The Office: Gossip, 6.01

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The Office: Gossip

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): Michael feels left out as the rest of the office gossips about the summer interns. While Michael searches for the next juicy rumor to share, Andy struggles with heterosexuality. Season 6 premiere.

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In a poll conducted September 17-21, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.11/10

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The Office Gossip quotes

Jim: This is parkour. Internet sensation of 2004.

Jim: Technically, they are doing parkour, as long as Point A is delusion and Point B is the hospital.

Andy: Hardcore parkour!

Kelly: If they get married before I do, I’m going to kill myself.

Michael: This place is like Spaniard Fly.

Dwight: I guess I have a face you can trust. I think it’s because of my low cheekbones.

Michael: I should have known. Poop Ball?

Michael: The third wheel is what makes it a tricycle.

Dwight: Stanley’s way past the middle of his life. Especially considering his height to weight ratio.

Kevin: I might have extra. It just depends on how many I eat.

Michael: How do you un-tell something? You can’t. You can’t put words back in your mouth.

Michael: I have seen that movie half a dozen times, and I still don’t know who the real Spartacus is.

Michael: Anorexia. She’s an anorexitic.

Meredith: She’s gonna hate being a mom.

Kevin: Do you like it as much as you like men’s butts?

Oscar: If you resisted Brad Pitt a little bit, he would still need to get to you?

Oscar: What exactly is my responsibility here? To comfort insecure heterosexual men? That can’t possibly fall to me.

Jim: You’re going to regret that when you find yourself between a moose and her cubs at night.

Andy: Little Baby Tuna. Little Junior Toro.

Angela: You know a baby conceived out of wedlock is still a bastard.

Creed: If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about? What am I working toward?

Oscar: You think I’m the voice of the Taco Bell dog?

Toby: I have a daughter. How could I be a virgin?

Kevin: Who’s been saying that there’s another person inside of me working me with controls?

Dwight: You told people that I use store bought manure, when I showed you where my manure comes from?

Andy: Michael, am I gay?

Creed: Who’s the OB/GYN?

Michael: Pam! Look at that! That is the inside of your vagina!

Michael: Did you pee on a stick?
Jim: I did. But it was inconclusive.

Pam: We should have realized that you are an equal part of this.

Michael: Hey, whaddup Cynthia.

Michael: You can’t stop love, I guess, and quite frankly, I don’t think you should ever even try.

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  1. wtf…total weird interaction between Michael and Stanley tonight.Since when does Stanley talk Michael about anything like that?!?!?!

  2. This was such a horrific season opener. The rumors/gossip were over the top and what’s going to happen with Stanley? Pretty much destroying Michael’s car. The whole heterosexual thing with Andy was just weird. Blah…

  3. Wow. Just wow. This definitely was awkward and I think it was better than ‘Fun Run’ and possibly even ‘Weight Loss’ which was great. Wow, what a great, great episode. The cold open was one of the best ever (probably top three). Great tag as well. Just overall, the perfect episode. Stanley is hilarious! The characters all had a time to shine, and this is why it was so good. Different feel, but awesome.

  4. Negatives: The cheating storyline. Was not crazy about Angela’s cheating on Andy, and I’m not crazy about Stanley’s cheating on Teri. That’s a pretty heavy subject for a lighthearted comedy.

    Positives: Just about everything else. Two highlights that come to mind off the bat are Kevin and Michael playing Hangman, and the Alan Thicke reference at the end. Boy, does that kid ever look like Alan Thicke.

  5. I love the ultrasound picture ending. I should be getting my ultrasound in the next week. Wonder if my husband will do the same.

  6. Great episode! Loved how Jim and Pam tried to protect Stanley’s affair from the rest of the office at the end! Best cold open of the season as well! Strong start to the new season! I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

  7. The Andy subplot, surprisingly, was great. I don’t know how much gas is left in the Michael tank, though. I’m going to watch this show until the day it goes off the air, but I’m probably done criticizing it — I think they’ve moved past my idea of what makes the show good.

  8. Does anybody know if the white kid intern was one of the twins (all grown up) on Desperate Housewives?

  9. Hmmm…not sure what to think of that. I would have liked it a lot better if Stanley’s rumor wasn’t so serious. It was awkward in the worst way….like the Moroccan Christmas episode was for me.

    Highlights were definitely Creed’s TH about scuba diving (is that true?? Cause if so, what have I been working for? I can’t scuba?!?) and the end when Jim tapes the sonogram on the frame. Otherwise it was just OK…for me.

  10. i was disappointed in this season opener. it was very over the top and a bit on the darker side…

  11. It was an okay episode; there were a few laugh out loud moments, but overall it seems reminiscent of the comedy slump in season five. Although this episode certainly has set up an interesting plot opening.

    By the way, am I crazy or did one of those interns look like Matt Damon’s son or nephew? Does anyone know who that was?

