the right to request judgement by combat! Dwight’s Rights!

Andy: What’s up, gangstas?

Dwight: He was lying the whole time, so he could go do yoga, or go canoeing, I don’t know what this pervert likes.

Andy: Dwight, not everything is a conspiracy theory.

Andy: Dwight, take a chill pill.

Andy: You ever heard of a Connecticut Cover Up?
Jim: No.
Andy: You know why you never heard of it? Covered it up.

Andy: They used to call me King Tut because I’m so good at keeping things under wraps.

Andy: My nickname was actually King Butt. Because I had a king-sized butt.

Dwight: He remembers Toby, the most forgettable man in the known world.

Creed: Usually I’m a burrito guy, but you won’t tell, I won’t. Wink, wink.

Andy: Hey, Murder She Wrote, how about we drop the whole Murder She Wrote thing. Okay?

Phyllis: I’m sorry, do you have any American Mexican food?

Andy: I’m not Rumplestiltskin, Jim. I can’t keep spinning gold out of your $#@!

Andy: I don’t even know what the truth is anymore.

Kevin: I’m going to call him Little Kevin.

Erin: Is he really five pounds? Because I squat with five pounds. This feels like more than that.

Angela: I was under so many drugs, I felt like I was at a James Taylor concert or something.

Senator Lipton: If it’s anything like that gorgeous wrapping paper, then you hit it out of the park.

Kevin: I got Little Kevin “Call of Duty.”

Oscar: I don’t even know which thread to follow.

Dwight: Oh, it’s happening. It’s really happening.

Dwight: Here we are. So long, clump mate.

Dwight: I always thought I was going to defeat you somehow. But you’ve defeated yourself.

Gabe: You’ve reached Gabe Lewis. I’m currently indisposed. Leave me a message. Ciao!

Dwight: Call me immediately. That means ASAP.

Dwight: I’m going to find Gabe, tell him what Jim did, and let the little stickler do what he does best. Stickle.

Angela: Pajamas aren’t supposed to be baggy, right? It’s not the barrio.

Oscar: The only premature baby in this room is the baby this baby ate.

Angela: We had just seen “Thor,” and there was way too much wine in my chicken piccata.
Oscar: Chicken marsala.

Erin: Angela will make you cut your fingernails. It’s not worth it!

Dwight: What a beautiful child. Prominent forehead, short arms, tiny nose. You will lead millions. Willingly. Or as slaves.

Dwight: That baby is a Schrute. And unless somebody taught Mose sex, that baby is mine.

Pam: Wow, I really thought I’d be more excited to be here.

Creed: Angela’s back with her baby!

Andy: He’s licking on my finger, just like my cat does.

Ryan: Why am I shorter than the table that I’m standing next to?

Angela: Every baby looks just like you. Your face kind of looks like a baby.

Dwight: I kissed you with the force of a thousand waterfalls.

Dwight: I just might be his father.

Darryl: I have a kid. Last week, Jim at home? That was no vacation.

Dwight: The office looks different now. Smaller. Maybe I just feel bigger.

Dwight: Kids drive us dads crazy. Sometimes I feel like they’re raising us. Am I right?

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