The Office: The Meeting, 6.02

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 | 129 comments


The Office

W: Aaron Shure, D: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): A request by Jim leaves Michael feeling insecure and defensive. Meanwhile, Pam deals with the guest list for the wedding, and Dwight convinces Toby to investigate Darryl’s worker’s comp claim.

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Favorite quotes

Michael: In your experience, what should I be expecting, in terms of sensation. Or emotions. Is there anything I can do to make it more pleasurable for me? Or for Dr. Chaundry? My main concern is should I have a safe word?

Michael: Once in awhile, one of the Amigos will go off to the bathroom while the other two have a secret meeting.

Pam: Yeah, I think the pregnancy really brought us together.

Michael: If you’re lying to me, right now, Pam, your baby is gonna come out a liar. That’s how it works. They inherit things through the breast milk.
Pam: Please don’t talk about my breast milk.

Dwight: How did the ladder end up on top of you if you fell off of it?

Dwight: I didn’t know we were in Communist Sweden.

Dwight: “Y’all having birthday cake?”

Toby: I am a fan of the hard-boiled detective novel. “I’ll punch you in the mush, see?”

Michael: Catch you guys on the flippity-flop.

Kelly: So jealous of your boobs.

Pam: People have to decide if they want to come to our wedding … or have to work.

Andy: It’s a total mind-effer.

Andy: “Hey Andy, let’s go visit Grandma, and then get drunk together, haha.”

Michael: I say go for the airtight plan.

Andy: If I may be so bold, it’s a lot of fun to let the goldfish take a little swim in the blue cheese. Bon appetit.

Dwight: I’m rebuilding a turn of the century steam engine in my slaughterhouse.

Toby: You gonna eat all that dog food yourself?

Ryan: I once had a glass of cognac that cost $77.

Ryan: Yes. I’m coming to your wedding.

Michael: Permission to speak on the record.

Michael: Jim is like Big Bird. He is tall and yellow and very nice.

Michael: Big Bird doesn’t make the tough decisions.

Michael: I’d have to talk to my mother and my guy at H&R Block.

Jim: I didn’t tell Michael because … I thought he’d try to help.

Michael: I can’t help but feel partially responsible.

Michael: Well we did talk about how handsome you are.

Michael: Did you know that Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy?

Jim: I tried to keep Michael in the dark. I should have known that he can do just as much damage in the dark.

Dwight: We thought that she was you.
Darryl: Why would you think a lady is me?
Dwight: Are you, are you serious? Because you look exactly alike? Am I the only one? Are you getting this?

Michael: That file had been falsified. Toby Flenderson is doing drugs.

Dwight: I would like to file an official complaint to Corporate because Darryl lied on an official form.

David: Co-manager and co-manager.

Michael: Jim Halpert, welcome.

Meredith: I’ll just have whatever’s fanciest, unless there’s ribs.

Angela: Pam, my bag was there.


In a poll conducted September 24-28, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.74/10


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  1. 129. john  

    Regarding what nick and matt stated, Jim has good sales numbers, beatable only by Dwight, charisma and leadership skills. He is perfect for the promotion. Jim has also saved Michael and the company various times from angry employees and possibly lawsuits. Even though in the past Jim goofed off (he hasn’t played a prank on Dwight in a while) he is the most qualified for the job.

  2. 128. Aizat  

    I personally like this episode because it shows the ‘serious’ stuff that actually happens in everyday office.. and of course..not everyone in the office will be happy with Jim’s promotion..

  3. 127. CollarBlind  

    Oh, and I absolutely loved Andy’s “cheese platter” presentation to David Wallace and Jim. I don’t think there is any other way you can make a plate of various American cheeses sound so elegant.

  4. 126. CollarBlind  

    #128- About a ba-jillion and one things have happened to Jim (and everyone else, for that matter) since he said that in Season 1. He’s had a lot of important life experiences and soon he will have a family to care for; I think it’s only natural that he tries to step up.

    It will certainly be interesting to see how he handles it, though… I don’t think we should expect an entirely smooth transition.

  5. 125. DefineTheLine  

    This episode got me pretty confused. I thought Jim was way out of character, I still remember the “if this were my career, I’d have to throw myself in front of a train” comment. Plus what will he be like now as a “co-manager”?

  6. 124. jo  

    #125 Yeah I noticed that too. That’s why Wallace says “you’re cutting out” just before he gets pulled over by the cop. I love those little details, and they make every scene so funny!

  7. 123. nick  

    #117. Matt … I totally agree with you! Jim doesn’t deserve a promotion. Even Stanley is more productive than him.

  8. 122. treble  

    I watched the episode a 3rd time and noticed that when Jim and Michael are on the phone with Wallace, Michael actually muted part of his sentence. When Wallace asked if he was “changing his mind about Jim?”, Michael replies “absolutely *presses mute* not”. I didn’t understand why he would say that to Wallace the first time I watched it but now I know his comment never reached Wallace’s ear.
    I love spotting these minor details they put in the show!

