Newpeat discussion

SPOILER WARNING! Comments will contain spoilers.

I thought I would create this post so that we can discuss new scenes from tonight’s Traveling Salesmen/The Return newpeats. Discuss away!

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  1. I love that Jim was the only one who was so excited for Pam! –he really does care about her and her art, even if he didn’t go to her show. =)

  2. I was so happy for Pam and that Jim was the most excited for her. :) I’m sure that made her very happy.

  3. Any chance people could describe the new scenes for those of us who are Johnny Foreigners and couldn’t see them for ourselves?

  4. I thought this was going to be like when ABC used to play recaps of Lost and Desperate Housewives, but they were sort of in a montage and connected by a narrator. I think this format has been very entertaining sort of in the same way it’s fun to watch Arrested Development DVDs over and over again. I think it also reveals the syndication value of this show.

  5. I finally figured out why Pam needed to be part of the prank – she needed to get Andy’s cell phone number. Duh.

    So far no new stuff in The return?

    Love that Angela’s cat is named Sprinkles. Also loved Pammy’s art contest.

  6. Ah they brought back Sprinkles and the cats! Excellent throw back! And the Jam. I think that added to the Karen yanking down of the posters deleted scene.

  7. I really enjoyed the newpeats. I noticed new scenes in the first part, but not so much in The Return. I was surprised how they cut a whole story line involving Pam and her art. It was nice to see that Jim was the only person really happy for her (yes I know that the show doesn’t have to revolve around JAM).

  8. Ok. Pam. One word. Adorable. I loved the new part with her telling Jim about her water color award! They are too cute =)

  9. Enjoyed it! Still, I miss Jim’s asking Ryan to pull the prank on Andy. Ryan’s response was one of the best lines all season. I also wish they fit in Angela and her speech to Pam about John Denver, but c’est la vie.

  10. loved the new jim pam moment. maybe they should have left that in. it would have saved them a ton of crap from the fans about having no jim pam moments…

    i heart dwight!

  11. I loved the new scenes in TS, too. I think it did a lot for the plot and gave us a new bit of depth to Karen’s frustration. Her face when he was giving Pam a high five (and the AMAZING way his face glowed as he did it–I swear I nearly melted) was sad, and for the first time ever, I felt a bit sorry for Karen.
    Not sorry enough to be upset if she were to get locked in a closet for a few episodes, though….

  12. Love the art contest story line in Traveling Salesmen, but where was the new material in the Return? I noticed they cut Michael’s “butt-kissing” story out (which worked for me because I thought it was totally unnecessary the first time) and a few other lines here and there. The scenes in the second hour did seem to jump around a lot more quickly than in the original episode, but I can’t figure out how they filled up that extra time… anyone?

  13. Did Jim ask for Ryan’s help when the episode originally aired? I forgot. But I remember the scene, whichever episode it was.

  14. The high five???!?!?!?!? Definitely the highlight!!!!

    My tape gave out, I hope someone can put that part on youtube! new classic Jim/Pam moment!

  15. The only new thing in the Return, I believe, was during Angela and Michael’s talk… they added in “why would he do that for you… I think I know why..” or something like that.

    And the Pam art storyline was nice. Good to see the leadup to the flier attempt.

  16. Steph C. – Jim asked for Ryan’s help in a deleted scene for The Return.

    Kim E. – Yeah I didn’t notice any new material except for the addition of the deleted scene with Andy at the end. I think that was it.

  17. Loved the watercolor scene in Traveling Salesman.

    But where were were new scenes in The Return?

  18. I saw the second half, not the second, and apparently the first half had all the new parts! If anyone finds out where I could see them… let me know! iTunes? BitTorrent?

  19. Didn’t see anyone mention that scene with Angela offering the “dominant male” to Pam…did you see how Angela’s face slowly hardened back into her scowl? Too funny.

  20. I think the Return was very jammed (pun intended!)packed with scenes and they just didn’t have the room to add more to the Return. I noticed they cut the Angela and Michael thing a bit more, in the original she comments how Kevin never reminded her, I loved that part.

    I was happy with just a new added storyline in Travelling Salesman. It’s great to watch those episodes again!