  12. Great way to start the season. I loved every bit of it. Did anyone notice if there was a rumor about Phyllis. I think her and Ryan were the only ones without a rumor. I was very surprised that Stanley trusted Michael with his secret.

  13. Is it just me, or did one of the interns look exactly like a younger Matt Damon?

    Good episode, but it ended too soon :(

  14. Probably the best season premiere since The Dundies. The plot and execution were funny and a clever way to reveal Pam’s pregnancy.

  15. Loved the cold open!!! I liked how Pam and Jim tried to cover up the affair for Stanley, but I feel bad that they had to tell everyone that she was pregnant. By the time the wedding rolls around, everyone will know!

  16. What a great pregnancy story breaker! Gotta love Jim for that, even though it turned out to be not worth it. Best line of the night was Kevin’s: “Who spread the rumor that there’s a little person inside of me controlling my every move?” (or something like that)

  17. I love Creed! And Andy! And everyone else!!!! But Creed’s line, “If I can’t scuba, then what’s all this been about?” was my favorite line of the night!

  18. This episode was awesome! The cheating storyline was a bit strange though, but overall the episode was really great! And hehe, Erin exposed Michael for making up all those rumors!

    The tag and the cold open were also funny. I loved the Jet Li joke!

  19. does anyone know who the actors are who played the interns on tonight’s episode. one of the boys looks so familiar!

  20. …so technically they are doing parkour as long as point A is delusion and point B is the hospital…

    …there’s no shotgun? cause that changes everything? free at last, free at last…

    Classic Jim. I love him!

  21. Being a major JAM fan, I literally squealed with excitement when they showed the sonogram of their baby :) Good episode!

  22. I love the “tea” scene with Kevin and Andy. So good.

    Do you like it as much as you like men’s butts!!!!

  23. Cracked up at the fact that Kevin had already surmised that Pam was pregnant by studying her breast size.

  24. I actually didn’t care for this episode at all. There were a few amusing moments, those being with Andy and Creed’s scuba line, but the episode just felt off to me. I hope this isn’t an indicator for the rest of the season.

    This episode was miles away from classics like The Dinner Party or A Benihana Christmas.

  25. Way to start off season 6 with a bang! Great, solid episode. Cold open was great, and the story line was very clever. 9/10

  26. Outstanding episode…so excited it’s “Office” time again. Andy’s gay or not gay quandary was awesomely creepy. I have a really good feeling about this season!

    Also, if you didn’t catch “Community” afterward, I highly recommend.

  27. Wow. This was such a great ep. Kind of felt like a throwback to the older ones with a very office-centric main story. The cold open had me laughing in about 3 seconds and Jim was just amazing tonight.

  28. I love the office so much and I really wanted to like this episode but I didn’t. Like some people are saying I thought the Stanley storyline was too serious to be funny in any way, and I feel like all the characters have just sort of been losing their charm with every episode these past few seasons. I miss The Office seasons 1-3. After that there have been the occasional funny episodes and touching moments but for the most part it’s just been OK. Oh well. Maybe I should rewatch it.

  29. it was ok, but who is the extra that looks like a young Matt Damon/ Taylor Laurent.. it’s driving me nuts

  30. great episode! not totally awesome, but that’s probably in part due to the fact that I was sooooo looking forward to it.
    cold open was awesome(i totally saw andy jumping into an empty box coming, though).
    i loved that everyone got a little screen time and that the story stayed within everyone in the actual office.

  31. The episode had its moments but as a season opener, it wasn’t strong at all. I hope things look up after this one! 5/10

  32. #62, I was seriously thinking the exact same Taylor/Lautner lookalike combination when I saw that intern!

  33. I actually enjoyed this episode. The Stanley story line was a bit iffy, but I think they’re just setting us up for more Michael/Stanley tense moments. Whatever, the: am I gay, scuba, I’m glad you’re eating, manure, extra padding, etc, etc.. had me laughing throughout. Great job.

  34. The reveal of Pam’s pregnancy to the office reminded me of Jim’s proposal in Weight Loss. It was led to believe that Jim wouldn’t be proposing until later in the season last year, but he proposed in the premiere. And here, it was led to believe that they wouldn’t reveal the pregnancy to everyone else until later in the season, but they did so in the premiere.

  35. Pammy – The intern plays one of Lynette and Tom Scavo’s twins on Desperate Housewives.

    And he does look like a cross between Matt Damon and Taylor Lautner!

  36. This was a classic episode. The action of the cold open was eclipsed only by the heartwarming Stanley/Michael scene. I loved it when Michael called Teri Cynthia not once but twice. Classic stuff.

  37. Anybody notice that they listed Angela Kinsey twice in the credits? I think they bumped her back one slide to they could add Ellie Kemper (Erin) as a regular, but then forgot to change the name on the previous slide. One for the blooper reel….

