Office wins SAG best comedy ensemble award

The Office

The Office has just won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Comedy Ensemble!

Congratulations to the best comedy ensemble on TV. Hands down. WOO!

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TV Guide interviews Greg Daniels

Greg Daniels talks to TV Guide about the success of the show: At the recent TV-critics press tour, we heard a lot of producers reacting to what’s said about their shows on the Web. There is a lot of online chatting about your show. Does it make producers crazy after a while?

Daniels: The people online are usually real purists. They often support the creator on the more creative decisions over the business-y decisions, I think. Anytime I get any piece of information, I pick and choose whether it supports what I want. The same with the executives — if an executive doesn’t like a show, and they do focus-group testing, they’re going to say, “These guys didn’t like it.” But the focus group is usually [made up of] people who aren’t into the stuff. They are grabbed out of a mall. But the online community is the focus-group viewer you’d love to have. Everybody is super into the show.

Sign me up for any focus group. Any time.

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The Office SVU

Scranton Victims Unit, that is.

Here’s a video showing our favorite show as a crime drama. Amazing what a little dramatic music can do to change the mood, huh? — I was on the edge of my seat!

Now if they could just craft The Office a la 24, as in this holiday goodie, in a merging of my two favorite shows, I’d be a happy fangirl. ;)

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Online ‘Office’ enriches viewer experience

Here’s an interesting article in Variety about the producer’s cut of ‘The Return’:

“When I’m locking the (broadcast) cut,” [Greg] Daniels said, “I call up (the network), and I say, ‘Can you give me any extra time?’ And sometimes they can; sometimes they’ve got an extra 15 seconds or an extra 30 seconds.”

For the Jan. 18 episode, entitled “The Return,” no such luck.

“The tag (would have) answered the question of where (Andy) went, but you can still enjoy the show without the tag, and I didn’t know how to take another 36 seconds out of the show.”

Every second counts …

Link: Online ‘Office’ enriches viewer experience

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