  21. ok after seeing this one thing is clear…. Karen is a Bitch!!!! I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a realllly long time, but she has to go. I mean can the man just congratulate someone without you interrupting????? Come on

    Oh how freakin’ adorable is Pam!! Just when i thought i couldn’t love her more!

  22. wow.. jenna’s best acting of traveling salesman was when she won that contest.
    she wasnt really in any other parts, so i’m happy that they added all those things.

    and BOOM.. karen ruins like.. THE sweetest JAM moment.

  23. I think there technically were new scenes in “The Return,” but they weren’t new to you if (like me) you saw the producer’s cut.

  24. Pam is my favorite character so I really enjoyed the added art award storyline.

    I loved her little smile after Jim left. She felt good that he was so proud of her. Very cute.

  25. Why WOULDN’T Karen get a little jealous of Jim’s moment with Pam? Come on ladies…we all know we would feel the same way about our man if we had just foundo ut what she had found out. Especially one as beatiful as Jim!

  26. I loved when Pam googled her picture, and she showed it to the camera like, “look!” , but it was really tiny! She’s so cute.

  27. The only “new” scene I caught was Pam telling Jim about her award. I didn’t know it was starting at 8:00! :(

  28. Ryan’s comment when Jim asked to help (Ask me again 10 years ago) was in the epi, they just cut it this time.

  29. I don’t know if they showed this last time, I might’ve missed it.. but I thought it was SO hilarious when Dwight was telling Jim that 70% of attacks come from behind and then Jim slapped him in the face. I was CRACKING UP!

  30. In response to Tyler:
    I was just reading that! That’s so funny, I was about to link it too!

    I find it hard to believe that they are filming the season finale?!?!?!?!?!? OMG! ONE HOUR! and as Jenna said, there’s a lot of ground to cover!!!

  31. I loved the new scenes (yay for more Jam!), but my favorite squeal moment is still when Jim goes: “Why-did she say something?” It’s so junior high. And SO adorable. :)

  32. So…there are 3 versions of The Return? Newpeat, Producer’s Cut, and Original airing? We might even have 4 once The Office hits syndication.

  33. I wish they’d left in the Jim/Pam moment in Traveling Salesman, when Jim got so excited about Pam winning the contest. Now that I’ve seen it, there’s definitely no doubt in my mind that Karen tore down the art show flyer or otherwise prevented Jim from knowing about it.

  34. I agree Katie. If I was lucky enough to be dating Jim, I would interrupt as many of his conversations with Pam as possible and I would take down as many art show flyers as I could get my hands on. I really feel for Karen; we all know that it’s going to end badly for her. There’s something so real about her desire to make her relationship with Jim work.

  35. I LOVED the additional storyline with Pam’s art contest. She was so cute, all excited and proud of herself. And I loved that moment with Angela where you almos think they’ll be friends… and then it’s all ruined with the cat thing. *sigh* And Jim’s excitement for her was so adorable – not just because Jim/Pam yay, but also because you could tell that that was the reaction she was looking for from *anyone* since the moment she found out and started telling people. :)

  36. Does anyone know if this will be on iTunes? I can’t watch it, there’s a fire nearby and that’s all over the news on the NBC affiliate :(

  37. Hey Hil…I feel your pain! I would be really upset if there was a new episode on tonight….and all I could watch on NBC is fire coverage! ARGGGH Channel 3 said earlier that it could be seen at 3:05 AM. Set the TiVo or VCR! lol

  38. Hil,

    I live in Sacramento too, and am SO upset that stupid KCRA 3 is covering that fire instead of showing The Office. But I did hear them mention that The Office will be shown at 3:05 a.m., so set your VCR. :(

  39. besides the Pam thing, what were the added scenes from The Return? anything that wasn’t in the producer’s cut, which is listed

