1. wow, that’s interesting…Angela looks great except for the flip flops…but why is Brian dressed for so much cooler weather?

  2. jennmark…that’s what men us wear to look nice and causal. We wear slacks, a nice shirt, and a blazer.

  3. Brian looks good and spring casual and professional.
    Gimme a break. You want him in a hawaiian shirt and shorts?

  4. Wow, Angela should NOT be wearing those shoes. I wonder if she was wearing other shoes, and then changed because her heels were sinking in the grass? Oh well. Gorgeous dress though.

  5. Don’t worry Angela, I love ur flip flops, even if no one else does. (Hehe, like she’s reading this :P)

  6. Angela and Brian seem to be hanging out ALOT. And they are always doing stuff together, someone knows why?

  7. Wow, Brian looks fantastic!! Wow, wow, wow!

    Not sure what’s up with Angela’s shoes, but I’m sure she had a good reason.

  8. They both look great!
    I noticed all the comments on Angela’s shoes. On closer inspection they aren’t regular flip flops. They have a small heal (I had a pair once.). I think that they look okay and kudos to her if she can walk in them (I’m telling you they are uncomfortable). Hope it helps. :)

  9. Angela’s shoes look like those dressy flip flops with high heels. (Well, sort of high). I’ve seen some in the stores and they actually look pretty cool. But they are probably sinking the heels in the grass.

  10. 9: Theo

    I think they have said in the past that they are good friends and they have the same management or something along those lines, so they get to do a lot of things together.

  11. Angela said in one of her blog’s that someone asked if they were married since she & Brian do a lot of publicity stuff together. They are married, but not to each other (Angela is married to Paul Lieberstein’s brother Warren) and they share the same publicist. That’s why they do events together.

    My .02 worth-I would have picked black shoes but hey, I like matchy-matchy dressing since I have zero fashion sense. The dress is fab though!

  12. Such a fun photo. I love her dress, it’s fun to see them both in a setting outside of “The Office”. :)

  13. They look adorable!! Brian must have been so hot in that suit…it was over 90 degrees!

  14. Angela didn’t go there wearing flip-flops. She said that she was wearing heels but they were sinking into the grass so she took the flip-flops out of her little gift bag they gave everyone and wore those because they were much more comfortable and easier to walk in. ;)

    Hope that clears up all the shoe questions!

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