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Fan report: skyash1588 on Mindy Kaling

I attended the Mindy Kaling show last night at the University of Illinois. Mindy did about a half hour set and then Judah Friedlander (of 30 Rock) came on and did about an hour of stand up. Afterwards, Mindy and Judah did a Q&A with the audience.

Mindy was very funny. During her stand up, she mostly talked about college stuff and other things she finds funny. Specifically she mentioned that she hates Akon and can’t understand why most hip hop and R&B songs don’t have a chorus.

She also talked about the pirating commercials they play in the theaters before the previews start and what websites she and the other writers frequent while they are working.

During her set, she called Rainn Wilson and Paul Lieberstein. Rainn didn’t pick up but had a hilarious voicemail. Paul answered and claimed he was doing stand up across the quad in our auditorium to a larger crowd.

After she hung up she called both of them dicks. Actually, Mindy is quite the potty mouth. She used the f word a lot during her set. Overall she did a great job.

During the Q&A, Mindy and Judah graciously offered to stay for as long as people had questions. Here are some of “the office” related questions she answered.

  • Mindy definitely wants Ryan and Kelly to get back together because she thinks BJ is hot.
  • She mentioned she is doing a lot of on screen kissing (but not with who) during the first 8 episodes.
  • Mindy adores Amy Ryan and would love to have every cast member of The Wire be on the show.
  • 30 Rock is one of the writing staff’s favorite comedy shows and there is really no competition or jealously between the two shows, just admiration.
  • Some of Mindy’s favorite episodes are from season 1, specifically she mentioned “Basketball.”
  • Greg Daniels had seen a play she had written and based on that, hired her as a writer/performer.

After the Q&A, there was a mad rush of people to get pictures and autographs with Mindy. She was really one of the sweetest people about it. She signed everything people wanted and took lots of pictures with a smile.

When I got up to her, I asked her to sign one of the new spiral notepads from the Target dollar spot. She got really excited and said, “Wow, I have never seen this before, this is so cool.” I told her I got it at Target for a dollar and they had a ton of “the office” stuff. I also took a picture with her and she was really so nice and very happy to see so many fans.

Overall it was an awesome evening and if Mindy ever does a show near you, I would definitely suggest going.

Here is a link to the photos I took from last night.



  1. what an awesome Weekend Tally!! loved the blogs, especially Angela’s. So cute how she was “silently star-struck” at the emmy’s :) also, that sign is too funny!! hehe and I’m so excited to watch those Harry Potter/fan vids. thanks so much Tanster!! can’t wait for thursday…let’s get ethical! ethical!

  2. oh man! that is tooo funny! the office really does have some of the most clever fans…

  3. Rainn was in Washington, D.C. this weekend, helping out bring awareness for the Tahirih Justice Center. There was a formal event on Saturday and “An afternoon with Rainn Wilson” on Sunday. He mostly talked about his faith and how it led him to support The Tahirih Justice Center. He showed the first ten minutes of “Business Ethics.” It’s very funny and can’t wait to see it again. He then did a short Q & A. It was very nice. Here’s the link to the Center

  4. That school board sign is so awesome. I belly-laughed. :)

    Thanks for weeding through the tips for us, tanster! Wonderful Tally!

    [from tanster: that sign cracked me up too!]

  5. Good report skyash1588. :) Wow, Mindy and Judah! Everyone that got to see them was very lucky.

  6. That school board sign reminded me that there is someone named Phylis Smith running for something in my area.

    Also, I love when Rainn does Tim & Eric. That was hilarious.

  7. Wow. As a huge fan of both The Office and Harry Potter, those videos were just about the most amazingly hilarious things ever.

    [from tanster: oh good! i’ve never watched or read harry potter, so i was hoping a potter fan would comment. :) ]

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