    * Michael’s convertible top has mechanical problems and will not go up. When Oscar parks his new car (leased for him by the company as part of his settlement), Michael advises Oscar to “put rainbow stickers on the back”. Michael comments on the “German engineering” of Oscar’s Lexus RX. In a talking head, Oscar admits that he is not sure whether he wants everyone to “just keep their mouth shut” about his orientation, or keep going “because I could use a home theater system”.
    * Oscar runs into Creed and Jim in the kitchen and asks them where Dwight is, prompting Creed to describe events from “Grief Counseling” (completely unrelated to Dwight’s departure). Jim, being at Stamford at that time, says he is sure none of that’s real, causing Creed to shout “You’re not real, man!”
    * Brief shot of snow collecting in Michael’s uncovered convertible.
    * Kelly is surprised that Oscar has never heard of Lance Bass, suggesting that Oscar should “learn more about his culture.”
    * Michael asks Jim what he thinks of Andy. Michael claims on paper that he and Andy should be best friends. Jim tells him that the Andy will only say what makes Michael happy, being a “yes man”. Michael doesn’t understand what this means until Jim tells him that Andy did the same thing with Josh.
    * In a talking head, Michael recalls a childhood memory of being put to bed in Spider-Man pajamas and his mother kissing him on his butt accidentally. Thus he knows what it is like to have your butt kissed literally, saying “and it better not be what Andy is doing”.
    * Angela confides in Pam about missing Dwight. She tells Pam she doesn’t want people to know about their relationship. Pam tells her there has to be a way she can get Dwight back without spilling the beans. Angela claims she cannot, as she is “not like Pam, walking around in [her] provocative outfits, saying whatever thought pops in [her] head”.
    * Sequence of Michael talking about (in talking head format) going to get Dwight being played as he cleans snow out of his car. Michael states that he made a big mistake replacing Dwight with Andy, a person who “loves the company so much he punched a hole in it”.
    * Michael’s search for Dwight in Staples is extended.
    * Creed asked Meredith where she got some of the party food. When she mentioned the store name, Creed asked which aisle specifically. Meredith then replied that she couldn’t remember, but Creed apparently didn’t process what she just said and offered her a pen and his hand (instead of paper) and said “Draw me a map, Mama!”
    * Michael shakes maracas at Pam while saying “I will shake mine, and then you will shake yours.” Pam promptly says “No I will not”. Phyllis proceeds to shake her chest enthusiastically, causing Pam to smile and Michael to walk away in disgust.
    * Michael asks Oscar if this party reminds him of his childhood, Oscar says it reminds him of the movie ¡Three Amigos!. Michael is flattered by Oscar’s suggestion and takes it as a compliment.
    * The episode ends with Andy driving to a ten-week Anger Management program he has been ordered to attend. Andy prefers to think of it as “Management Training.” He tells the documentary crew that he intends to complete the program in five weeks by employing a strategy of “name repetition, personality mirroring, and positive reinforcement through nods and smiles,” similar to the strategy announced upon his arrival at Scranton. Andy claims “I’ll be back, just like Rambo” as he greets his counselor.

  40. “Does anyone know if this will be on iTunes? I can’t watch it, there’s a fire nearby and that’s all over the news on the NBC affiliate :(”

    These episodes have been on iTunes since the originals aired, they’re listed on itunes as director’s cut episodes. That’s basically what was shown tonight as “newpeats”.

  41. I’m with all the Sacramentans. This sucks. I was really hoping to watch the newpeats, but stupid KCRA. And now Access Hollywood is on. I mean at least News10 stopped to show Ugly Betty.

    Thanks for the heads up Amanda for the rerun later. Fires suck.

  42. Was very upset with this. I thought they would add more then just the pam painting sequence. The return on itunes had all those extra scenes.

  43. in The Return there were actually some things cut out of it!…the part when Michael walks out to his car an sees all snow piled in it!!

  44. To throw in my 2 cents, I think they did a great job splicing the two episodes and merging them into this one. It flowed really well.

    I did miss a few of the orginal scenes – cause, let’s face it, there are always very few bits in even the cutting room floor stuff that isn’t funny on the The Office.

    The snow in Michael’s car for instance – so simple, and yet so typical Micahel Scott. Or the Lance Bass exchange between Oscar and Kelly. That’s just…great stuff.

    But that’s ok – I don’t think this episode was meant to be a “best of” those two episodes, but rather to be one coherent story.