  38. I was laughing so hard. “Parkor!” And when Andy fell into the empty box, and the Kevin, Andy scene. Scratch that, the WHOLE episode was beast. Of course, so was the last scene with Jim and Pam. How cute.

  39. #74 Haha, I didn’t notice Angela twice but I did notice Ellie Kemper was completely missing from the credits. Mystery solved.

  40. Loved it!

    I actually think that Michael spreading ridiculous rumours to ‘hide’ the Stanley rumour is genius – please don’t throw garbage at me :)

    Man I love Andy so much and I’m happy anytime Kevin and Oscar get some good moments too.

    Obviously the Jam stuff was ah-ma-zing.

    Also… I’m pretty sure the girl intern was the same girl that Oscar was trying to save from Dunder Mifflin, in Job Fair

  41. The intern with the red hair plays one of Lynette’s twins in Desperate Housewives.

    I didn’t like the episode at all :-( It was kind of funny… but not really. Very disappointing. But I’m a loyal fan so it certainly won’t stop me!

  42. Oh Stanley, why?

    I loved it in general, the JAM moments made me scream in delight. Plus I agree with whoever said Michael’s idea to spread tons of other gossip to downplay Stanley’s was smart. But oh god, why stanley? why?

    lost lots of respect for that character, and i don’t think that’s what the writers intended.

  43. Yes, Michael had what was actually a very clever plan…but when caught, wasn’t clever enough to cover himself by just saying “I think everyone’s been gossiping too much and wanted to teach you all a lesson.” Instead, he completely screwed himself over. Pure Michael.

  44. I was already told by my girlfriend that I was wrong about this, but I thought the female intern was the high school girl from “Job Fair” who was going to be their intern until Oscar told her the position had already been filled. Any chance I was right? I thought they looked similar and sounded similar.

  45. I’m so sad to say, I wasn’t really feeling this episode tonight. That was just uncalled for, for Stanley to be having an affair. Where did that come from? That’s not the Stanley Hudson we all know and love. Cold Open was alright…nothing special. All Pam and Jim stuff was cute. Was that Eric intern adorable or what!? (: Creed’s line about scuba diving, I didn’t get. Usually Creed lines are hilarious, and this one was just..weird, I guess? Kevin’s bra padding remark was hilarious! There was a ton of lines that were used over again. Kevin’s “I bet you do” for ex. Remember in season 4 – Fun Run, where Pam is asking Kevin for money for flowers for Meredith? And “What’s the scuttlebutt” by Michael. Just a few things I caught.

    Wait- Was that Parcore thing the word everyone was talking about? They pretty much explained it right?

    Did anyone see Parks and Recreation? Paul Feig directed! I was a bit surprised! I didn’t know Paul Feig transfered also…hopefully he’ll still be with us too!

  46. In response to 70. Ryan had a line when they revealed the pregnancy. I heard him shout, “Don’t get it vaccinated!”

  47. Strange episode for sure. Michael seems to have crossed over the line from just plain peculiar to downright deranged. I was so looking forward to this episode but it seems there’s a direct correlation between how excited I am to see a particular show and how disappointed I am once it’s aired.
    I was happy to see that Creed remains the most hysterical character. His lines and his delivery are so fantastic. I’ll continue to tune in just for him.

  48. I agree with everyone who is saying Michael’s plan was clever but poorly executed. And it ended with Stanley hilariously destroying his car.

  49. I actually think this may have been a perfect episode. I loved it from cold open to intern tag. It had everything – that classic season 2 feeling, Michael Scott absurdity, just enough JAM to satisfy but not enough to sicken, and best of all- everyone teaming up together for a common purpose. I really can’t think of anything I would have changed. It was wonderful.

  50. Faith:

    Most of Creed’s lines don’t make a lot of sense. Such as…

    “Now I have 2 chairs…only 1 to go.”
    “I know you, you’re from the parking lot earlier!”

    That’s classic Creed.

  51. Omg loved it loved it loved it! Hopefully a sign of good things to come in season 6. I loved the interns, favorite line of the episode was “Oh, well then I guess I learned nothing”. The Office is back! Season 6 baby!

  52. I hope there’s going to be a deleted scene where we find out why Michael was so tan. Knowing Michael it will be something absurd. Any consequences for Stanley wrecking Michael’s car?

  53. I think everyone pretty much covered everything I would have said about the episode. Cold open was fantastic (Parkor) and Jim taping the ultrasound pic up (squee). All in all the “big gift” was worth the wait tanster. Life is back to normal now, the office is back!

  54. I really enjoyed the episode! Most of Michael’s rumours were pretty hilarious!!! The JAM ending was also v. sweet!

    (I wonder where exactly Dwight’s manure comes from???)

