The Office: Andy’s Play, 7.03

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The Office Andy's Play Sweeney Todd

Writer: Charlie Grandy, Director: John Stuart Scott

Summary (NBC): Andy invites the entire office to his community theater production of Sweeney Todd in hopes that Erin will attend. Michael tries to put his jealousy aside and enjoy the performance while Jim and Pam struggle with their incompetent babysitter.

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In a poll conducted October 7-11, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.15/10

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The Office Andy’s Play quotes

Erin: Did you write this?
Andy: No.
Erin: Who did?
Andy: Steven Sondheim.
Erin: Who is he?
Angela: What the hell is happening?

Andy: We’re the cast of Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. We open in a couple of weeks at the Loose Screw Playhouse here in Scranton and today just doing a wee bit of viral marketing.

Andy: Two comps. For my lady and her Gabe. It’s closing night. Tomorrow we have to give the theater over to the Scranton’s Miss Fitness Pageant.

Andy: Gabe is not coming, which is huge because my plan is to make Erin fall back in love with me tonight. Women cannot resist a man singing show tunes. It’s so powerful, even a lot of men can’t resist a man singing show tunes.

Michael: They say that no one can take your pride, but the people who cast Andy’s play, they took mine.
Dwight: Last time I went to the theater, a man dressed as a cat sat on my lap.

Andy: I’m asking you thespian to thespian. Will you please be the bigger man and come to my show?
Michael: I wish I could, Andy, but I can’t. I have plans that night. I’m going to see a friend in a play called Sweeney Todd. You’re that friend. I’m going to see your play.

Michael: And scene.

Dwight: Let’s just knock this out right now. Disrobe.

Dwight: Angela? Don’t like her anymore. Not attracted to her anymore. Just contractually obligated to make a baby with her.

Dwight: Alright fine, I’ll go to your little show, but I’m not wearing a cape.

Angela: Dwight and I have a contractual agreement to procreate five times, plain and simple. And should he develop feelings for me, well that would be permissible under Item 7C, Clause 2, so I would not object.

Stanley: You brought balloons to a play?
Michael: I did. Because I am being the bigger man, and balloons are bigger than flowers.
Phyllis: It’s nice. Like ‘Up.’

Usher: Are you the guy that did an entire Law & Order episode for his audition?

Erin: I really wanted to see Andy’s play, because he’s so, so talented. But I’ve been trying to get in the babysitting game forever. The 13-year olds in this town have a complete monopoly. It’s almost like a babysitters club.

Michael: This is ridiculous. You’d think they’d discourage people from bringing in balloons.
Darryl: Hey, I think this guy playing Sweeney Todd is my plumber.
Michael: No, Darryl. This guy’s a world-class actor. He doesn’t daylight as your plumber.
Darryl: No, it’s my plumber. Says so in his bio. Apparently the director discovered him doing karaoke. It’s his first play, he didn’t even audition.

Darryl: If we don’t listen to the overture, we won’t recognize the musical themes when they come back later.

Andy: I feel you, Johanna.

Dwight: I work with that guy.

Dwight: Why are you dressed like a seed catalog model?

Pam: It’s fun to hear Andy sing in the appropriate setting.

Jim: Let’s get our Sweeney on.

Andy: Just checking my emails. See if I got any last minute “break a leg”s or “I still love you”-type texts. Doesn’t look like I got anything. Maybe on my Facebook wall.

Creed: Unfortunately in this ham-fisted production of Sweeney Todd, the real terror comes from the vocal performances. New paragraph.

Sweeney Todd: There’s a little bird fluttering around. Do hope it ceases chirping.

Andy: Oh, it appears the bird was in mine own pocket this whole time. He’s gone to sleep now, I’ve closed his beak.

Andy: That’s really irresponsible of Erin. She’s a terrible babysitter.

Erin: But why would I take her to the hospital?

Jim: We’re never leaving the house again.
Pam: Not together.

Angela: That was more horrifying than Nunsense.

Dwight: All that singing got in the way of some perfectly good murders.

Darryl: This plumber has pipes.

Creed: Be cool, Michael. I saw this guy kill a bunch of people.

Andy: These would have been your seats. Best seats in the house. Lots of people think it would be the front row, but actually, right here, this is where the speakers converge, and the sound just, like, nails you right here.

Jim: It’s like The Hurt Locker.

Pam: Let’s get our juice on!

