The Office YouTube promo contest!

Following the NBC-YouTube announcement, here’s more on the promo contest from the official NBC press release:

NBC will launch a contest for its hit comedy “The Office” (Thursdays, 9:30-10 p.m. ET) where people can submit their own creative 20-second promotional videos to NBC’s YouTube Group ( NBC will publicize the campaign on air regularly during the first three weeks of the contest, encouraging YouTube users to enter. User-generated videos must be compelling and entertaining and create interest for potential viewers to watch “The Office.” Examples can be seen in the NBC YouTube Group.

The contest runs June 26 through July 21. The winning video will air within the network broadcast of “The Office” during the month of August. NBC will also offer a “how-to” video featuring writer-producer Bill Lowery, who normally writes and produces all the network’s promos for “The Office.”

I am sooo excited for you fanvid creators out there — here’s your chance to get your video ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!

NBC’s new deal with YouTube

Hollywood Reporter describes a new deal between NBC and YouTube.

The most interesting part of the article to Office fans is:

The deal … includes a contest centered on the NBC series “The Office,” inviting YouTube users to create their own shortform videos touting the series.

The Associated Press provides a few more details on the contest:

NBC will sponsor a contest in which fans of “The Office” can create their own 20-second promotional clip — as long as they don’t use any copyright footage from the show. NBC will provide music, graphics and a “how-to” video.

Ooh boy, another contest! Calling Becca, proudgirl, and all other Office fanvid creators!

Dwight Schrute speaks at Microsoft

At Microsoft’s San Francisco presentation of its new virtual meeting product called Microsoft Office Roundtable, Dwight Schrute makes a surprise appearance.

Dwight, of course, takes the opportunity to suck up to the presenter: “You know, I go to bed every night with my Xbox 360 and my collector’s edition of Windows 95, and my signed 8×10 glossy of Bill Gates.”

Transcript | Video

Get The Office at your office

TIME Magazine reports on the bold new frontier of online TV programming.

There are a few interesting snippets relating to the Office webisodes:

[Greg] Daniels [The Office executive producer] considered letting actors swear in the Office webisodes but says he didn’t think “people wanted to hear their favorite characters shouting profanities they wouldn’t hear on the regular show.”

I don’t know; I think a well-placed profane utterance by Angela would be quite hysterical!

Read the full article here.

Dunder Mifflin is real, at least in Scranton

scranton the office dunder mifflin

How cool is this — yes, that’s a Dunder Mifflin banner hanging in front of Scranton City Hall!

Although a fictional company, Dunder Mifflin is an official member of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, and took part last month in a banner campaign aimed at welcoming visitors into the city. Read more about the campaign here.

I’ve been told, “you’ll be seeing the same banner appear in the show as one was made for them and [it was] sent … out last week. This season’s going to be good and watch for some authentic scenes from Scranton.”

As if we needed another reason to get excited about Season 3! :)

Photo courtesy of our friends in Scranton, The Electric City.