1. Thanks for this! I have no idea how you keep up with everything .. . . . I am glad that at least they got best kiss, though, of course I wish they got most bests. Stiff competition though and probably with shows that have a lot more viewers. The Office probably actually did well considering that, I bet. I went back and read (reread?) the January GMMR interview with John and Jenna — that’s a really great interview, isn’t it. Thank you again.

  2. Thanks for the head’s up. I didn’t waste my time watching all the other losers, er, winners. Jenna looked cute making her acceptance speech, of course, but that award looks like poop on a pedestal.

  3. We won the most important one, that’s all that matters. Especially considering it was up against voting from the often very rabid Veronica Mars fans.

  4. It’s surprising that they won Best Kiss but not Best Chemistry, because even though I ship almost everything on the list, I have to say that Jim and Pam have the best.

  5. What the hell? I love Scrubs but… really?

    And Zach Braff funnier than Steve? No.

  6. I barley watch any of those other shows so I’m really not going to comment on this…oh wait… Im just mad that arrested development didn’t get most missed show.

  7. Did anyone see the second(or first) interview when Kristin told her they’d won Best Kiss? Maybe it was just me but she looked a little embarassed lol.

  8. I was actually extremely disappointed w/ the results. I thought The Office (and more specifically, JAM) got robbed on a lot of categories. I mean, i think it’s awesome they won for “best kiss”! But what about the love triangle and best chemistry, oh, and biggest shocker. Definitely should have won in those categories. But anyways…

  9. It’s just amazing how different Kristen is with interviewing women than she is men. She’s much more normal with Jenna.

  10. I think I speak for everyone when I say “HOORAY! John didn’t win future husband!” I know everyone at TWoP was careful not to vote for him in that category.

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