Michael: Oscar, enough with the sass! Please!

Michael: I booed someone tonight. I have no filter.

Michael: I thought you were exactly awesome. No better, no worse.

Michael: In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate but equally important groups: the police who investigate the crimes and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories. I’m just a cleaning lady. Ahhhh! Dead body! He wrapped his belt around his own neck. It looks like a classic case of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Yeah, looks like everyone’s tightening their belts in this economy. Last time you saw the victim, was he happy? Last time I saw this john, he wasn’t a victim, if you know what I’m talking about.

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  1. That was EPIC! Easily one of my favorite episodes of the whole series.

    I love Andy even more after that one.

  2. Great episode! Though as a theatre geek, few things have been more awkward for me to watch in this show than the whole post-cellphone monologue.

  3. Loved it! Fabulous cold open!

    But I wonder if people who aren’t familiar with Sweeney Todd will get it.

  4. I almost hate to say it, because I don’t want to jinx it – but after the first three episodes, I have to say it feels like The Office is back. Season 6 left me disappointed and frustrated, but Season 7 is definitely off to a good start. I really enjoyed tonight’s episode. It flowed naturally, it was charming and funny and not too over-the-top. Keep it up, guys!!!

  5. That was the best episode in years! Season 2/3 caliber. I laughed so much I almost choked and had tears in my eyes by the end. It reminded me why I fell in love with this show. Perfect! I can’t wait to watch this again.

  6. Lot of great little gags in this one.

    Ryan’s giant iPad clock, Creed writing a play review, Stanley hating standing ovations…

  7. That was amazing!! Comedy, romance, and sweetness, plus…music! This season is off to a great start!

  8. Loved that! I actually thought I was not going to like it when I saw the promos…but it was the perfect mix of sweet and funny. And just saw the new promo for next week’s episode! Go Season 7 :)

  9. Wow, Erin is a really bad babysitter…but I love her anyway! I wonder what her future with Andy holds.

    Best episode in a long time. Even though it focused on Andy, it showcased the entire cast. But I totally predicted Andy’s phone going off in the middle of the show. Creed writing a review = priceless! :)

  10. “I Try” is always the go-to karaoke song for me and my friends so I was pumped when they busted that out at the end. Michael’s Law and Order audition was also epic. Season 7 is off to a great start!

  11. As a lover of everything The Office and Law and Order, the ending killed it for me. Seriously, epic.

    Creed on the phone giving the review was hilarious. And Andy has one helluva voice! I know we’ve seen him before belting out some lyrics, but he has some serious pipes. Impressed = me. Everyone drinking out of the same wine bottle was also very reminiscent of college for me haha

  12. This episode was WONDERFUL! I am so happy with this season so far. Great cold open and Ed is so amazing!! I actually felt like crying, I want to see Dwangela together again so badly. Also Andy lighting up when Erin came to the play brought tears to my eyes. I love this show! My only complaint was when Erin said “who’s he?” When Andy said Stephen Sondheim’s name because he is a genius and everyone should know his name!

  13. I agree with you guys– I loved this, and it felt like the “old Office.” I still love that Sweeney Todd was the play that Andy did– it is an added bit of comedy that it’s so horrific and violent, if anyone knows about it! Tonight’s was just a really complete, solid episode. I HEART ANDY!

    Also, did you guys notice that Pam was wearing her bobblehead outfit in that scene at lunch? Hah!

  14. First episode I’ve truly enjoyed in a very long time. I was dying during Michael’s Law & Order “episode.”

  15. This season is really off to a great start! Although, now I have the song “Joanna” in my head again after finally getting rid of it the other day – the Johnny Depp movie was on TV the other night.

  16. My favorite of the current season by far, and I was rolling when Michael lost the balloons and the bottle rolled. I am so pleased with this season so far! SOOO excited for next week’s episode too.

  17. This may be one of my favorite all-time episodes. SO many quotable lines! Loved it. 100%.

    Let’s get our juice on!

  18. Fabulous episode! I laughed throughout the entire show. My favorite parts: Jim and Pam stealing other people’s seats so they wouldn’t have to sit by Michael, and Michael’s Law and Order audition! This episode was quality!

  19. I thought it was hilarious that they chose Sweeney Todd, just because I’ve worked on it before.

  20. Great episode! It felt like a great evening going out with my best friends! It had a similar feel to “Cafe Disco” where everyone was enjoying themselves together. I howled at Erin’s “Why would I want to take her to the hospital?” No wonder she loses jobs to 13-year olds!

