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CallofDuty reports on The Daily Show/Colbert Report UCB show

After reading about the show on OfficeTally, I went to wait in the standby line with no tickets. I was towards the front of the line, but luckily for me, I was by myself and some nice guy had an extra ticket that he gave to me, so I was able to get a better seat than if I had just waited.

The show was great and featured Peter Gwinn (and another guy whose name I can’t remember …) from the Colbert Report, John Oliver, Rob Riggle, Wyatt Cenac and, of course, Ed Helms from The Daily Show.

The format of the show was that someone would deliver a funny monologue about a memory or recollection and then they would all improv wacky scenes based off that monologue.

Topics ranged from horrible jobs (including office ones!), to long lost family members, to bad nicknames (Ed’s swim team nick name in high school was Chuck-E-Cheez).

They started the show off by asking for a random topic suggestion from the audience. Someone shouted out ‘Broccoli!’ and they went with it.

Ed mentioned during his monologue that they were back in production on The Office and Andy has a line where he is, in Andy-like fashion, rambling off a list of inane nicknames and one of them is “Broccoli Rob”. I think that would be a hilarious name to call someone.

Anyways, after the show, I went to get a coffee and I was walking back past the theatre towards the subway when Ed and some of the other performers were just coming out the front entrance.

Of course I had to loiter around and try and get a picture with him, which I did! He was very gracious about it and very nice. I was way more nervous than I expected to be!

For a night starting out where I didn’t have any plans, it sure turned awesome fast! I have attached a couple pictures. Thanks for lettting me know about the show, Tanster!

Ed Helms

Ed Helms


  1. WOW!! That movie is a great opportunity for BJ. I read online today that Brad Pitt HAS agreed to be in the movie. BJ’s going to get a lot of exposure in a Pitt flim. That’s so great for him!

  2. Great picture, CallOfDuty! I’m glad that you had a fun time and were able to meet Ed. He’s just so darn adorable! :)

  3. @The Office Fanatic:

    Forget the fact that it is starring Brad Pitt…Quentin Tarantino is freaking directing it (Pulp Fiction FTW)!

    This is destined to be an amazing movie, not to mention a great opportunity for BJ. I can’t think of any better way to start off a film career.

  4. I had a front-row seat at the Daily Show/Colbert Report UCB show! We ended up being first in the ticket-holder line. It was amazing! Most of my pics are a little blurry, since I was so excited that I was a bit shaky, but they’re on my MySpace page. So if anyone wants to check them out, just click on my name. :) Thanks for your report, CallOfDuty! Isn’t Ed just the sweetest?

  5. BJ is SO gonna be a movie star! And Ed looks so cute in his Harry Potter glasses!

  6. Where is the daily show now filmed? Does Ed Helms still work there?
    Do you know him personally ? i think he is adorable.

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