    I do have to say – that stupid Rockin Robin ringtone was highly annoying. I think I’ll have nightmares from that. I get that that was the point…but yeesh. I guess, props to the sound guys, cause if they were going for the most annoying ringtone ever, that probably takes the case. Except for my coworker’s ring tone which we joke sounds like “the mother ship calling her home.”

  45. I had heard (I think in an interview with Mindy) that these two episodes were written very quickly, in the span of two weeks by Lee, Gene, and Mose (can’t remember his real name). These are two of my favorites, and the part with Pam saying “this is Pam, THIS IS PAM” all excited! Priceless. She always says it so flat, it was great to hear some emotion!

  46. ARRGGGH! Someone messed with my DVR and so I have no recording of the newpeat. I am going to sleep now, or I am going to try to go to sleep anyway after this disappointment. (that, and total failure with my NCAA bracket). Please, someone, work some YouTube magic overnight. ::swirly Dwight salute::

  47. Can someone please describe the Pam/Jim/Art thing? I tragically missed it, and I need to know what happened!

  48. I love my husband so much that I went out on a date with him instead of watching. Now I’m trying to find the new Jim & Pam stuff with no success. I even bought the directors cut from iTunes and it wasn’t there. Long story short, I’m chiming in with the YouTube cries.

  49. In The Return, I noticed some scenes were extended, rather than many new ones added in. For example, after Karen finally got Jim to admit he “still had feelings” for Pam, she got up and left the conference room, leaving Jim sitting there alone. In the original cut, the camera just cut away quickly to the next scene after dialogue ended. I think the big “added scene” in the Return was the one at the very end with Andy going to Anger Management… which we’ve already seen online.

  50. 61 | Squinky are u sure, I remember watching the retunrs original airing and seeing Karen get up and walk out

  51. To comment #59 (and those who didn’t get a chance to see the added scenes).

    Scene: Pam at her reception desk. The phone rings.

    — Shot of Pam at her desk —

    Pam: “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam…. THIS IS PAM!!! I did!?”

    — Cuts to a talking head of Pam —

    Pam: “Yeah I did a watercolor of Francis Willard elementary school for a contest they were having. They were calling with the result. And I won. I won!!! My painting won! So I’d like to thank my Mom for always encouraging me. And I’d like to thank my Dad for buying my first set of art pencils. And… I’d like to thank the 6th grade class that picked me :)”

    — Cuts to a shot of Pam in her desk googling her little watercolor picture online and showing it to the camera —

    Then… she goes to tell Kevin about her exciting news. Kevin asks her if she won anything from her watercolor, unto which she replied, a $100. Instead of being congratulatory, Kevin responds by saying how he won $400 from an NBA game the other night (not quite the response Pam was hoping for).

    Then… Pam goes to Angela and tells her the same news. Angela tells Pam that she enjoys the little moments they get to spend together and offers Pam one of her kittens, to which Pam considerately turns down (the whole cats aren’t allowed in apartments routine). Angela didn’t take kindly to that and disdainfully retorts back with “well then, have a nice day.” and goes back to her seat.


    Scene: Jim comes back from his sales calls. Karen comes up and invites him for coffee. As Jim is getting his coat off the rack…

    — Jim to Pam —

    Jim: “Beesly, coffee?”
    Pam: “No thanks, I had some already.”
    Jim: “Alright.”
    Pam: “But hey Jim…”
    Jim: “Yeah?”
    Pam: “… I won an art contest today.”
    Jim: “No way!”
    Pam: “Yeah!”
    Jim” “Alright Pam congratulations!

    — Jim high-fives Pam —

    Jim: “Which one was it?”
    Pam: “I sent in one of my watercolors.”
    Jim: “Cool!”
    Pam: “It was a new one I did.”
    Jim: “Oh nice…”

    — Karen interrupts Jim —

    Karen: “Are you ready Jim?”
    Jim: “… yeah!”

    — Jim back to Pam —

    Jim: “Can I see it when I get back?”
    Pam: “Yeah!”
    Jim: “Congratulations! Big deal!”

    — Shot of Jim leaving with Karen, pans to Pam with a big smile on her face —

    And thats a g’night!