  55. I think this episode seemed more like season two, as people have been mentioning; many of the jokes were just small gestures or a comment or two that made all the difference. I’m still not sure if I loved it but, it’s a good start. I think my favorite part is in the beginning, where (I think) Pam is talking about the summer interns and they show meredith practically trying to get on top of that asian intern. The office is finally back!

  56. Dwigt:

    Creed asked about someone starting a rumor that he had asthma, which caused him to freak out and think that he couldn’t scuba anymore, basically giving his life no meaning. It’s completely bizarre and random, which I absolutely loved.

  57. I like the new Vance Refrigeration sign.

    Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

    [from tanster: hi bobby ray! :) ]

  58. Should have been an hour premier – to me, moments were too rushed and it seems that there were too many bumps that could have been smoothed. What was up with Creed’s comments? Inside joke? The whole Stanley thing was a little off to me. The play with the gossip on Pam/Jim could have been so much more deep (that’s what she said). It seemed rushed and gratuitous. They could have been more coy IMO.

    Let’s be honest – doesn’t get close to the top 20 best – but, it is a new season and I am looking forward to some great moments – unfortunately, this episode didn’t deliver.

  59. Kory, you are right- that girl looked exactly like the one who wanted the internship. I thought the “Allan Thicke” intern looked like the “cool kid” Michael wanted to get the internship, the one he stalked all the way to the bathroom in outtakes for that same ep. Anyone else agree?

  60. I really liked it! Best episode in a long time. I didn’t roll on the floor laughing, but it was pretty great.

  61. Am I right in remembering that Stanley cheated on wife #1 with Teri? That would make this cheating episode while very sad true to his character.

  62. Season Opener was so so.

    I hate that they are making Kevin more retarded sounding.

    Jim and Pam had some nice scenes together…We are expecting our first child in January. Wonder whose sonogram that was (Angela’s? Jenna’s sister?)

    Love Andy but the Am I Gay thing was lame.

  63. yeah, I didn’t really feel this one…
    I barely laughed.
    Maybe something is just wrong with ME since everyone seems to love it, haha.

  64. #104 – Bee

    The “cute” intern is one of the twin sons of Lynette & Tom on “Desperate Housewives.” :)

  65. I loved it. What a great premiere. Jim and Pam were so cute it made my heart go splodey boom, then Andy was HILARIOUS – it was all amazing!!!

  66. I can confirm that Parkour was a part of Casino Royale….

    Interesting that Casino Royale was a return to the roots of Bond, and this episode kind of felt like it returned to the season 2 awkwardness of the Office…For me it was a good thing, for my girlfriend, not so much…

  67. The parkour inspired cold open was hilarious! Favorite subplot was the Andy storyline, especially the interaction with Kevin in the break room. I like how in Cafe Disco Andy was worried about Kelly piercing the “gay ear” and in this episode he questions his sexual orientation. I wonder if there will be an Andy-Oscar romantic storyline. Andy did say Oscar was “delightful” during Business Trip.

    Jim taping the baby tuna picture was a definite “aww” moment. The one intern looks more like Matt Damon or Justin Spitzer. Overall, great start for the season :)

  68. The girl intern was in the deleted scenes for “Job Fair” back in season 4, when she was interested in an internship with DM as an accountant.

  69. aww Stanley why?? :/ anyway, that was really hilarious!! I love the ending bit with Jim and the ultrasound pic! :) The Office is FINALLY back!!!! XD

  70. So, apparently, Michael, Dwight and Andy think Parkour is walking on tables while yelling the word “Parkour” occasionally. I guess that’s how I’ll be doing it from now on.

  71. Hooray–back for Season 6! (I remember worrying that there would be nothing more after Episode 6.) I thought this was a superb episode–what a twisted story! But it just flew by way too fast. Loved Meredith rubbing up against the intern, and Oscar not wanting to get involved in comforting a heterosexual, and the brief scene of the interns sitting around listening/passing Kleenex while Kelly cried. Jim and Pam getting cornered into revealing the pregnancy in order to cover for Stanley was so well done. And Dwight’s hair has never been better! Those pointy parted bangs and sideburns were perfection!

  72. Whenever Michael and Stanley are in a scene together it always becomes a classic moment. Michael is very clever, but it is so funny when he gets caught.

  73. Being a fan of the UK office and a huge season 1 US office fan, I love it when the office leans more toward awkward and cringe-worthy instead of silly and goofy.

    Also, I have to disagree with all the people saying this is out of character for Stanley. A. We see a very small cross section of this character’s life. B. Anyone can cheat if put in the wrong situation. That doesn’t mean they will, but we all have the same human nature. That is in no way an excuse because many are put in those situations and do the right thing. Just a choice that’s all.

    Ok, I’m done with my Dr. Phil moment. All in all, I enjoyed it! Keep it up!

