Vote for your favorite Dunder-ku!

I’ve picked my favorite 20 Dunder-kus (no trivial feat) — now you pick yours!

The top three vote-getters get to pick from the following prizes, courtesy of the NBC Store: Dunder Mifflin cap, This is Pam t-shirt (size L), and I Heart Jim t-shirt (size XL).

Prizes will be awarded waterfall style: the top vote-getter gets their choice of three prizes, the second-place vote-getter chooses from the remaining two prizes, and the third-place vote-getter receives whatever prize is remaining.

Voting closes: Wednesday, July 18th, 11pm PT.

[Poll no longer available]


  1. haha oh man i love all of fans are so funny and clever..and i love these fun little contests during the summer.. ok now i have to pick one ah lol

  2. Aww. Whoever wrote “Bobblehead. Birkenstocks. Baby Jazz.” for Angela, my vote (in spirit) goes to you!

  3. I like “Pudge. Patch. Possibly Madge,” I think mostly because it retains something that was brilliant about Jim’s delivery of “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica,” which is the explosive nature of the pauses, and the way the three things piled up on each other as he layered them on. The content of this one is not as good but the format is effective.

  4. I laughed out loud at a couple of these. My favs were Toby, Ed Truck, and Oscar. I wound up voting for Oscar. Ole!

  5. gotta go with ed truck. goes best with the original line, plus the capa detated is classic michael word mumbo jumbo hilarity…

  6. Everyone, please vote for Pucci’s Dunder-Ku so I can finish dead last! … My personal fave is Stanley: Perpetually pining for pretzels.

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