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(A little late with this one because I was on vacation last week …)


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Fan report: 185pounder meets Cool Guy Paul

Hey Tallyheads! 185pounder here, I just got back from the NBC Experience Store where I met Paul Faust (they call him “Cool Guy Paul”). Thanks to the OTCR, I was able to set up a meet and greet with him while he was talking in the chat room!

Since I’m staying with my parents this summer in NYC, and my mom is also a huge fan of the show she came down to the store at Rockefeller Center with me. His plan was to stop in and say “hi” after a meeting that he had in the city. We got there around 12:15, and had to wait a few minutes before our scheduled meeting time, but then he finally came!

He was so nice, and really down to earth. We talked a lot about the show, and the whole process of how he got on it and also how hectic the day of his shoot was.

An interesting thing that I found out was that Bobby Ray Shafer (Bob Vance) actually had the line, “We could have done this over email,” but they liked it better when Paul did it! He spoke so nicely about the cast and crew, and a little bit about Paul Lieberstein’s wedding.

Then he told me about how he had brought up to the Office merchandise staff about creating disaster kits that related to Dunder Mifflin and Dwight, I thought that idea would be pretty hilarious and think they should definitely look into that — or at lease a five families shirt!

He also brought up the fans a lot and how important we all are to the show, because they would be no where without us. And since all of the main characters’ schedules are getting so busy as the show’s popularity gets bigger and bigger, he said that he is willing to meet whoever and will do anything to help the fans get a better connection with the show.

After talking for a while, Paul was nice enough to autograph something and take a few pictures with me. This was such a cool experience, and I want to thank him so much for taking the time out of his day to meet me, and also to Tanster who got him into the OTCR!

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  1. Congrats Steve and Oscar! And 185pounder… lucky you! Paul’s pretty cute!

  2. Jenna has a great blog! I just feel better hearing from her! Glad she had a nice vaca!

  3. Rainn’s description of how Dwight would plan his funeral was hilarious! Great article. Thanks for the wonderful Weekend Tally, as always!

    Also – I’ll be on vacation in New York this weekend, and I’ve already got my tickets to The Daily Show/Colbert Report Improv Jam! Can’t wait!

    [from tanster: i’m very excited for you! have fun! report back. :) ]

  4. I was wondering when we’d hear about your meeting with him, 185pounder. I am so glad you had fun. Thanks for reporting back!

  5. Wow… I’m extremely curious to know what Jenna’s so excited about with the new episode. My life as far as tv entertainment is on hold until the Season 4 DVD comes out… on September 2nd right? It’s less than a month away!!!

  6. I think that’s so cool that Paul was willing to meet you and is still willing to meet Office Fans. It’s people like him that help make this show so amazing and I love that he wants to do his part to make sure people continue to love the show!

  7. love this weekend Tally! esp. Rainn’s interview and Jenna’s blog. Rainn is so so funny :) thanks tanster for keeping this up!

  8. I am going to go wait in the stand-by line for tickets to the UCB show on Saturday! Any Tallyheads with me??

  9. I’m a theatre geek and I wish I could see Melora in Le Mis. Too bad I live at the opposite end of the country. :(

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