  52. KCRA-Channel 3 in Sacramento decided to interrupt “The Office” to bring us BREAKING NEWS about a railroad fire or something. What? I’ve been sick all week. My only joy was knowing that the newpeats were going to be on Thursday night. I HATE KCRA. Since I’m not going to work, I’ll try to stay up. But I just want everyone to know that in my last dying breath, I curse KCRA.

  53. Last Week Louisville, my loacl station, WAVE, decided to pre-empt the entire broadcast with a Basketball game. They never even aired the episodes that night! I didn’t even get to see the new episodes of 30 Rock or Scrubs. And I had just bought a HDTV the week before. I wanted to watch the Office in HD! Dang it, WAVE!

  54. Eh. The added scenes weren’t worth watching an hour of reruns, IMO. I agree the high five scene was a good addition, but come on…that was an extra, maybe, 2 minutes of footage. And, they only put it in because they know they’ve pissed off a bunch of Jam fans with no interaction lately, and they want to win them back.

  55. Are the deleted scenes from last night’s Traveling Salesman newpeat located anywhere on the web? Perhaps Youtube? It would be great if some of our more technically inclined Office friends could put something on YouTube. Thanks.

    Snow and sleet in NJ/NY today. Hope everyone has a better weekend weather-wise. Go Hoyas.

  56. Clark thanks for letting know what we missed. And Adriana, that breaking news was actually since 6pm. They seem to have interesting choice of how long breaking news is to viewers. Oh well.

  57. I was really happy that they rewarded us with some real NEW stuff (Pam’s art contest win), instead of just putting in the deleted stuff we’ve already seen! Thank you!

    One thing I did miss was Ryan’s “ask me again ten years ago” scene (it was in the originally aired version). I loved it, but losing it for one viewing was worth it to see the new stuff.

    As far as new footage in The Return, I did notice that in Angela’s confession scene with Michael, they added a little bit more of the conversation that we already saw in the Producer’s cut (Michael asked Angela, “Why would he do that for you?” and then answered the question himself with “Dwight loves this company”. In the original, after Angela confesses, Michael just jumps to that conclusion immediately). And of course the Andy in Anger Management tag, which was vital and IMO should have been in the originally aired version. But I didn’t see anything really NEW.

    Re #61: this scene was the same as the original airing.

    #55 and 56: I wish that the “snow in the car” scene had been in the original, but it was in the Producer’s Cut. I remember because it answered a question a lot of us had after the tv version aired, ie, what was up with Michael’s hair when he was in Staples with Dwight?

    And, if any Office bigwigs are listening (reading), please, Please, PLEASE, include all three versions on the DVD!

  58. So how will this work when the DVDs come out?
    Will they lump them all into a super episode? or will it be the Orignal Airings with the deleted scenes and the Producer Cut ?

  59. Reading the transcript that Clark kindly wrote out, it occurs to me that Jim asked Pam to join him and Karen for coffee! How pissed would Karen have been if Pam had said yes! I guess he could be offering to bring her back some coffee but she could have interpreted it as an offer to join them and then he knows what would have happened.

  60. Amy … Yes, I thought it was funny that Jim invited Pam for coffee, especially since the whole point of the trip was so Karen could corner Jim about his past.

    As for the DVD … With no time constraints, I hope they just put all the scenes together for one huge episode.

  61. When you think about it, don’t many of the JAM problems in the last 10 episodes stem from the fact that Jim would not have a cup of coffee with Pam when she asked in “the Merger?” Just thought I would throw that out. Jim is not a bad guy, he just has bad timing.

  62. Go Andy! He’s comin back baby, oh and he is alot smarter than he looks for getting dwight ousted like that

  63. Just confirmed one other thing for myself: they cut the cold open with Harvey and “Long Tim”. I noticed last night that there was no cold open, and I couldn’t remember if the original had one, and if so, what it was (I know, shame on me!). I had to re-watch the original version on my DVR to jog my memory.

  64. I don’t know if Jim was in fact inviting Pam for coffee (which, don’t get me wrong, is what I was hoping for!), or if he was just offering to bring her one back.

    Is it April 5th yet?????

