Steve Carell: The Tao of Steve

Susie over at the LiveJournal Office community has posted scans of a Premiere Magazine article entitled “The Tao of Steve.”

It includes a funny quote from Rainn Wilson:

“Maybe many years from now they’ll discover Steve has a room in his house where he’s bitten the heads off of dolls,” jokes Rainn Wilson, Carell’s costar on The Office. “They’ll find, like, eight thousand dolls with their heads chewed off. But that would be it. There wouldn’t be any drugs, he never cheated on his wife, no alcohol in the equation — just one really weird thing that is ultimately discovered about Steve Carell.”

Check out the full article (and a skin-crawling bee picture!) here.

Steve Carell: Mr. Multi-talented has a funny interview with Steve Carell, who talks, among other things, about his stint as Hammy the squirrel in the animated film, Over The Hedge:

One of Hammy’s special talents is his ability to burp the entire alphabet, and it’s a trait Carell is rather proud of.

“It took me many tries, but it’s a talent. I never thought when I learned to do that at age 13 it would pay off with a major motion picture. I should list it on my resume. I can burp and I own my own tux and I can drive a stick shift. I can do it all. Multi-talented.”

The article also includes Steve’s insight into his hilarious Golden Globe acceptance speech.

Read the full article here.

Jenna Fischer on Celebrity Poker Showdown

A reminder that Jenna plays on Celebrity Poker Showdown later today, June 21st. Check your local listings.

This is Tournament 8, Game 4, and includes Mario Cantone, Rocco DiSpirito, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jordan Peele.

In the Philadelphia Daily News, Jenna provides details on one particular hand:

Fischer, who went out in second place, said: “In one key hand when we were three-handed, I had Ac-Kc and raised it up before the flop, making it $1,200 to go from the small blind against Cantone, who was in the big blind with 3-3. The flop came down Qd-Jc-7h, and I moved all-in. I was pretty happy about the way I played that hand.”

See a complete list of events in the calendar.

Pre-order The Office Season 2 DVD

the office season 2 dvd cover

Following yesterday’s news that The Office Season 2 DVD set will be released on September 12, the DVDs are now available for pre-order at the Universal Studios Home Video store.

This purchase will run you $37.98 (before shipping and tax), with a ship date of September 10th.

Click here to pre-order!

Update 6/22: Amazon is now selling the Season 2 DVD set for $34.99 with free shipping! Pre-order here. (Thanks to the LiveJournal Office community for the tip!)

Update 7/7: Amazon has reduced the price to $32.49 (35% off) with free shipping! Pre-order here.

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Jenna asks the fans …

jenna fischer pam beesly the office

We are so excited that The Office’s own Jenna Fischer is kicking off our iPod Giveaway with this challenge for fans:

Create a new office character. Name, occupation, and personality.

You have until approximately June 27 at 12:15am Pacific Time to add a comment, 200 WORD LIMIT. Click the iPod Giveaway badge for the complete rules.

Thank you, Jenna! Can’t wait to see what the fans come up with …

Icon courtesy of beingothrwrldly.

Season 2 DVDs to release Sept. 12

It’s official — The Office Season 2 DVD set will be released September 12!

It is a 4-disc set. According to Jenna’s and Angela’s MySpace blogs, the set will include episode commentaries, webisodes, the PSAs, the Olympics promos, deleted scenes, and Jenna’s home movies!

There is a pre-order link on the details page with a purchase price of $37.98, but it doesn’t look like it’s working yet.

For more details, click here.

Y’all let me know when the pre-order link is working, and I’ll update this post.

Woo-hoo, we finally have a date!