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Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, staff, and fans for the week ending March 29.

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Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: More of your Questions Answered

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated March 29, 2009:

Jenna there is crazy Controversy if Micheal said “I quit” or “I acquit”. Look at any message board, it’s crazy. Can you please set the record straight? – Erock from Fenton, MO

He said “I quit”. And he meant it. You will see how it all plays out this week on the show.

We saw a lot of wedding planning when Pam and Roy were engaged, but haven’t really seen any (so far) of the plans for Pam and Jim’s wedding. Is that going to be worked in to upcoming episodes any time soon? I’m a lot more interested in TV weddings since my own recent engagement and my fiancée and I are big Office fans, so I was just curious. -Karen from Clifton, NJ

There will be more of this in the upcoming episodes, yes.

Strange question. But I was watching season 2 of The Office with the commentary and on it you started to explain that you and John Krasinski had to be lifted onto the roof in The Client. But someone cut you off before you could explain why you couldn’t just use the ladder. Why was that? – Mary Ann from Sonoma, CA

The ladder was very old and rusty. A lot of people used it because it was WAY faster than using the lift. I think there are certain union safety rules that prohibited the actors from using the ladder since it could be considered unsafe.

I just have a question about the phrase ‘That’s what she said’ Who is she and why does she keep saying nasty things?! -MirandaLynn from Nunya, West Virginia

This question made me laugh out loud! I don’t have an answer. Just had to include it.

If you get a sec,,could u please help me out with something?
I’m trying to remember the interview you had where you talked about a haunted hotel room which talk show was that on? I can’t find it on YouTube and i really wanna show my sister ‘cuz we just experienced something like that lol. Thanks a bunch! – Vicky from Canada

I told that story on Jay Leno. You can probably find a clip of it over at

I was watching a Proactive skincare commercial and I could’ve sworn that I heard you in the voiceover. Am I right? – Lynn from Chicagoland suburbs of Illinois

Yes, you are right!

Hey! I am a senior at Nerinx Hall and I was just wondering when you would be coming back to St. Louis? – Rosie from St. Louis, MO

Probably not until later this summer. I’m working on The Office until the end of April and then I’ll be filming a movie. But I LOVE coming to St. Louis, especially in the summer so I can go to the Lake of the Ozarks.

Now that you are a celebrity, when you go the grocery store do you still get the shopping cart with the gimp wheel? You know the one that never really touches the ground and spins in circles the whole time while you push….or does that go away once you’re famous? – King Matt from Macon, Georgia

I still get shopping carts with bad wheels. But I don’t have to go to the grocery store as often. That is one of my assistant’s jobs. She makes sure I have the essentials around the house like milk, cereal, fruits, cat litter, and paper towels. But, I still stub my toe. I still spill coffee on my computer when I’m in a hurry. I don’t get any preferential treatment when my cable breaks down and I need technical support. I still get put on hold for hours when I call to complain. I CAN score great seats to a ballgame or get last minute theater tickets. Those are my favorite perks.

Why are women Completely insane!?! – Nick Bennett from Virginia
Beach, Virginia

Because we are so much smarter than men and that drives us crazy. But we very much appreciate your ability to lift heavy things.

A lot of people asked about how to get started as an actor. I wrote out my entire history from St. Louis to Hollywood and answer most of the questions about making it in Hollywood in this blog here:

The Acting Advice Blog

Here are a few questions that blog doesn’t answer:

I go to a small state university in PA. It’s in a cute college town and it’s not very well-known. How can someone like me be successful in the future when I have to compete with people from very big and prestigious institutions and programs?

The great thing about going to a smaller school is that it forces you to take initiative and cut your own path. My college didn’t have a TV/Film department so my friends and I got a video camera and made our own shorts. We used 2 VCRs to edit our stuff and eventually we played it on the TV system in the dorms. I was so used to being scrappy and resourceful that when I got to Hollywood I was ahead of the game. I didn’t expect things to be handed to me. I made my own side projects and was able to keep my head up during the tough times.

What do you do when you are preparing for a very emotional scene for your character and you are having a hard time getting to that “place”? It’s always been a problem for me as an actor, less so in theatre because it is so “in the moment”, but I find it difficult to maintain that emotional energy on-camera. Do you have any tips or things that you do to keep that emotional fire churning inside of you while the cameras are re-setting and the lights are being changed? – Sabrina Sikes from Los Angeles, CA

I find a quiet spot and put on my iPod. I play music that keeps me rooted in the emotional space needed for the scene.

I am an actress, a fairly new actress to the LA area, and I’ve been hearing that SAG might go on strike soon. If so, I’m wondering if that can be a good thing for us non-union actors. I haven’t gotten many auditions lately and my manager tells me it’s because of the economy. Do you know how relevant this stuff people are saying is? And do I have hope to possibly get a spot on a decent show or movie as a non-union actor? I know I have to gain a Taft Hartley status in order to become eligible to join SAG, but for the time being I have my hopes up to get myself out there and get some decent work to put on my resume.

It is true that there are fewer opportunities right now because of the economy. Fewer films are being made and the development of scripted television is low. That’s the problem with reality shows. As much as I love them, they take away opportunities for actors because the time is being taken up! Reality shows are MUCH cheaper to produce, they are popular, and the studios can make a lot of money in advertising since they can do direct product placement within the show.

I don’t think a strike would necessarily create more opportunities for non-union actors. The large studios just won’t make a non-union film. In my blog I suggest a few places you can check for non-union work.

Finally, many of you have asked about my As Seen on TV blog. If you read the comments they are VERY interesting. Here’s how it breaks down:

People generally like the Snuggie. Although, many people suggest getting a Slanket. They say the material is a little heavier and more durable. Still, the Snuggie got rave reviews.

People also seem to like the Sham Wow. But, don’t wash it in a washing machine or it loses it’s magic power.

People HATE the Point and Paint. In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to complaints about the product.

Mighty Mend It did not impress most people. Apparently it is not so mighty.

People are mixed on the Strap Perfect.

Not enough people have tried the Bump It to form an opinion. I have not yet tried to use the Bump It properly. I will let you know once I have.

http://www.infomercialratings. com/

P.S. For what it’s worth…I saw Duplicity last weekend and loved it!

The Office Peeps Contest

The Office Peeps Contest
Banner: Matt Collins

It’s about time we had another cool, creative contest, right?

First off, I must say, this idea is totally swiped from The Washington Post’s magnificent Peeps Diorama Contest (check out last year’s entries). When I saw those amazing creations, I knew I had found our next OfficeTally contest!

Your task: depict a scene from ‘The Office’ using Peeps, for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate and a cast-autographed mug from ‘The Office’!

UPDATE: the 20 finalists have been selected!

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Got ‘Two Weeks’ questions for Aaron Shure?

Do you have a question about last night’s episode, ‘Two Weeks’?

Aaron Shure, ‘Two Weeks’ writer, has very graciously agreed to answer your questions about the episode. Thank you, Aaron!

Submit your question here by 11pm PT tomorrow night, March 28th.

I’ll put together a Q&A and post it hopefully sometime next week.

Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Two Weeks’ only. Thanks!

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