  65. I’m just waiting for the “deleted scenes are/aren’t canon” argument to start up again. Except this time everyone can argue that they went and ruined the episode, like George Lucas re-tooling Star Wars.

    Except me, that is. I loved the newpeat, Andy is Jar Jar Binks, and Karen is just an unecessary digitally added creature in the background that serves no point but to annoy.

    I love throwin’ rocks at hornet’s nests!

  66. CousinMose, we’re going down together.

    Out with the unnecessary annoyance!

    I’m pretty sure Jim was inviting her for coffee. It seemed to me like that was his offer… I love how, once again, jealous digital creature Karen interrupts and intervenes to make sure she gets the main character, not Pam. Karen’s mean!

  67. I cannot belive they cut out Harvey!

    Me love you long tim.

    Long tim? you should bring him in sometime.

  68. Are the added scense anywhere on the internet? Youtube? For those of us who didn’t see it, we need help!!!

  69. Jules – Haha, I know. I turned to NBC (Channel 3) at 8 PM only to find that they were airing “earlier footage” from when it was still light outside.

  70. re: #79 FutureMrsHalpert …. I agree – I don’t think Jim was inviting Pam to coffee, I think he was just offering to bring her back one.

  71. I do think Jim meant to invite Pam for coffee, because he had no idea what he was “in for” when Karen asked him to go. I think the whole deleted scene between Jim and Pam (besides Pam finally getting proper kudos for winning the contest) was meant to show Jim having no idea that Karen was finally aware of his past dealings with Pam. Think about it; all he’s worried about is seeing Pam’s artwork when he gets back to the office. He has no idea what’s about to hit him at the coffee shop – lamb to the slaughter!

  72. Anyone have luck yet finding the new Pam stuff online? I finally found a clip of just the Harvey scene (youtube, natch), but no such luck with Pam. Or Sprinkles.

  73. I also think he was probably inviting her to go. You have to remember, this is after Benihana Christmas, in which Jim witnessed Pam and Karen becoming friends, and after Back from Vacation, where Pam gave relationship advise to Jim and Karen thanked her for it. So, even though a coffee invitation would be unthinkably insenitive to Karen post-The Return, he had no reason to think that in Traveling Salesmen.

  74. I really would like to see the new Pam stuff as well! I’ve been looking all day, and no one has put a group of Pam shots up yetttttt!!!!

    When someone can do it, and someone sees it, please put the link up!

    My tape gave out, and I missed that whole new storyline! and it’s killing me!

    ok, I am done with my ranting…

  75. I think the DVD is going to have the “newpeat” Traveling Salesmen (with the cold open) and the “producer’s cut” The Return (plus deleted scenes). That way they don’t lose any scene.

  76. Was Pam’s art contest winner part of the never-been-seen footage because I don’t remember that from when the show originally aired earlier this season. Or maybe I’m forgetting? But Angela’s look from happy to rage was hilarious when Pam told her she didn’t want her cat. Angela is an awesome actress. Gosh. Her eyes went from warm to cold like that!! Loved it!

  77. I loved last night’s new JAM clips. I thought it really tied everything together and, of course, that moment was awesome!! I am very optimistic that the main story they added was a Pam story that, under the surface, was really a Pam and Jim story :) Hopefully the producers are just trying to remind us of their connection going into the last of season 3.

    The only think I would add to Clark’s description is Jim’s reaction. For those who didn’t see it, when Pam told him that she had won, his face literally lit up like a Christmas tree. During the whole exchange he had the biggest (think Season 2 Jim) smile on his face. He was practically glowing from the inside out and it was the most “Awwww”-worthy moment this season. I really cannot describe it adequately. He was genuinely sooooo happy for her. Even after Karen had interrupted and Jim was on his way out the door, he turned back and gave Pam another huge, beautiful smile :)

    I think it was put in to also really illustrate the disconnect between him and Karen. He has never once come close to smiling at Karen that way and I don’t think he ever will.

  78. gah! so last night i had a concert that i really wanted to go to, so i asked my sister to tape the episode for me. of course i forgot that the VCR hates my sister, and i missed this supposedly amazing JAM moment! does anyone know if those deleted scenes are up online anywhere?