  21. Oh no, I guess I get to be “that person”.

    I really didn’t like this one at all. It was slow, not very humorous (beyond a few Darryl, Ryan, and Creed moments), and Michael was more grating then usual.

    I used to love Andy, but now that he’s spending all his time pining for love, he’s become a pretty bland character, and apparently there’s even more of it to “look forward” to next week. He’s just not a fun protagonist. Stick to singing and playing wingman, Nard-Dog.

  22. I thought that “Nepotism” was a return to form, but this episode was so good. I fell in love with The Office yet again.

  23. I can’t express enough how much I am loving this season of the Office. Only Michael would try to act out an entire episode for Law & Order including the infamous ‘doink doink’ for an audition ;)

  24. Just got home from work and after reading these comments, I can’t wait to hit the DVR and watch this episode!!

  25. I’m sorry to say but I started off this episode only half-interested in the play. But thanks to the office writers for pulling me back in once the play got started and Michael started pouting! I also love watching all the relationships we want to happen like Dwight/Angela and Andy/Erin. It’s sad to stop and think we won’t have this entire cast around next season :(

  26. Terrific episode. Could baby CeeCee be any cuter? Next week is the episode I’ve been waiting for this season and I cannot wait!

  27. I loved this episode. Does anyone else want to see a future episode where Michael has a plumbing problem and the only plumber available is the man he booed? I don’t know if the writers were going for this, but I think that Michael, SNL lover that he is, got his audition idea from the Jake Gyllenhaal episode, in the sketch “Law & Order: Master Class.”

  28. I loved this episode!!!!! Really!!!!! It’s Andy’s best performance ever!!!!! He can sing, dance, and do theatre. And I love the scene when everyone encouraged him, and he was singing this Macy Gray’s song, I don’t remember its name…., and of course, it was awesome. And it’s good to see baby Cece again.

  29. This episode was the first good episode since season 4. I thought there was no coming back for The Office since The Whistleblower (which was possibly the most terrible, unwatchable 30 minutes of television I have ever had to endure), but this episode was a giant step in the right direction. The writing is improving, and the acting is somewhat believable for the first time in years. Still, the show has been dumbed down to a fraction of what it once was, but it is nice to see that the show is making an effort to improve.

  30. Wow, just wow. After what I felt like were two mediocre episodes, they really nailed it with this one. Angela and Dwight were great and the end with Jim and Pam was a great little scene–probably their best since the wedding.

    Let’s hope the next few eps. are as high a caliber.

  31. Oh, The Office. Just when I feel like you’re beginning to disappoint…well, to paraphrase Andy, “I try to say goodbye and I choke, try to walk away and I stumble…”

  32. Definitely enjoyable, and nice to see everyone have a little character moment from Meredith’s swig off the wine bottle to Oscar’s precision comment, to Darryl’s booing. Ironic that Sweeney Todd is actually on BBC America at the same time.

  33. Hello, old friend! I feel like The Office I fell in love with is finally back after a 2 year hiatus. It’s like we’re back in Season 3 or 4 again! Hooray!

  34. this episode was awesome! i laughed so hard when erin asked andy if he wrote the song at the beginning.

    and does anyone else think that jim in jeans is positively dreamy?

  35. I hope this episode gets Ed Helms the supporting actor nom and Emmy he should have gotten last year.

  36. Anybody else love Creed calling in a review of the musical as much as I did?

    Also, the tone of the show recently has become very elegiac. Even though it is incredibly early, it could be anticipating Carell’s goodbye.

  37. #51, Mr. Dude, I so agree. I felt Ed deserved a nom after last season, but if he doesn’t get one based off of tonight’s episode, then the Emmy people aren’t paying attention. He was AMAZING in tonight’s episode.

  38. Fantastic episode. I like the “new” Angela. I really hope they release Andy’s version of Sweeney Todd on iTunes.

  39. A great episode – and Ed Helms was amazing! It has been a very, very good season so far.

  40. #52 Scott B. I love it that Office fans are the kind of people who can use the word “elegiac” correctly.

  41. This episode was pretty good!

    I actually can’t wait to see the deleted scenes now.

