1. as a musical theatre geek, this makes me so happy. love michael heckling andy! but i hate to be a party pooper in saying this, but a theater would never let someone in with booze and balloons.

  2. Oh Michael…learn theatre etiquette!!!!! As a Theatre major, this is KILLING ME!!! hahaha.

  3. Oh, no, he’s gonna ruin Andy’s play! Not cool, Michael.

    Can’t wait for this ep, it’s gonna be epic.

  4. One of my favorite characters of The Office is Andy and seeing Michael ruining his dream, seems a lot like the old days of the office. Can’t wait and maybe this will be the first big highlight of this season.

  5. Overall i prefer Andy in small doses, but i don’t mind an Andy centric episode every once in awhile. This is looking classic already.

  6. Andy really delivers!!!!! And I was wrong about what I said that Michael wouldn’t respect anything from him, because, he does, specially his performance.

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