  74. I’m happy The Office is back but am I the only one who misses Jim and Pam’s relationship of the past? They are so bland now and the spark that was there is fading fast. Just because they are settling down doesn’t mean they have to be boring. I was hoping for a little bit more excitement about their pregnancy other than them sitting in an “interview” and casually tossing it into the conversation.

  75. For those not getting Creed’s comments:

    Creed often doesn’t say things that make sense. That’s what makes him Creed. He’s a cooky old dude that lives in his own world, and I love him for it. I interpreted his comments to basically mean “What’s life for if I can’t scuba?” However, his way was much funnier.

  76. It wasn’t a bad episode; I think what made it were the small quotes that took place amidst the plot. Of course, all of Michael’s false gossip was just pure gold, but something about the coming-together of the plot just didn’t seem very satisfying.

    That cold open sure was awesome, though.

  77. I’ve gotta say, this just easily became a top-ten-er for me. Every single part of the episode was totally golden. Too many to name.

    long live the office!

  78. It’s always interesting to read the wildly varying opinions here.

    I was kind of middle of the road for this episode. A lot of people are citing the affair storyline as being too dark, and I somewhat agree. The Office has a history of playing up heavy issues for laughs, without always giving you a sense of closure about it.

    That being said, I appreciated it more after watching it a second time. The Andy bits were pure gold, and the baby sonogram scene was painfully adorable. And Jim sticking his neck out there for Stanley was pretty sweet too.

    Not a bad episode, just not a great season premiere.

  79. I agree with blacklamb, this was a middle of the road episode for me. It had some funny moments but there were two things I really disagreed with,

    One was the cold open, I know some people liked it but it was too over the top for me,

    Also Stanley would never have a moment with Michael like that. I don’t find him cheating completely out of character but talking to Michael like that was.

  80. Great to have all my buds back! Hooray for Parkour for the athletically challenged! I think I have a different favorite character every week, I love that Pam and Jim caught on quickly and jumped in to save Stanley…amazing how the writers are always able to get physical comedy into an office setting almost every week…way to go! Parkour!

  81. Good episode. Lacked the over the top cartoonishness of season 4 and 5 minus the parkour thing. The Andy subplot was brilliant.

  82. Did anyone notice that Angela Kinsey was credited twice in the opening credits and that Ellie Kemper was not credited?

  83. Wow, that was a great episode. Andy’s whole storyline had me laughing so hard that I was doing the “silent-laughing-because-I-can’t-get-enough-air-in” thing. I felt so bad for Teri, though :(. I thought Stanley had a stronger moral fiber!!

  84. I thought it was a pretty good episode. Loved the Jim/Pam moments, but had a tough time believing Stanley would confide in Michael. I did enjoy that it was set exclusively in the office. And I agree with many of you that the tall intern did look just like Matt Damon.

    Best line? Erin to Kelly “I’m so glad you’re eating again” and Kelly’s response “Me, too!”. Mindy is so funny…

  85. I knew it! I went back and checked, and the female intern from this episode, Megan, IS the same girl from the deleted scenes of “Job Fair” on Season 4. They look and sound identical, and both of their names are Megan. Ra-dat-dat-ado!

  86. Wow, what a great episode! I loved how the writers kept teasing us with the whole Andy being gay scenario, that was hilarious. Great Job Office writers! And welcome back. Perfect 10

  87. Pam’s line “no, keep it up” was my favorite moment of the episode. My fiance is also a joker that pushes his jokes a little too far. I could definitely see myself saying that to him.

  88. WOW! The Office is back, y’all!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Paul Lieberstein! Outstanding job. THIS is The Office I know and love. It was gone last season but it is BACK.
    If this episode is a precursor to the season, we are in for a huge treat. Fantastic from start to finish.
    Thank you, Paul!

  89. I ended up confused after this episode. I thought Stanley was joking, messing with Michael. When it turned out to be true, I was kind of horrified. Not the way I want to start a season of The Office…

  90. Awesome episode :) Loved the cold open. I almost choked on my breakfast when Andy jumped from the truck.

    When Andy had his talking head and started playing with his tie, it reminded me of one of my elementary teachers that would do the same thing when he got nervous or confused.

    And how sweet were JAM in this episode???

    The tag was cool.

  91. I loved the episode, yadda yadda yadda, but there’s something really bugging me: Who are those summer interns?! The one Michael called Jet Li looks so insanely familiar, and I can’t find him on the internet! Me and my mother have been googling it, but apparently we’re not as good at Google as we thought, and we looked on IMDB and they don’t have anyone besides the main character and some uncredited person.

    Who is the “Jet Li” summer intern? Please help!

  92. I absolutely LOVED this episode. So great to have the office back and making me laugh!

    Stanley having an affair is not out of character at all… we already know that he’s had previous marriages and is expecting to have more:

    “It’s like I used to tell my wife, I do not apologize unless I think I’m wrong, and if you don’t like it you can leave. And I say the same thing to my current wife, and I’ll say it to my next one too.”

