The Office as a Counter Strike Source map

A fan of The Office has created a Counter Strike Source map of the Dunder Mifflin set!

Says creator Blitzkrieg1981: “This easily consumed as much as 500 hours playing and pausing episodes, looking at the office tally and blue prints. I’m not the most experienced css mapper, most of the architect is based on meticulously shaped blocks as the props just didn’t really cut it. PM me if your interested in helping or taking it over; don’t have the time to finish it these days. Need to be experienced, very good at detail, likes The Office and have a shitload of time on their hands.”

Would Dwight love this or what?

Coincidentally, I took video of the Dunder Mifflin set (to be released soon), and Blitzkrieg1981 did an awesome job with the mapping accuracy!

P.S. Here are the blueprints and The Office theme song that are referenced.