  79. #98 Employer of the Bride: Clark is mild mannered poster #64 who recapped the new and significant (maybe) Jim and Pam scene that was added to “Travelling Salesmen.”

  80. Nice of you to put the description up Clark, even though i saw it.

    Comment to #98 Employer of the Bride: Clark gave us a discripition to the deleted csene between JAM

  81. OMG! Thank you sooo much Jessie!!!! You’re awesome! :D I can’t stop watching that scene! :P I miss those special JAM moments…

  82. I was SO mad when my DVR player screwed up and didn’t tape this last night… Thanks so much for putting it up!!!!

  83. No problem guys! :D I might go through tomorrow if I’m bored and cut out some of the other clips people are looking for, unless someone beats me to it. Right now though it’s time for bed. I’m tiiired.

  84. obviously, now we have more of a reason to understand why Karen ripped Pam’s poster down.

  85. thanks clark and more so jessie for putting up the clip for us international fans : – )

  86. Thank you for the kind words guys. Appreciate it.

    And thanks Jessie for posting the video. Nice!

    Btw, I was wondering how do people get videos from TIVO uploaded to Youtube? I’m thinking of uploading future Office episodes like this from my TIVO to Youtube.

    Anyway Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  87. 1. Jessie rocks!

    2. Karen is a loser. “Are you ready Jim?” Stop interrupting and grow up.

    3. Genuine happiness from Jim and Pam. Probably one of their best scenes of the season (JAM-wise). I guess that is somewhat sad, but at least there is hope.

    4. Jessie still rocks.

    5. so does Clark.

  88. Dear Mr. Greg Daniels:

    See? Was that so hard? That one little exchange made Jam fans very happy, and Jim didn’t even propose! There is magic in these two just standing next to each other. Having them make eye contact or speak to each other will NOT ruin your show!

    That’s all I’m saying. So make it happen by the end of the season. Pretty please?


  89. PrettyBaby27, from your mouth to Mr. Daniel’s ears. That scene brought me right back to Season 2, and when it ended I found myself with the goofy smile on my face, the same one from eps like Michael’s Birthday, Booze Cruise, and dare I say it, Drug Testing (Hi/Hey).Of course the smile was quickly replaced by “what the hell, man? Why was it cut out? Why was it shown at all, since Karen & Jim are still sailing right along?” That being said, it was fantastic to see. Throw us a bone here. (that means you, Greg Daniels & crew)

  90. Just noticed another Alison on here…and for a second I thought “Heeeey…I didn’t post that”. Then I realized that perhaps there is another Alison out there with one L. Anyways.

  91. Thanks to everyone who helped the victims of the KCRA fire coverage debacle. I set my VCR for 3:05am but something went wrong and I got nothing!
    Clark, Jessie, and of course Tanster, you are wonderful human beings!

  92. “Beesly, coffee?” (guarded Jim)

    “No way, alright PAM, congratulations.” (Jim with his guard down)

    Jim has been using “Beesly” most of this season so it is good to see a glimpse of the old days for a change.

    Thought it was worth mentioning.

  93. NJ Branch, nice observation! i didn’t realize that!

    I’m liking all the new footage we get to see after the episode has already been out, keeping it fresh for us. it makes the office so much more than just a normal television show. It’s amazing.
    Thank you, NBC.

    (PS – thnx, Jessie!)

  94. VERY good point, NJBranch. I had not even really noticed that he called her Beesley first, then Pam.

    He hasn’t called her Pam to her face all season has he?

  95. Angela’s transition from being happy to being angry is priceless. Her blinking cracks me up.

  96. This is why I love Office Tally. When I miss something on the show – and I have a season pass, so it doesn’t happen much – Office Tally has my back. Aww. :)

  97. Best two episodes of the season hands down. The two parter makes more sense with the newly included subplot about Pam’s art. As others pointed out on another forum, this shows Jim and Pam having mirror image experiences of looking for someone who understands them. As a pair of episodes, in addition to being great fun, it makes a poignant point about everyone’s favorite would-be couple. If this had aired in this form before the sweeps I doubt the show would have gotten as much grief as it did from the backsliding during that sweeps arc.

