The Office Season 3 DVD coming Sept. 11?

Update: See OfficeTally’s The Office Season 3 DVD Buying Guide for a complete listing of special bundles!

Looks like we’ve got our first bit of chatter on a release date for The Office Season 3 DVD …


Here are the date’s from last year’s Season 2 DVD release:

  • Mon Jun 19, 2006: Season 2 DVD set release date announced.
  • Tue Jun 20, 2006: Season 2 DVD set available for pre-order.
  • Tue Sep 12, 2006: The Office Season 2 DVD set released.


  1. Tanster! Thanks for the update! I posted & sourced you on the NBC messageboard! Cant wait for confirmation!

  2. Here’s a thought: since Greg Daniels has already said he considers the deleted scenes are part of the show’s canon, why not present the episodes on the DVD as extended versions with the deleted scenes included (like the online director’s cuts and the “newpeats”), rather than the more traditional separation of episodes and deleted scenes?

  3. i seriously have to wait until september? What am i supposed to do with my time? :P

  4. I’d love to see the deleted scenes included with the actual episodes, too. That Friends dvds do that–though, really, it’s just a couple of lines on those–and I’ve appreciated it.

  5. Why so late this year?? I like having my Office DVDs during the summer, not a week before it starts.

  6. Season 2 isn’t even out yet in Britain, it was supposed to be out in Feb, then June, and now I have to wait 2 more months, NBC suck at bringing the show to the UK.

  7. Well since NBC Universal is the main supporter of HD DVD, The Office won’t be on Blu-ray any time soon.

  8. I wonder why they wait until right before the new season begins to release the dvds. Do they look at ratings during the summer too?
    But I’ll admit that I was a casual viewer at first, but bought the severance package at Best Buy when it first came out and I’ve been hooked ever since. So maybe they just hope to keep reeling in new viewers?…

  9. #9 Numbers12: This is no different than last year, when the Season 2 DVD came out 9 days before the premiere of Season 3. I remember because I watched ALL of Season 2 in that 9 days in anticipation of “Gay Witch Hunt”!

  10. #14 Chris: Really? I got the DVD like in August I think, maybe September…it was before school started. I don’t know, maybe because I discovered The Office fully through DVDs that I did not notice it.

  11. I really wished the DVDs would have been released for my birthday in August. (Sad face)

  12. You guys think September is bad? Australians had to wait like a YEAR or something before it came out here. Oh lord it was terrible, I felt like an addict

  13. #21: I agree. The date kind of sucks but I think that may be because I’m a former New Yorker. It would make sense to release it on a Tuesday like most DVD releases so maybe they would do it the Tuesday before that [Sept. 2].

  14. #17 Numbers12: Looks like last year, Season 2 was released on Sept. 12. Look back at at that time – a flurry of posts about what outlets were offering what package, etc.

  15. This stinks. Although I am also a Dallas fan, and look how long I have had to wait for their release!

  16. I think they release them so late so they have lots of time to work on putting together all the great extras and commentaries. And also probably just in case they say anything about the next season opener, which I believe they did on the season 2 dvd commentaries

  17. Not that this truly helps any, but the tv show Bones has a release date for Sept.11 also, so I guess this date is set for everyone.

  18. To no.10 (Claire) and anybody else in th UK – CDWow have a region 2 & 4 version of season 2 for £18.99 NOW. Dont wait until September for Season 2 (god knows when season 3 will be officially released in the UK!!.. 2009??)

  19. To address some questions below: They release season sets in Aug-Oct to coincide with the next season of the show. Same reason Bones, Smallville, etc are being released around their season openers. It’s purely promotional and to keep the hype engine going for the show.

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