Office Cast Watch List: Dec. 29 – Jan. 4

See Office cast members on these upcoming shows:

  • Sun Dec. 31 and Tue Jan. 2:
    Steve Carell on ‘Between the Lions’ (kids’ reading show)
    Station: KQEDK. Episode: ‘Too Cool.’
  • Mon Jan. 1:
    Melora Hardin on ‘Monk.’
    Station: USA. Episode: ‘Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine.’
  • Mon Jan. 1 and Tue. Jan. 2:
    David Denman on ‘The X-Files.’
    Station: TNT. Episode: ‘Field Trip.’
    Before The Office came along, my top TV addiction was The X-Files. This particular episode, ‘Field Trip,’ is a fun and twisty one. For you diehard fans, it’s the one with Scully and Mulder slathered in yellow goo. Yummy.
  • Thu Jan 4:
    Jenna Fischer on the Rachael Ray Show.
    Taped before Thanksgiving, this is when GMMR met Jenna!

John blogs one for the crew

Even though there was no new Office episode this week, props guy extraordinaire John Sparano updated his MySpace blog with an ode to the crew — and it’s a fantastic glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world that we TV fans rarely get to see:

I remember when Jenna got into the set the first day back, she thought the ceiling seemed a little lower than last year before she figured out that Pam slouches and Jenna doesn’t. That’s the kind of detail that pervades every aspect of the show. Even the guys take quite a bit of time for makeup to give them the perfect look. Rainn especially has a specific hairstyle that always had to be adjusted to stay consistent.

Read One for the Crew.

Bullish on Benihana

This from Schaeffer’s Daily Market Blog:

Perhaps it was the over-the-top product placement on the Christmas episode of The Office earlier this month, but something has brought Asian eatery Benihana (NASDAQ:BNHN) under the spotlight …

The operator of about 55 teppanyaki-style restaurants has rallied more than 11 percent today, overtaking its 10-week moving average in the process.

… Keep an eye on this one to see if today’s breakout translates into a reversal in its overall trend or if it, like Steve Carell’s Michael Scott character, is just on the rebound.

Read the full investment report here.

Office fanvid makers win VH1 prize

This is a little OT (as in off-topic), but once you see this vid, I hope you’ll understand why I had to post it.

Tony Fiandaca and Paul Cummings were finalists during NBC and YouTube’s The Office Create Your Own Promo contest with their stop-motion entry, “The Switch.”

Fiandaca and Cummings recently won VH1’s top prize in its “Show Us Your Junk” contest with their gravity-defying video, “Tony vs. Paul.”

Read the article | Watch the video

Pretty cool, huh?

I’ll take "Cool TV Shows" for $400, Alex

the office jeopardy clueOT reader Sara wrote in last night with the following:

‘I didn’t know if you all saw “Jeopardy!” tonight, but one of the categories in the Jeopardy round was “TV Shows by Character.” This was the $400 clue.’

What I want to know is, does Sara always have her camera ready to take pics of her TV whenever something Office-related comes on? ;)

Talking Michael Scott bobblehead coming!

I received an email from the NBC Universal Office store:

We are developing the Michael Scott bobblehead that will be a talking bobblehead. We’ll be putting in three to five Michael Scott quotes. Would you be interested in running a story on asking which Michael quotes real Office fans would like to have on the bobblehead? Only real requirement is that it must be from Season 1 or 2.

Well, folks, what do you think? Which Michael Scott quotes from Seasons 1 and 2 are bobblehead-worthy?

Please post your top Michael quotes, up to THREE quotes only, from Seasons 1-2 only. All other comments will be removed (just to make it easier for me to tabulate).

“That’s what she said” is a must-have, don’t you agree?

I will tabulate the list and send it off to NBC. Thanks for your feedback!

Update: This post is now closed to new comments.

Vote for The Office in NBC’s "Best of" polls

The Office has been included in a bunch of NBC’s "Best of 06" polls:

  • Category: Best Viral Video
    Nominees: “April Fool’s Day” PSAs, Lazy Scranton
  • Category: Best Cliffhanger — WINNER
    Nominee: Jim and Pam’s Kiss
  • Category: Best Guest Appearance — WINNER
    Nominee: Ed Helms
  • Category: Best Online Exclusive — WINNER
    Nominee: Office Webisodes
  • Category: Best Rivals — WINNER
    Nominee: Jim and Dwight
  • Category: Best Duo
    Nominee: Michael and Dwight
  • Category: Best Battle
    Nominee: Pam vs. Karen
  • Category: Best Kiss — WINNER
    Nominees: Pam and Jim, Michael and Oscar
  • Category: Couple Who Should Be Together — WINNER
    Nominees: Pam and Jim, Dwight and Angela
  • Category: Couple Who Should Never Have Been Together — WINNER
    Nominee: Pam and Roy
  • Category: Saddest Farewell
    Nominee: Jim moves to Stamford

Go vote!

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