1. @ Kla – I doubt it would count for Season 3, cause it ends before the DVD even comes out.

    Aww man…15% always sounds better until you realize it’s probably like $2.00 off!

  2. I tried to use the discount, but it said that coupon was not available for my order. Does anyone know if there is a minimum order amount or other restrictions on it?

  3. Yes, it does!
    I just ordered mine, which was weird because i thought you couldn’t pre-order until the 31st?

  4. 2 kla – I don’t know but I do know that it’s available for pre-order at amazon for much cheaper than the nbc store so I’d try there if it doesn’t work out.

  5. Question: Not really about the discount, but if you preorder the dvd, doesn’t it just get sent to you the day it comes out? Wouldn’t it be easier to just purchase it that day at a store?

  6. why is the discount not working on my particular order….i thought it was for everything in the NBC store???????

  7. I never pre-order DVD’s, it’s not like it’ll sell out. Also, buying DVD’s at the stores during the first week usually yields bonuses (i.e. Season 2’s exclusive Jenna vid @ Target) that you don’t get @ Amazon or NBC Store.

  8. But if you must pre-order online:

    nbcuniversalstore.com = $37.98 (w/ 15% discount = $32.28) + Shipping

    Amazon.com = $32.59 + FREE Shipping

    And I’m thinking stores like Best Buy will have it for under $30 (and hopefully exclusive stuff).

  9. Alyssa, Its my understanding that it ships the day before it is available in stores. So you can get probably the day before it even comes out or on that day.

  10. Thank you for this code!
    it was only three dollars cheaper, but its still less!

  11. I received World’s Best Boss mug as a gift! I have it at my desk, too. I love it!

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