The Office Wrap Party: Bloggers Breakfast

My report of The Office Wrap Party Bloggers Breakfast, May 4, 2013.

For the full listing of The Office Wrap Party content, go here.

It was wonderful meeting so many of you, including OfficeTally readers like JMJ and Katie, and finalists like Michael, Marissa, Lisa, and Josh from The Office Biggest Flan contest. (I’m sorry if I left anyone out! I was on a bit of sensory overload that day.)

The Office’s Paul Lieberstein, Andy Buckley, Matt Sohn, and Allison Silverman also attended and chatted with fans.

The biggest surprise of the event was when The Office producer Steve Burgess presented me with a Dundie for “Best Office Fan Site”!

When I got up to the podium, I took a look at the Dundie and said to Steve, “Wait a minute. This says ‘Bushiest Beaver’…” :)

The Office Wrap Party Bloggers Breakfast Best Office Fan Site Dundie

Credit: JMJ

Steve later told me that this was all Jenna Fischer’s idea. Love her so much.

(If anyone has video or other photos of my Dundie presentation, I would very much appreciate you sending it to officetally @ Thank you!)

The Office Wrap Party Bloggers Breakfast
Credit: Christina

Awww. My favorite picture of me and The Office producer Steve Burgess
The Office Wrap Party Bloggers Breakfast
Credit: Christina

Michael and Marissa, two of ‘The Office’s Biggest Flan’ contest winners
The Office Wrap Party Bloggers Breakfast
Credit: Tina

I want to also say thank you to Jimmy for giving me this lovely drawing of the Dunder Mifflin gang:
Jimmy Drawing

With Jimmy
Credit: Jimmy

And thank you to Kristen, Phil, and the rest of “The Four Morons” gang who made this t-shirt, which I will every day for the next two weeks, or until it stands up on its own:
Dunder Mifflin Thanks For The Memories

Cleo inspects my Dundie.
Dundie Best Office Fan Site

It was a treat to meet all of you. Hope you got a chance to meet fellow fans.
The Office fans are the best in the world!

Thanks for coming out. Love you guys. xo


  1. Awesome Tanster!
    You are one lucky girl. To have a possibility to hang out, talk and spend time with all of the cast.. It’s just surreal. Even more for me, I live in Brazil.

    You deserve this!

  2. You definitely deserve the dundie! Congrats!

    [from tanster: thank you! i love it.]

  3. AH Tanster that is beyond cool =) You totally deserve it and I wish I could give you a million Dundies to thank you for everything you’ve done xD I just wish I was an adult person so I could’ve been in Scranton this weekend… Sadly, parents seem to think blowing off studying for AP testing to visit the Office wrap party is bad decision-making.

    Also, your cat is named Cleo? I HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH TANSTER. WIN.

    [ from tanster: thank you! yes, my kitty is named cleo. whenever i put anything on the floor next to the window to take a picture of it (best natural lighting for the photo), cleo immediately takes interest in it. :) ]

  4. Congrats for the Dundie. Well deserved and of course Jenna initiated all of it. She is the best. Side note: your cat is adorable.

    [ from tanster: thank you! :) ]

  5. That is a great drawing that Jimmy gave you ! My favorites are Michael and Stanley with the pretzel ! Everyone is very well captured.

    Tanster, when are you going to change Cleo’s name to Sprinkles ?

    [from tanster: lol!]

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