The Jenna Tally

Here’s a sampling of stuff posted on Jenna Fischer this week:

And here’s some stuff posted earlier, just to keep everything about Jenna this week in one place:

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  1. Thank you so much Tanster! I just came back from watching the movie and it’s so great to see Jenna up there on the screen!

  2. I saw “Walk Hard” last night, and OMG, it was funny. I haven’t laughed that hard since wathcing the office. It was really good. Good old fashioned crude humor, the best kind. Jenna was fantastic. and I loved her hair. It changed a lot. John C Reiley was really great and Kristen Wiig from SNL was really funny too. If you haven’t seen it, do so… right now!

  3. If you haven’t watched the Regis and Kelly interview, WATCH IT! Jenna tells the story about her and John picking each other out at the Jim/Pam auditions. So cute!

  4. I can’t wait to see Walk Hard! Also, I didn’t know she was going to be on TRL! Does anyone have/know where to see a video of her appearance?

  5. The interview Jenna did for the Philadelphia Daily News was interesting, but I can’t help picturing Priscilla Presley commandeering a troupe of elves! These elves of course look like Dwight from the season 2 Christmas episode. I think it’s a typo…

    “Fischer, who grew up in Missouri, modeled Darlene on Priscilla Presley. “I think that woman’s fantastic,” she said. “She runs that [Elvin] empire, and I thought that’s the spirit of Darlene. She’s the brains behind the operation but she does it all with femininity and she doesn’t try to steal the spotlight.”

  6. Um, I would actually watch Dancing with the Stars if Jenna Fischer was on it.
    And I cannot wait to see Walk Hard! Yay Jenna!

  7. Me and my Mum went to Walk Hard on Friday too. It was amazing, we were the only people in the theater, so we were allowed to laugh as hard as we could and not be kicked out.

  8. I loved Walk Hard! It bombed at the box office, but hopefully people will catch up with it on DVD.

  9. Hey Tanster! Thanks so much for giving us a Jenna Tally! It is awesome to see that girl keeping busy after her injury and such! Unfortunately, my town is teenie and we only get 5 movies in the theater… Walk Hard still isn’t there – but I’m still hoping that it will be there soon!

  10. Hey i found the video that was mentioned during the KDWB interview with Jenna. They’re pretty funny. Here is the link to the “Blue Tooth” episode that they mentioned.

  11. I can’t believe it bombed that badly! I thought it was funny. Nothing spectacular, but very funny. Oh, well. Hopefully she had fun doing all that promotion for it.

  12. I loved the movie (except for the softcore porn). Jenna was really good. It was also great to see most of the office cast in the movies as well.

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