    This doesn’t mean someone will cheat but it does indicate that he’s probably not 100% committed either so I don’t really see that being a stretch.

  93. Regarding the behavior of Stanley in this episode (cheating on his wife, confessing to Michael, etc.):
    #1) We HAVE been told by Leslie David Baker that we’ll be seeing a very different side of Stanley this season. Although it does feel a bit jarring in this episode, I am looking forward to Leslie getting to show us more of his range as an actor.

    #2) I agree that the idea of Stanley having an affair is weird (seems like it would require too much effort for him), but this sounds like a lonely guy who had a bad health scare and formed a bond with a nurturing therapist when his wife wasn’t around much (happens more than you’d think). Still no excuse for this, but it sounds more like an emotional affair (which I COULD picture Stanley doing after his shock from the heart attack) rather than a purely physical one.

  94. I’ve been reading Office Tally for a couple years but this is my first time commenting! Hi! I too find it totally fascinating reading everyone’s different opinions on every episode! I LOVED this episode! I was guffawing throughout. Oscar’s line about comforting insecure heterosexuals, Creed’s scuba, Andy falling into the fridge box, Andy’s Brad Pitt thing, Jim’s “free at last, free at last”! I was so surprised some people didn’t like it! Then again, last season, I absolutely thought Cafe Disco was the worst episode of the year and was shocked it made it into the top 10 in the Survivor poll! We are such a diverse group of Office fans!

  95. I watched with a group of friends and we were dying. I am so glad The Office returned to some old antics. Funny stuff!
    And after the thing with the sonogram, I love Jim more than ever!

  96. While I wasn’t thrilled with the first act nor the cold open (thought it went too far with Andy’s dive…I’d’ve preferred it ending in silence with him trying to will himself to jump but not doing it) I thought the second act on was brilliant.

    I thought Andy’s questioning himself was done well and I loved Jim jumping to Stanley’s rescue to spare him even if it meant divulging his own secret. And Michael calling Teri Cynthia…TWICE…was epic.

    Overall, not the best premiere they’ve ever had but not the worst either.

  97. Not that it really matters, but why does Pam wear those stupid suits, Phylis is also a saleswoman and I never see her in business attire.

    I think it makes Pam look too serious… sucks all the funny out of her scenes. LOL!

  98. Great episode — the writing was *brilliant!*

    Stanley is not a warm and fuzzy teddy bear. Remember the talking head from Did I Stutter? Where he won’t apologize? I totally believe this guy could cheat. :-)

    Creed, omg, Creed. I love him.

    Can’t wait to see it again.

  99. This was a GREAT way to start the season off. It had it all: tension, slapstick, cuteness, the works. This was easily a solid 9 for me.

  100. Junior – I can’t believe you try to figure out what Creed means first of all. Secondly… that’s kinda deep for him. I think he meant he can’t scuba at the office. I bet there’s an industrial tank somewhere in the warehouse or something he’s thinking of using. lol

    personally as amused as i was by some parts I wouldn’t put this anywhere near my top 10 episodes. The interns felt like an on-going gag. It just was weird to be honest. The whole Andy gay thing was also kinda weird – it’s hard to explain but it just felt off. and Stanley’s cheated before people – get your facts straight.

    Also my favorite lines of the night clearly are those that were in passing and weren’t memorable enough for the masses…..
    “and one of you will be a great mother..” – Dwight
    “she’s going to hate being a mother” – Meredith

    “you’re going to regret that when you’re in between a moose and her cubs” – Jim

    but by far… best was the scuba line. just threw me off guard totally. i loved it. lol classic creed.

    I cannot WAIT for this wedding to happen….

  101. I totally enjoyed it and think it felt “old school” back in the earlier seasons. Great writing Paul L.!

  102. i loved this episode. it is kind of funny, it seems that whenever an episode is serious or dark there are a lot of comments that the subject matter is “too dark for the office”. but maybe it’s just that the office is darker than some people are willing to admit. i don’t see this show as a lighthearted comedy. the thing that sets this show apart is they can play subtle humor, broad physical humor, drama, black awkward humor and touching moments all at once and make it work. that is what makes this show great, in my opinion, not that it only does subtle light humor all the time. that wouldn’t really be that much of an achievement. paul seems to always write a little bit of failure for the characters but he does it in the funniest way possible. favorite writer always.

  103. I thought this was a solid episode. Plus, I am a huge fan of Paul L. and how he weaves a story together. It kind of reminded me of “The Dundies,” in the way that you could have tuned in for the first time last night and find yourself totally involved with the characters after 22 short minutes. Like I said, great episode from top to bottom! So glad TO is back!

  104. I think the jet-li summer intern was one of the nerds out of “get smart” (which also had steve carell starring), it bugged me for ages but i do think that’s him, they look similar.

