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Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending July 6.


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  1. Oh oh oh! I can’t wait for the webisodes!

    and sweet, Steve is going to be on Jonathan “Wossy” Ross. That guy is pretty funny.

  2. Since when has The Office been called The Office: An American Workplace?

  3. jkrasislove – I noticed that too! I remember reading that The Office: An American Workplace was a working title at some point, probably to distinguish it from the British version.

  4. An American Workplace is the subtitle used for it here in the UK, as the original is obviously ‘The Office’ to everyone here.

  5. 3: When it plays on TV in other countries (Britain, Australia).

    Hopefully JAM can have the same ending as Ron Mantell and Kristen McFall…….

  6. So are the actors going on strike, then?! I’m freaking out! But at least we have Mindy & Lester!

  7. Heh… Mindy is also in Night in the Museum 2. I remember her filming in DC when they were here in earlier this summer.

  8. Hurrah for the MI couple! Although I’m a Buckeye, I’m down with happy Office fans even if they’re Wolverines! Congrats you two :)

  9. Oh I wonder who will be on Family Feud from the Office. Probably the minor players. I’m happy for the Michigan fans too, even though I’m from Badger-country. Go Bucky!

  10. I’m not sure, but I THINK the Family Feud team consists of Brian, Phyllis, Kate, Creed, and Oscar. Should be funny!

  11. A few of us will be going to LA to go to the Ricky Gervais performance on Saturday. I can’t wait!

  12. Yay, I can watch Steve on Johnathan Ross! (I’m in London for the summer…I miss American TV)

  13. I’m seeing Ricky in New York next week and can’t wait! Looking forward to seeing Ed on Conan, too.

  14. i go see ricky jervais on saturday, i am flying down from oakland for it and i am super excited. if there are other tallyheads going i am the girl with the suri cruise haircut and the tina fey glasses!

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