1. My hometown theatre company just did this show, and it was AMAZING! Melora will be SOOO good as Fantine! I wish I could see it! Break a leg, Melora!

  2. I find it hilarious that I have worked with like 80% of the people in those pics in some medium or another!! That has got to be the cutest Gavroche I’ve EVER seen. Too bad I’ll be missing this; although I’m glad Ruth Williamson took Rosie O’Donnell’s place. Williamson has more talent in her pinky toe and will be brilliant as Mme Thenardier!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE Les Mis. Melora as Fantine?! Brilliant. I wish I lived in California…well I always wish that…but especially now! You guys get the coolest stuff goin’ on!

    So jealous of those who get to see this!

  4. They had an open rehearsal tonight at the Bowl. The vocal talent on that stage was phenomenal. Melora was wonderful. I highly encourage all my fellow Los Angelinos to come this weekend (I’m going back on Sat.) Brian Stokes Mitchell as Javert. I really shouldn’t have to say anything else.

  5. I’m going to see this, and seeing these pictures have just made me even more excited!

  6. When I saw that picture I at first thought the guy was Martin Mull, Arrested Development’s Gene Parmesan, and thought it might be a full production made up of actor’s who played secondary characters on great comedies. Then I started picturing James Michael Tyler (Friends’ Gunther) playing Javert…

    Oh that would be an interesting show…

  7. I really wish I could see this. Such an all star cast. Melora, Lea Michele, John Lloyd Young!

  8. I WANT TO GO!!!!!!! This has such a great cast.
    I want to see it but I live too far away.

    Break a leg Melora!

  9. I had tickets to this show and was going to fly out this weekend, but I ended up visiting the LA area in June instead. I don’t regret it, because I had a great time, but as this weekend approaches I’m a little bummed. :(

    I’m sure it will be a fantastic show! To those attending, please report back! Best of luck to Melora.

  10. I saw the show last night. Melora was fantastic =) Her singing and especially her acting were top notch! Loved her take on Fantine. Her death scene was one of the most touching of the night.

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