  105. the handsome kid looked just like a young matt damon.. crazy.

    SUCH A GREAT opening for (hopefully) a great season! I loved Andy’s confusion and insecurity about his sexuality, although I think we can all rest assured he’s straight.. notice how his eyes lit up when Jim suggested sex with a woman…? Not to mention he totally banged Angela

    Michael-typical Michael, Jim-Typical Jim… Mehr lesen
    LOVED Creed’s line “who is your OB/GYN?”
    and Dwight was fantastic.
    A little disappointed in Stanley, though.

    Anyway, LOVED IT! (ha I just left a wallll)

  106. #163 (Jam4ever)– OB/GYN stands for obstetrician/gynecologist. a doctor that deals with pregnancy, and other lady business stuff.

  107. For anyone who thinks what Stanley did is out of character, I would argue that it isn’t. He was married at least once before. And when he says, “I said it to my first wife, I say it to my current wife, and i’ll say it to my next one too” (Did I Stutter) it shows he thinks he’ll end up being married again.

  108. to 163…I believe the guy from Get Smart that you’re thinking of is Masi Oka…unless there was another “Asian nerd” in Get Smart I missed.

  109. I really liked the episode. The only thing that freaked me out a bit was the Jim and Pam talking heads at one point, put me scarily in mind of Jon and Kate Gosselin.

  110. I didn’t really like the cold open, but besides that it was pretty good. I still miss Jan though!

  111. Overall, very enjoyable. The line that still made me laugh after the 4th viewing was Kelly’s “Me, too!” after Erin’s earnest comment about how glad she was to see Kelly eating again.

  112. Did anyone else think that the non-asian guy intern looked like Matt Damon? I mean seriously…right down to the way he talked!

  113. My friend & I spent the whole day parkouring in our classrooms.

    Thank you, The Office.
    Thank you, Paul Lieberstein.

  114. #174 I did the same thing!!! luckily my teacher watches The Office too so he got what I was doing haha.

  115. what an awesome start! I totally agree with Beau Started the Fire…except this one made the top three for me!! I SO CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SEASON!!

    I mean, doesn’t anyone find it sooo relieving that pam and jim aren’t all lovey-dovey kissy-kissy all the time but are still totally the most adorable couple out there, like, ever?? I totally loved it when Jim taped the picture to that frame. It was just so great.

    And, seriously, GOSSIP! it’s so basic! how come the writers have never considered it before? lol!

    “Michael, am I GAY?”

    Yay office!!!

  116. One of my favorites. 10/10!
    I thought Jim and Pam’s first talking head will forever be dubbed as one of the funniest talking heads of all time.

    “Free at last, free at last.”
    “No, keep it up.”

    Not to mention, the cold open. Hello, brilliant.

  117. Tanster, what was the word that you had to look up in the cold open?

    [from tanster: lol, parkour. i had never heard of it before, and wanted to make sure it was a real term!]

  118. I thought this was a great episode. Any time I can go from uncomfortable to laughing out loud is a GOOD thing! Michael Scott delivers that each and every episode….. Happy Happy dance to welcome Season 6.

  119. OMFG! Creed’s scuba line was HILARIOUS! I was dying laughing!!!!!!

    and I loved Andy’s “Michael? AM I GAY?!” ahahahaha

  120. What a wonderful episode! It seemed like season 2 all over again and that’s definitely a good thing. Where the office shines is in the subtleties and awkward moments and this episode was full of them! I laughed out loud numerous times. If the rest of the season is this good, this might rival season 2.

  121. Does anyone know what Meredith was doing in the bathroom when Dwight kicked it open during their game of Hardcore Parkour? I thought she was spraying Windex on her pit.

  122. Hilarious episode! The best line of the night was Kevin’s line about the little man inside of him who controls him! Can’t wait for the rest of Season 6!

  123. 183…goodcoffee, I think it was just spray deodorant. I thought part of the joke from the tag was that Michael would think the interns look like celebrities, but I thought the one intern looked like Hiro from Heroes and of course the other one looked like Matt Damon, I can’t figure out the girl. Of course Michael would think of someone like Alan Thicke

  124. Ok, so this may be fun for those of you who have a little extra time… When Michael is first telling Kelly about Stanley’s affair, you can see on the dry erase board on the wall the amount of sales that all of the salespeople have. Jim is above Dwight, Phyllis and Stanley have about the same amount, and it looks like Creed has the least amount. There is actually someone above Jim, though, and I can’t make out the name! Also, there’s another name at the bottom that I thought may have been Ryan but I’m not so sure. Anyone else have any thoughts? I just thought it was interesting… I love The Office’s consistent attention to detail!

  125. I agree about Stanley not being out of character regarding the cheating part, but I think he definitely is when talking freely and/or as an equal to Michael in the car…

    About Stanley’s car: is it really a Bentley or is that a similar looking (and hopefully cheaper) car? Is it weird or am I wrong?

