1. Editors, hello? Why didn’t they leave these scenes in? They were funnier than some which made the final cut! :) Plus more funny time for some of the characters, i.e. Oscar, who don’t get as much screen time as the others.

  2. Aw….I was so sad they cut Nashua’s part but I really did like the episode. Oscar’s ‘gay’ abs made me laugh so much!

  3. I think Oscar could be the most underutilized character on the show. He has had some truly classic moments! “Gay abs” … awesome.

  4. Was wondering where the chocolate plot disappeared to…
    By the way, I hope someone posts the Jim and Pam ‘lineup’ thing before My Name Is Earl.

  5. This was just another awesome scene in an already awesome episode.

    And #13, Nashua was mentioned briefly in ‘Local Ad’. It was the commercial they showed Michael in his office and apparently that was their branch.

    Again, love that Andy!

  6. I can’t believe how angry Michael got with Jim. Eesh… I did like the “I love you” exchange on the phone with Jim, though. hehe

  7. This sucks, I really want to see these but can’t because I live in the UK :(

    No fair.

    [from tanster: please try the tip posted right below the video and report back!]

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