The Office extended to TWO more seasons?

Could Season 5 of The Office be a lock? has this news posted on the front page:

Ricky has scored further success in America, with NBC deciding to make two more series* of the US version of his comedy The Office. Network boss Kevin Reilly said That The Office represented ‘the best of what we consider quality shows’. This will bring the total episodes to 94 which will almost certainly mean syndication.

*I think “series” is equivalent to “seasons” in this case.

Assuming 22 episodes each for Seasons 3-5, 94 does add up …

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Why Ed Helms is a mensch

TV Squad is reporting a lovely little story of how Ed Helms (“Andy”) came to the rescue of a partygoer who had apparently fainted:

[Ed] kind of took the lead on the whole operation, trying to flag down a bartender to tell him that the woman needed medical attention — the bartenders just stood there and stared, not knowing what to do — all the while trying to help us get her to the couch … Ed did a great job of making her feel better, engaging her in conversation and making funny but sympathetic jokes about her fainting spell and about how no one really noticed …

Andy may be psycho, but Ed is a gentleman.

Link: Why Ed Helms is a mensch

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Office music: it’s hip to be stale

The New York Times discusses The Office’s use of pop hits from yesteryear:

… even casual radio listeners will probably know “My Humps,” which was an inescapable hit for the Black Eyed Peas in 2005. When that song was heard as Michael’s cellphone ringtone in an episode late last year, it instantly communicated two things about him: He was trying to emulate the younger generation, and he was lagging about a year behind their tastes.

Link: ‘Office’ Songs in the Unhip Keys of Life and Karaoke

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Reminder: Rainn on Conan tonight

Just a reminder that Rainn Wilson appears on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ tonight.

Stephen Colbert and Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials also appear.

This is a rerun of his July 12, 2006 appearance.

The Office Valentine cards at Target

The Office Valentine CardsNeed more Office stuff to buy? Of course you do. :)

How about an Office Valentine’s Day card?

8 cards, 4 designs, Target.
$4.99 in store.

Yes, I confess I went down to my local Target tonight hoping to get me some. No luck. But the box looks cute, no?

Now available at Jenna and Angela’s favorite store!

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Card Designs

  1. Jim & Pam
    Outside: Secret admirer?
    Inside: What “secret admirer?”
  2. Dwight peeking
    Outside: So this guy I work with asked me to hook him up with one of my hot friends.
    Inside: Kidding! Put down the stapler.
  3. Michael holding red candy heart with all the ladies
    Outside: Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Inside: … or as some say, “the annual review.”
  4. Michael & Dwight fighting
    Outside: On this Valentine’s Day …
    Inside: good luck with “conflict resolution.”

Photos here.