A view of the L.A. fires from ‘The Office’

From the roof of ‘The Office’ sound stages, Andrew (Office staffer aka “Lighting Guy” and amazing photographer) took this time-lapsed video of the Station Fire, burning north of Los Angeles.

Tipster: Kim


  1. Ya, I’m at USC and you can see the huge smoke clouds from my apartment. The air is also noticeably thicker.

  2. Re: “Do we know how long he originally filmed?”

    One hour; I took one photo every ten seconds and then put them all together in quicktime to make the “video.”

  3. Wow- amazing time lapse photography! I was wondering what it looked like, and yikes, there it is. It must be so eerie to see that in the near horizon. So sad. My heart goes out to all the people affected, and I worry about how folks 20 plus miles away are doing when they’re just trying to breathe.

  4. Oh wow, that is so scary! I really hope no one’s homes are in danger. Stay safe Office cast!!!

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