A humble request for photos

Hi all,

First of all, it was WONDERFUL meeting so many of you this weekend at The Office Wrap Party! I hope you guys had an uh-MAZE-ing time. I totally did!

Two of the personal highlights for me were:

  • Being presented with a Dundie for Best Office Fan Site by The Office Producer Steve Burgess at the Bloggers Breakfast, and
  • Jenna Fischer introducing me at the end of The Farewell Celebration at PNC Field

Both were complete surprises to me and just blew my mind!

If y’all happened to take any photos or videos of me at either of these events, please send them to officetally @ gmail.com!

Thank you,
A very grateful Jennie (aka tanster)


  1. Tanster! what a amazing weekend it was awesome to meet you! thanks again for all your hard work on this site!

    i can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures!

    [from tanster: great to meet you, too! i got in late last night and will be spending most of today posting photos, video, and links from this weekend. what an amazing, amazing weekend!]

  2. Tanster,

    You deserve all that recognition and more. Over the years you have become the number 1 source for Office everything. Your diligent and oftentimes hilarious updates have allowed me to grow so much closer to this show I love, especially during this year when I’ve been living abroad. Without all of your hard work, my experience with the Office wouldn’t have been nearly as wonderful.

    Thank you!


    PS – Looking forward to all of the pictures, videos, and commentary from everyone!

  3. So glad you had fun, Tanster! Really wish I coulda made it out, but I don’t think my mind could have even handled the awesomeness anyways. Can’t wait to see pics!

  4. Tanster! I had a few too many cocktails before the parade and as you were walking in it I screamed “Tanster I love you!” Your response and delivery was VERY Pam-esqe with a simple “Thank you…” Hahaha!

    I have a video of it and will have to post it!

    [ from tanster: oh yes, please post it! i remember that moment. i was probably in a daze myself by all the attention. thank you for making my day! :) ]

  5. I took like 1100 pictures! & you are in a bunch :) a celebrity in your own right! I am going to put them on flikr or something & will send over a link :)

  6. Ooh, can’t wait too see all the videos and photos! Congrats on the Dundie! Very well deserved! :)

  7. that is great that the show did that for you. Shows what one person can do.

  8. I have a picture of you and your Dundie from breakfast! (Unfortunately I’m in the photo too but I’ll send it once I get a hold of it :) )

    [from tanster: awesome, thanks lisa!]

  9. Hi Jennie,
    I emailed you some on Sunday I think. I forgot to put anything in the subject line, so you might have thought it was spam.

    You are standing next to handsome Andy Buckley on the stage! Good choice! :-)

  10. Tanster,

    It was great to see you…even if it was from afar. I remember seeing you at The Office Convention in 2007.

    The panel discussion at “Da U” was great and the PNC Field event was fantastic. I’m glad that they introduced you.

    Long live The Office in syndication!!

    [ from tanster: thank you! :) ]

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