Andy Buckley at Scranton St. Patrick’s Parade

Scranton St. Patrick's Parade The Office

Andy Buckley (“David Wallace”) appeared in this year’s Scranton Saint Patrick’s Parade two weekends ago.

UPDATE: Andy was kind enough to write up a little trip report for OfficeTally — thanks Andy!

Andy’s report

Once again, the folks in Scranton proved that ‘there ain’t no party like a Scranton party …’ Took the red-eye to Philadelphia and Ken, owner of the LimoGuy (best Limo service in the entire NEPA area) was right there with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand ready to roll. If you ever need a Limo in NEPA, Ken The LimoGuy is the guy to call …

Almost 100,000 people lining the streets. Over 1 million pints of Guinness consumed between the hours of 7 AM Saturday when the bars opened and 4 AM Sunday the next morning when last call was announced. I tried to do my part in that effort but was clearly an amateur.

Saw many many Dunder Mifflin signs along the parade route and heard many a shout out from the good people braving the cold weather. A lot of fun.

Roland Greco, a buddy of mine and ironically the Michael Scott look alike winner from the Convention and Amy ___ (I don’t have her last name I’m sorry) — the Angela look a like winner rode in the car in front of me — a couple of troopers as it was cold …

The bars were filled by 8 AM with the younger folks, getting their St. Patty’s drink on … hats off to the town, for keeping it very orderly considering the town turns into one gigantic Delta House — for that one day a year.

Met Miss Pennsylvania Rachel Brooks — a very nice gal. Talked with Governor Eddie Rendell a little bit — sharp guy. Did not get a chance to say hello to the local favorite, Senator Hillary Clinton, but as an Irishman from Boston, I did get quite a kick out of meeting and having a nice chat with Max Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy’s youngest son who is a huge fan of the show.

The biggest highlights were going from pub to pub with local legend Tim Holmes, from the Scranton Times, and hearing just about everyone in attendance shouting out “Dunder Mifflin!!! When are the new episodes coming back on???!!! Dunder Mifflin!!!!” Just a blast of an environment.

Scranton’s 20-piece bag pipe band was going from pub to pub as well. Grabbed slices during the night from Brunetti’s and Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, had pints at Cooper’s, Farley’s, and of course at the Radisson.

Threw back a couple of pints with Sara Hailstone and Michelle Dempsey who along with Tim organized the convention … and they’re talking up the next one.

Keep your NY, Boston and Chicago St. Patty’s Day parades … give me Scranton’s any time. A ton of fun and an electric city filled with some great people. Thanks. — AB

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Mar. 22

Our friends at The Office Convention took a bunch of great parade pictures:
Andy Buckley Part One | Andy Buckley Part Two

Tallyhead Amy (pictured above) writes: “My name is Amy Adams and a couple friends and I went to the Scranton St. Patrick’s Day parade to see the parade AND Andy Buckley!!!

When we saw Andy, we went crazy and when the parade was at a standstill, he was right in front of us. He asked if we were fans and when we said yes he invited us out into the parade to meet him and get some pictures!

He was so nice and we just stood their chatting until the parade started moving again. He said if/when there was another Office Convention, he would absolutely be back because he just loves Scranton and always has such a great time here!”

Mar. 13

Scranton St. Patrick's Parade The Office

The NBC Store has created a limited edition “As Green As We Need To Be” shirt for the occasion. Buy shirts here.

Mar. 13

“Acting was about the furthest thing from Mr. Buckley’s mind in the winter of 2006, when his neighbor, “Office” casting director Allison Jones, approached him about auditioning for a small part on the show that she thought he might be right for. A fan of the show, Mr. Buckley decided to give it a whirl, and in the show’s February 2006 Valentine’s Day episode, he made his debut as David Wallace, Dunder Mifflin’s straight-laced head honcho.”

Link: ‘Office’ CFO on parade

Mar. 12

“I’ve lost a bit of my old Boston abilities at the bar. They’ve gone with my many years out in California. I’m trying to get my tolerance level back up over these couple of weeks. I’m on the two-a-day regimen — I’m at the bar twice a day. ”

Link: St. Patrick’s Parade Goes Corporate

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Feb. 29

The Office Convention website has just posted a memo about Andy Buckley’s appearance at this year’s Scranton St. Patrick’s Parade on Saturday, March 15.

Link: St. Patrick’s Parade memo

Feb. 21

Andy Buckley The Office

The Scranton Times Tribune reports that a special guest will be attending the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade — Andy Buckley, who plays Dunder Mifflin’s CFO, David Wallace.

I’ve kept in touch with Andy since we met during last fall’s Office Convention, and he says, “Looking forward to tossin’ back a few pints with any and all Tallyheads in attendance!”

