The Weekend Tally

A short Tally this weekend …

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  1. I will be keeping my eye out for all these events! Thanks for the info! :)

  2. This is crazy. I *live* in Banff. Nobody even semi-interesting comes here. Finally!

  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but seeing Jim lumped in with Shrek and Al Gore made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. I’m just sayin…

  4. John at the movie awards? He is becoming a big star! Hope he never forgets the people who loved him first!

  5. That MTV Awards link states that JKras is scheduled to do 6 movies this year…I didn’t realize it was so many!

    Go John!

  6. Looks like Office producer Ben Silverman is going to become the head of NBC entertainment

  7. That article about office romance pissed me off. Grouping Jim and Pam and Dwight and Angela in with couples on “Grey’s Anatomy”? Please. That is wrong in so many ways.

  8. Let’s see, six JK movies —

    1. Leatherheads
    2. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
    3. License to Wed
    4. Shrek the Third
    5. Smiley Face
    6. A New Wave

    Is that right?

  9. Yikes. Rashida’s new show doesn’t exactly impress me yet. We’ll see.

  10. Yep, tanster, that’s right! Confirmed on Wikipedia, and IMDB :)

    He’s a busy man.

  11. To bad Jenna won’t be joining John at the movie awards. She should have been nominated for Best Kiss in Blades Of Glory

  12. Those scripts are amazing! The author has a great grip on the canon of the show! Hilarious!

  13. “The soul of “The Office,” and its stealth heartthrob, is actually easygoing, soft-spoken Jim…”

    ahhhh swoonnnnnnnn “stealth heartthrob” love it.

    and did you all see pictures from Mean magazine over at GMMR? I totally made one of them my desktop background. it’s so pathetic.

  14. Wow. I am very flattered that you posted my site on your tally. Thank you.

  15. Seriously…to the author of that MSN article: have a heart! And lighten up, will ya?

    And I’m glad that the Newsweek article is championing beta males! I’ve always found them way more endearing than alpha dogs.

  16. Yeah, that msn article was way off. I mean the guy says this of Jim and Pam: “Clearly, they are not made for each other”. Really? Is he even watching the same show as me?

  17. Yes, D.K. Holm, you are the only person in America who doesn’t like Pam as a potential mate for Jim. Also, D.K. Holm, The Office has had romantic and sexual tension as the emotional core of the show since the first season; it’s not new.

  18. i just read the article of John Krasinski over at GMMR, and you’d think you couldn’t love him any more, read it.

  19. I stopped caring about what MSNBC guy said around here: “I am quite possibly the only person in America who doesn’t like Pam as a potential mate for Jim, and think he is better off with the acerbic Karen Filippelli.”

    Spare me.

  20. YAY Tom and Chris! The scripts are finally getting the attention they deserve. Great job guys! Thanks officetally.

  21. I just read that interview out loud to my husband, & we are both so impressed. I hope John remains that unaffected & so deeply kind. He is really beautiful.

  22. John Krasinski also had small parts in Dreamgirls, The Holiday, and Duane Hopwood. I’m not obsessed.

    That MSN article? Please.

  23. I’m not sure if anyone has said this yet but its supposed to be MTV Movie Awards, not Music.

  24. i just got done reading all of the fanscripts. i could totally hear everyone’s voice in the words. well done!

    now i need more to tide me over through the doldrums of summer…

  25. Question: tmckenna, will you be doing any more scripts?! These are hilarious and would make excellent episodes (especially The Exterminator)!!!


  26. Actually, my colleague and i are in the midst of polishing one right now. It’ll probably be done by the weekend =)

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