The Weekend Tally

Tipsters: Nate, Christine, Chris, Eric, Jules, Jessica, and last but not least, Miz Angela Kinsey (“I feel so proud!”)


  1. That fantasy office thing is really cool. I’m getting all of my friends to do it!

  2. That fantasy game is such a cool idea! I picked Michael, Pam, and Angela for my team members, we’ll see how that turns out ;). Oh, and if ONE more interviewer asks anyone whether they are writing Angela’s pregnancy into the show I think I am going to lose my mind :P

  3. Wow, I didn’t notice that her blog stopped being and instead automatically re-directs you. I learn something new everyday.

  4. I LOVE the weekend tally!

    did anyone pick up this weeks TV guide? I thought the cover was supposed to be of The Office cast! what happened? It ended up being Katherine Heigl from Greys, along with a small picture of Jenna, John, and Rainn in the top corner =/ but at least there was that.

    the pictures/ article inside are great!

  5. Yeah, I saw the tv guide and was really mad. Grey’s makes me want to barf, so I didn’t buy it.

    What happened to The Office cover???

  6. I think the Office cover was for subscribers only and they had a different cover for stores.

    Kind of lame of TV Guide to pull a stunt like that but whatever.

    (Loved Mindy’s article in Esquire… cracked me up!)

  7. I’m glad Casino Night won. It was a great episode throughout. Dinkin Flicka. As far as Drug Testing and The Injury being in the top 5, I’d be willing to bet that there was an age discrepancy among fans over how good these were, with the under-25 crowd ranking them more favorably. I personally found them funny on a first viewing, but less so on repeated viewings as opposed to many others like The Client and The Dundies.

    Anyway, sign me up for Season 4 Survivor. And after that, a Cold Open Survivor.

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