Tori’s Review: Product Recall

Last week, I caved and watched the video preview that NBC released of Jim being “Dwight.” I immediately regretted it. I was positive I had spoiled myself for the funniest Office moment ever.

I was wrong.

Jim being “Dwight,” while brilliant, was totally trumped by Dwight (or Rainn) being “Jim.” Excellent.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed this week’s episode much more than last. Good thing too, because my hiney has finally healed after the spanking I got from last week’s review. I kid. Mostly. Kinda.

This week profiled two huge disasters at Dunder Mifflin — a duck and mouse caught being “more than that,” and Andy’s realization that his girlfriend needed him to get into R-rated movies.

So how did duck and mouse wind up doing what dogs do? Here is my theory: someone at the paper mill found out their fiancé kissed someone in the mill office three weeks before their wedding. Pissed. Unfortunately, with no Dwight to intervene, animal humping slipped through the cracks. (NO time!)

While the cartoon sex storyline, of course, circled around Michael, I really felt the secondary characters beamed in this episode.

Creed is such a fantastic lunatic. The man couldn’t tell the difference between an apple and a potato, yet he devised a plan to throw someone under the bus for his mistake in less than 30 seconds. Impressive.

It was also great to see Kelly outside of a Kelly/Ryan storyline. We usually only see the air-headed side of Kelly, because it is the only side, but her bubbly personality makes her very good at her job. Kelly is great with customer service, but not so good at teaching it. Much like how Angela is great with numbers, but not so good being at being human. The more we learn about her, the more I wonder if someone should rescue her cats.

The great thing about the secondary characters on The Office is they are such whole characters. When Creed, Meredith, or Angela has a moment to stand in front, or be the “money beet,” it is like seeing an old friend. A strange old friend, who you don’t see because you no longer return their phone calls, or lost touch when they became homeless, but still — someone you know well.

Andy’s storyline this week was the one I hoped for last week. We got a small glimpse into his sad world when he realized a girl he was totally into still needed to take her SATs. Thank goodness he only believes in mailbox baseball on the first date, and not more. I am not sure I like Andy Bernard yet, but I also don’t want to see him as a registered sex offender.

While I am not sure about Andy, Ed Helms has captured me. If anyone else played Andy, I would not like the character, but Ed has a way of giving me hope there is a decent guy in there. It is almost as if he is the product of a Michael and Dwight mating. Such an oddball.

No JAM interaction this week, but some great Jim time. I really see why Pam is attracted to him. Jim is a great guy. He knows what to do in crisis, and he knows what to say when someone needs to be lifted up. He has his jerk moments, but he is a friend, even to those he doesn’t quite understand. I can see why they became friends. Now we just need to hope for a small push to, “more than that.”

No, not that.

Well. Maybe.

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.