  9. 121. myredstapler  

    This was an episode that I needed to watch twice to appreciate it. I didn’t know what to think after viewing it the first time and I didn’t laugh much. The second time I enjoyed the episode much more. I do agree the first deleted scene would have helped to emphasize how much work Michael had been dealing with since the closing of the Buffalo Branch.

  10. 120. TobyFan  

    I’m confused by all the confusion over the politics on the episode. It all made sense to me – Jim, while not overly ambitious, has always been considered a good employee and most recently helped broker the deal between Michael and David in “Broke” – so he’s in a very good position to be asking for a promotion. The memo from Toby was four years old and was a result of Toby’s jealousy. And Jim explained in his TH why he didn’t tell Michael in advance about his plan. Besides, why wouldn’t he think Michael wanted a promotion (it was Michael, after all, who thought he had the corporate job in the bag just a couple seasons ago). I think the episode was actually a great indication of the writers using the characters’ histories appropriately.

  11. 119. Carrie  

    Toby/Dwight definitely need to hang out more, OMG I LOOOVED them together! I laughed so hard at their scenes.

    And man, do I ever love Creed. I think every single episode where Creed gets a line or two, that’s always the part of the show where I laugh the hardest. LOOVE Creed!!

  12. 118. Muckang  

    In my opinion one of the least funny office episodes ever. Say all you want about character and plot development, but what makes this show work is its fresh creative hilarious writing, and it just wasn’t there this time. Hopefully it was just sacrificed this one time for the sake of the story arc.

  13. 117. I_LOVE_THE_OFFICE  

    Dwight’s scream at the end = EPIC WIN! =) ♥

  14. 116. Kanye  

    Yo Jim, I’m really happy for you and I’m going to let you finish, but Ryan had one of the best promotions of all time.

  15. 115. Pineapple  

    This episode was SO funny! I wasn’t a big fan of the whole David/Michael/Jim plotline, but the Toby/Dwight plotline was HILARIOUS! I love when Dwight tells Darryl and his sister that they look exactly alike. Classic Office.

  16. 114. Matt  

    I’m surprised that people find Michael to be in the wrong here. The things about Jim in that file were true, regardless of whether or not Toby had a thing for Pam. And Michael shouldn’t have to sacrifice himself for Jim, especially when Jim didn’t even tell him what he was doing. As much as people may love Jim, and as silly and unaware as Michael may sometimes be, Michael is the harder-working, more successful employee.

    But other than Jim thinking he’s automatically entitled to a promotion after years of laziness, I thought this ep had a lot of great moments – the best of which were Michael’s sound effects during the phone call.

  17. 113. Brigette  

    This episode was weird. I didn’t understand why Jim was so mad at Michael, considering Jim was basically trying to take Michael’s job. Yes, he was pushing a promotion for Michael too, but that would have affected Michael’s life– to leave the office, possibly have to move, etc. I feel like Jim broke some sort of subordination rule. And I agree with a lot of you guys about David’s approach to Michael. Why is David still listening to him? It doesn’t make ANY sense.

    Also, I understand that the writers want the characters to grow and make changes as they would in real life, and yeah, it makes sense that Jim would want a job with better pay now that a kid is on the way. But trying to make all that happen “in house” makes the show feel less and less believable to me. I mean, I’m still madly in love with The Office, but this plot was one of those that felt like a stretch.

  18. 112. Franchesca  

    One more thought…although we were all thrilled Jim didn’t take the corporate position back in season 3, Wallace probably wasn’t. He was probably a little miffed that Jim didn’t take a position that was obviously his for the taking, especially when Jim had indicated that he wanted it. Plus, if Jim had taken the New York position, the whole mess with Ryan damaging the Dunder Mifflin name wouldn’t have happened. I think Wallace is professional enough to be mostly above such feelings, but I think both of these would have to affect his opinion of Jim a little if he’s at all human.

  19. 111. Franchesca  

    I loved the episode. While Wallace does have a good relationship with Jim, I think it was somewhat weakened by Charles last season. Even though Charles didn’t handle things very well in Scranton, Wallace made it clear in “Broke” that he valued Charles anyway. So, I think that explains any willingness he might have to listen to criticisms about Jim, even from Michael. And he has shown before that he considers Michael’s opinions. After all, as he’s indicated in the past, you have to accept success in these times, even if it is achieved in unusual ways.

  20. 110. tuna tuna tuna  

    i don’t think david “flip-flopped” because of what michael said. he was shown a file with paper work filled out by a corporate employee (toby) reporting that jim was unprofessional and antagonized other workers. now, we the audience know toby had a thing for pam and he and ryan had it out for jim but david wallace doesn’t know that. of course he has to take that seriously. i don’t see any inconsistency.

    i can’t believe there are people who don’t like toby! i loved him and dwight, especially the comment about the darryl impersonation. and btw megan #95 – andy’s bit about the email from his cousin was the funniest thing ever!

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