Link: Dunder Mifflin CFO to Make Parade Day Appearance

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  1. Is it my imagination or wasn’t there a rumor that the Office was filiming in Scranton for the St.Patty’s day parade last year? I guess not…

  2. italianfood, I’m totally with you. He’s that sensitive-intellectual type. And the fact that Andy Buckley kept his day-job is adorable to me. Last I checked, he doesn’t even have an page… if you click on his name, it takes you to an Andy Buckley who was a gaffer or something. He’s totally under the radar. So cute!

    [from tanster: andy does have an imdb page — it’s here]

  3. I happened to be on an elevator with him at the Radisson during the Office Convention, and he really is a very funny and sweet guy. Wish I could be at the parade – I’d totally toss back a few pints with him!

  4. What a great guy! He portrays DW so well and is such a great actor in that role. Okay, and I just have to say he is Really Handsome.

  5. The thing I liked the most about him was his crazy laugh. It was so cute and infectuous. (I wasn’t at the convention but you could hear his laughter in a lot of the convention audio that Matt posted at the TWSS podcast page).

  6. Andy is great. Go see him if you can. At the convention, if anyone wanted his time (from what I saw) he gave it. I talked with him several times there and when he was talking to any fans he wasn’t just going through the motions. He was carrying on very nice conversations. I made sure to tell him his efforts were greatly appreciated and he said was just happy to be there because he was as big of a fan of the show as anyone there.

  7. Re-watching his scenes from The Deposition…he really does do a phenomenal job as David Wallace, and seems beyond modest about it. The Wallace-Michael “nice guy” interaction is one of my favorite moments.

  8. lol, thanks tanster! I kept looking and it kept linking me to some other Andy Buckley. Glad they got it right!

  9. Andy has said that he had not acted in about 6 years when he got The Office role, so I was surprised when I saw his acting history on his imdb page – it looks like he has had a number of acting jobs in recent years. Has his “history” been mixed up with that of another Andy Buckley? Or was he exaggerating for the sake of humor?

  10. Wow, definitely just bought that shirt. I am such an impulse shopper when it comes to The Office. Is that bad?

  11. The shirts are sold out! Is there going to be more available.

    Oh well…at least I get to go to the parade.

  12. It does look like Andy’s IMDB credits have been mixed up with those of a British Andy Buckley. I googled the British Andy from “Extras” and it’s definitely not the same person. Someone should let him know.

  13. are they selling those tees at the NBC store in Rockefeller Center? I’ll make my way over if they are.

  14. Hahah, her name is Amy Adams…

    Anyway, that’s awesome! I wish I could’ve gone up there. The Philly parade was much too void of Office actors…

  15. Ugh, I feel like a douche. My previous post should have said “CFO! CFO! CFO!” That’s what I really meant.

  16. Eddie Rendell! You gotta love our governor. He’s awesome. I named my gecko after him (:

    That sounds so fun. The convention was a blast, and I really hope they do another one next (or this?) year!

  17. Ah man I won the Andy Bernard look-a-like contest… I want to ride in the parade! The people who won the Michael and Angela looked really really similiar to Steve and Angela.

  18. I love Andy Buckley!! That was so sweet of him to write such an informative report on the parade for all of us poor souls who couldn’t make it. =D

    Thank you Mr. Buckley!! I hope you someday will consider going to the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day, even though it will never compare to Scranton’s.

  19. Many thanks to Andy for the write-up. I liked the photos, too. I look forward to seeing Andy in another episode – he’s a good actor and his character is so likeable.

  20. I just rented Andy Buckley’s movie, called “The Big Day.” It’s a great romantic comedy! Andy co-wrote the script and has a big part in it as the groom’s best friend. It stars Juliana Marguiles from ER.

  21. all I have to say is this – Andy is really funny. But who are those lovely ladies in pic? anyone, anyone, anyone…

  22. I would have loved to have gone to the Scranton St. Patty’s Day parade and have met Andy Buckley! That is awesome that he wrote about what he did (thanks Andy!). His character David Wallace is so awesome, sweet and actually sexy! He portrays DW nicely as a rare, down-to-earth, personable, genuine, and laidback executive. I am guessing that Andy is very much like David Wallace in many ways which makes me swoon because I have to say that if that is his personality he is truly a very sexy man. And he seems like such a cool guy. Hope he goes back to Scranton for the next parade or some other event!

  23. Italianfood – I know why you find David Wallace hot – because he has a sweetness to him – a patient, laidback, cool, refreshing personality which makes him sexy. He’s also tall, dark (hair at least) and handsome. And those glasses make him look very intellectual. He’s a very sexy man!

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