    Also, did anyone else think Erin looked different? Hardly recognized her…

  126. Aussieaunt, I definitely agree with you. The Pam & Jim talking head interviews seem so fake and forced. They have not been the same since season 4. Where is the chemistry? Their relationship is too perfect now and it’s just unrealistic. And I have nothing against sweet moments but there is a point where it becomes cheesy and overdone. We know Jim’s a good guy but he just comes off as completely whipped now. There has been no character development, as far as their relationship goes, for either of them since the 4th season. And I agree with another poster’s comments here: Pam’s suits have got to go.

  127. I am SO EXCITED about this season!!!!! :) I can hardly WAIT until the Jim/Pam office episode…it’s going to be AMAZING!!!!!! ;)

  128. 186. AndIHaveWorms….

    Umm… Creed and Ryan are both not sales people, first of all. Creed is quality assurance and Ryan is once more a temp. And about the office’s ‘consistent attention to detail’: do you realize that in the second season they have Meredith’s birthday ‘be a month away’ and the only birthday in sight, wherein in the 4th it’s one of many in the middle of ‘birthday month,’ a total contradiction. There’s more but I don’t have room.

  129. Where’s the love? Too much bashing :( I loved this episode. It was awesome. Some of the looks Michael gave the camera made me laugh out loud.

  130. @190-

    I wasn’t talking about plot detail… and perhaps detail wasn’t the correct word. I was just talking about the random little things in the background that I look forward to finding every week. All the stickers and things near Dwight’s desk, photos of Jim and Pam on Jim’s desk… things like that. I know that Creed isn’t a salesperson… but his name is on that list with some sort of a number. I don’t think that Ryan’s name was up there, and I was basically trying to figure out who else’s names were on that board.

  131. In regards to Pam and Jim plot development:

    There’s really not much they can do. Sure, they can have them argue and whatnot or throw some loop but that’s not what they’re going after. They’re trying to show that Pam and Jim are PERFECT for each other (they always have been trying to show this). They dabbled in it a bit with Stress Relief, however. Pam and Jim are two happy youngsters in love about to be wed. I think what they’re doing right now is fine. We’ll see what happens when the “honeymoon” stage is over.

  132. I already thought this episode was better than any episode from last season. I am a die-hard fan, but I thought last season was REAL weak. I am now absolutely stoked for this season. Paul Lieberstein, if you happen to be reading this: thank you, thank you, thank you (:

  133. With apologies to #191: Where’s the bashing? Too much love.

    The Office’s descent into mediocrity continues. Worst season opener ever. I stopped Tivo-ing The Office after Season 3, but I still watched because there were occasional glimpses of its brilliant past. Now I’m totally over it.

  134. Sorry.
    I love the show, but I was disappointed by the season opener. Sure, it was better than most of the previous season, but I expected a return to form and was let down. Biggest problems? Too much mean spirited behavior on the part of Michael and (even though it was just 1 line) Angela, and when did Andy and Kevin become Dumb and Dumber? I mean, there’s funny-dumb and then there’s ridiculous-dumb. Jim and Pam seemed to phone in their performances. How would the ‘real’ Pam react to the ‘bastard’ remark? I hope the characters become real again soon….

  135. Sorry if it has already been mentioned, but I thought Jim and Pam were trying to keep the pregnancy a secret from their parents until after the wedding, but they told Michael “we just barely told our parents last week.” does Pam just not want her parents to know, and Jim was talking about his parents they told?

  136. @197: My guess is they told their parents but don’t want the rest of the family to know? But yes I caught that too.

  137. “That’s why Spartacus is a classic ‘who-dun-it’.” I couldn’t stop laughing. If this is a preview of things to come for this season, it’ll be the best one in 4 years (season 2 being the best).

  138. Hold on…don’t judge the whole season by the opener! There’s so much more show! I will admit that it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped but what saved it for me was that opening scene:

    HARDCORE PARKOUR! That was a totally classic “Michael and Dwight antics” scene. It was so hilarious I watched it over and over and even showed it to a couple of friends who don’t even watch The Office. They loved it! Jim’s commentary on it was the best “Technically they are doing it as long as point A is delusion and point B is the hospital”. So funny! I still feel the season can only get better.

  139. This could have already been in an earlier post, but did anyone else notice that the female intern from the premier has already been in an Office episode? I was watching season 4 deleted scenes last night, and in one of them she talks to Oscar about working for Dunder Mifflin. Her name is Megan in that episode, and I don’t have time to re-watch “Gossip” right now. That would be cool if it was the same character.

  140. In case anyone was really interested in my previous post, the character’s name is Megan in both episodes – I imdb-ed it. I think it’s kind of cool that the writers kept that continuity with such a minor character. I just hope that someone else finds this interesting haha.

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