1. I miss her. She was so awesome on this show. Bring her back as Dwight’s new love interest! Please!!!

  2. Man, it’s so hard to imagine that she grew up and went to school with all those other infamous socialites. She’s nothing like them.

  3. She seems more confident on these talk shows now. She’d be great as a new female boss for Michael if they had to find a way to bring her back regularly.

  4. Haha, Mathlete. Didn’t see that coming.

    I love Craig Ferguson. He makes me laugh every single time, and this was no exception because she’s very funny too!

    “The sky IS purple, Ra-Ra.”

  5. I’m glad Karen’s gone, but Rashida is so sweet. How can you not like her? The fact that she was a mathlete is just awesome.

  6. I can just imagine the captain of her mathlete squad at home saying “yeah well you failed that algebra stuff” or something else math-y………

    also drunk lion cracked me up.

  7. I love Rashida Jones. She seems so down to earth. Plus she’s smart and gorgeous…she’s perfect.

  8. What has two thumbs and loves seeing Craig Ferguson interview cast members from The Office…

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