The Weekend Tally

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  1. Oh my gosh, the “Office Reacts” video is hilarious and brilliant. Well played, well played :)

  2. I love that one of her greatest things is:

    “John Krasinski’s performance in my episode “Branch Wars”.

    He really was awesome in that episode.

  3. Thanks as always tanster!
    Is it a bad sign that they are reducing the price of season 3 already?

  4. Wow… Office Reacts was extremely good. If you haven’t checked it out, do so. Very well edited and very clever. Good job!

    Mindy’s list was funny too. I have to admit, when I saw that Jimmy Choo bag, I saw stars in my eyes! hehe. And John’s performance in BW was my favorite this season. Good call there, Mindy.

    Thanks for the great weekend tally, Tanster.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  5. I just looked at Best Buy’s ad and they will be selling Season 3 of The Office for 19.99 through Saturday! woot!

  6. I created the Office Reacts video, and I just wanted to say: thank you so much, Tanster, for featuring it in your tally this weekend!!! I was so excited and so shocked when I saw it up there! Highlight of my life! :D And, of course, thanks to all who’ve watched it!

    Thank you so much and happy holidays!!

  7. The Office reacts, awesome! Craig going crazy, also awesome! Thanks Tanster as usual for collecting all of this for our laughing pleasure.

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