The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, staff, and fans for the week ending March 1.

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  1. I already cannot wait to see the new John Krasinski project… the cast is amazing!

  2. Jenna’s blog made me laugh because just a few days ago in my English class, we were talking about all those “As Seen on TV” products and whether or not they work. The only ones from Jenna’s list we talked about were the Snuggie and ShamWow though.

  3. Disappointed we didn’t get a Blood Drive promo – yes. Surprised – no. NBC has really dropped the promotional ball with The Office and it’s frustrating and annoying.

  4. $16k for a set visit! Man, I feel like I got such a deal now! We finally get to go the week of April 13! Two YEARS almost after I won the thing. Writer’s strike messed up the first attempt. We will be there while they are filming the season finale! I will submit a full report to Tanster when we get back. Wish me luck everyone!

  5. I am really hoping for a promo tonight during Celebrity Apprentice. I agree it feels like forever.

  6. First Steve signs up for a movie with Tina Fey.
    Then John signs on for a movie with Alec Baldwin!

    I love the Office – 30 Rock love! (And Universal studios brilliant marketing strategy.)

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