    These two episodes also confirm my belief that Lee and Gene are among the biggest “Jammers” on the writing staff, though that was not the main reason this was so good, it was overall well written and funny.

  98. Are they ever going to show this “newpeat” again because I really wanted to see it But my Tevo decided to freakout and I only saw some of the second half, and now I’m really sad. :(

  99. I can’t figure Karen out. All of the Karen fans (the ones who want her with jim) say that it’s great that she is such a strong character and she’s not a pushover. But as much as I don’t hate her character in general (I don’t have a Karen voodoo doll I stick pins into or anything), she lacks the warmth of Pam. Also, for all talk about her being strong, she comes across to me as someone who is desperate. She has been given plenty of clues that jim has feelings for another woman and would rather interrupt conversations and rip down posters than actually “be” a strong woman, break up, and retain some dignity. They had very little emotionally invested when she got her first inkling that all was not right in the relationship.

    From her reaction to Pam as a rival (totally opposite to what Pam did at Christmas when she befriended Karen in spite of her feelings for jim)we see that she can be a force to be reckoned with when she is unhappy. I think it would be funny to have her and jim breakup because of his feelings for pam and show her mean side.

  100. I have to say I enjoyed the newpeats. I remember a while ago either Jenna or Angela wrote about a scene that they had to shoot together which involved cats that took over 30 takes, I wonder if that was it. Also, while I’m not crazy about Jim’s strange habit of high-fiving women, it was nice to see a moment between them that felt more like Season 1-2. I don’t need them to declare their undying love and start making little PB&J babies, just a return to the fun of say “The Alliance” or “Michael’s Birthday” would be fine by me.

  101. i love jim’s high-fives. they have a not-so-personal, yet, very personal feel to them. i feel like if he were to give me one, it would make me feel really special (and not just because he’s john krasinski). i really wish they had kept that scene in. it is so cute! and i agree that it was nice to see some “old office” with good old supportive jim of pam’s dreams. very cute.

    i love his “no way!” anyday.

  102. I think they’ve cut a lot of the scenes with Karen that make her seem a bit shrewish or paranoid, like the coffee scene or her tearing down the poster, because they want fans to continue to look at her as a viable option for Jim. If she starts to look like a nutcase, then it doesn’t seem real that Jim would be with her, because while he doesn’t quite know what to do about Pam, he seems too sensible to latch on to anyone who might be overly jealous or needy, which is how I think these scenes portray Karen.

  103. I don’t get the Jim/Karen relationship. I think that the only reason Karen had a crush on Jim is because of his nice nature. There are people who click, and then there are people who don’t have anyone else. Like Karen just likes Jim because he’s her option. Jim and Pam just click and that’s what makes there relationship so attractive. Jim and karen are 2 pieces you slam together just so they’ll fit, Jim and Pam fit together perfectly I mean they are PB&J.

  104. Yeah, this development with Jim knowing that Pam is back into art and that she is even entering competitions makes me think that he would maybe have gone to her show. But since Karen did attempt to tear down the poster, and it wasn’t up in the show that aired, I don’t think that Jim knew. I feel like he would have gone if he knew about it, even if Pam couldn’t get the nerve to invite him.

  105. Although Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are good friends, Pam and Angela are anything but. So if someone you wern’t to crazy about offered you a cat you might think they are slightly crazy. Also Pam doesn’t seem like a big cat person.

    I think she should have given it to Dwight as a gift, That would have been so cute!! I love Dwangela

  106. Keeping the fans occupied is a priority for NBC. I love it!

    I missed a Wall Street Journal article from a couple of weeks ago about the newpeat until I was going through old papers today before throwing them out. The link under my name takes you to a copy of that article. Enjoy!

  107. I’m not sure about that… Pam is back with Roy at her art show and Jim was really pissed. Even if Karen tore down the poster. I can see him hearing about it and deliberately not going.

    Yeah, this development with Jim knowing that Pam is back into art and that she is even entering competitions makes me think that he would maybe have gone to her show. But since Karen did attempt to tear down the poster, and it wasn’t up in the show that aired, I don’t think that Jim knew. I feel like he would have gone if he knew about it, even if Pam couldn’t get the nerve to invite him.

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