  42. I laughed so hard at the beginning when Dwight pulled out the knife. The rest was okay. I haven’t watched Sweeney Todd so I wasn’t interested in the play.

  43. Holy CRAP this was good!
    I laughed the hardest when Sweeney Todd asks, “What of Joanna?” and the little alert on Andy’s phone goes off. So perfect.

  44. Fantastic episode! I can’t describe how much i loved Michael’s Law&Order monologue. I laughed hysterically at the wine bottle rolling. And the “let’s get our juice on” shared moment in the car was adorable. It’s true, Jim in his non work clothes is one good lookin’ sight.

    I just have to say how amazing would a live episode of The Office be? If only, if only.

  45. I loved Darryl shushing Michael to hear the overture. “we won’t recognize the musical themes when they come up again”

  46. Oh Erin, how can you still be with Gabe after tonight? Andy/Ed Helms was just absolutely dreamy!!

    Emmy voters, that nomination better go to Ed Helms next year! (**HINT: NOT JON CRYER!**)

  47. I gotta say, this season feels like it’s off to a great start. I absolutely loved the awkward moments of this episode: from Michael’s wine bottle incident to Andy’s own “bird” going off, The Office seems to have rediscovered what made the show so great to begin with. I also have to ask, did anybody else find the scene with Creed during intermission hilarious? And another thing that I didn’t quite expect: I actually got on board regarding the Andy/Erin match. That last scene with them in the theater seats evoked in me something reminiscent of the early days with Jim and Pam – which I hadn’t expected. Anybody else feel that way? Great episode!

  48. This episode was amazing! Andy is one of my favorite characters and Ed Helms is genuinely talented musically. There were some classic moments from all of the characters; it was fun and funny and yet there was some real emotional depth to it too. I thought they pulled it off really well considering it could have just been pure spectacle.

  49. Best parts of the episode: Creed reporting, Ryan checking the time, Angela looking real hot, and Michael’s law and order audition. Steve Carell is brilliant.

  50. I agree with you Micah, that scene in the empty theater when Erin is leaving, I felt like my chest was going to burst, like “Say something Andy!!!!! Tell her to come back!” What a great episode. If Ed Helms doesn’t win something for this…

  51. For the third week, another hilarious episode. Most everything about tonight made me laugh to no end. Though, Ryan’s iPad, Creed’s review and the awkward way Michael and Andy disrupted the play puts this episode up against many episodes.

    I hope the rest of the season continues to be this good.

  52. i thought this episode was great! very funny with a hint of touching at the end. also, the closing scene with michael’s law & order audition was awesome and reminded me of the episode with his improv class.

  53. I didn’t like the premiere at all, and the second episode was just OK, but this was pretty great.

  54. Anyone else feel like the writers have almost let the show off its leash this year? It almost feels more goofy and sitcom-ish than previous years, but I mean that in a good way. This is the freshest the show has felt in YEARS.

  55. I didn’t like this episode. I *loved* it! It was a scream on so many levels. This one is definitely going to be added to my list of favorites. :)

  56. I don’t know why, but Darryl cracked me up in this episode. And Ed Helms was amazing. He really showed his range. That ending scene with him and Erin in the empty theatre really reminded me of Seasons 1-2 Jim/Pam. The heartache, the anguish! This season is definitely an improvement over the last one; can’t wait for next week!

  57. I’m glad to see that so many people have responded positively to this episode. Ever since Andy came back from anger management late in season 3 he has been my favorite character. He has had some great moments in the series, but I felt like this was truly HIS episode and he knocked it right out of the park. Best line: Be cool Michael, I saw this guy kill a bunch of people.

  58. This episode was AMAZING!!! I freaked when I saw Steve C. was playing a chorus member in the opening! So great!!!

  59. I’m just so slow – I got Dwight’s reference to seeing Cats and the giant cat sitting on his lap, but I just realized that the last time he went to the theatre was probably when he was dating Angela and, of course, she would make him go see Cats. Yeah, only took me 12 hours to get it!

  60. Wow there were so many little nuances going on in so many relationships tonight. I loved it! It was cute that Dwight was proud enough of Andy to tell the guy next to him that they work together. I also loved how Dwight’s face looked for the split second after Angela drove away. I can’t wait for him to realize that he still loves her.

  61. A really, *really* good episode. Felt like Season 2 to me — lots of nuanced scenes, and the characters weren’t nearly as cartoonish and they’ve been in the past year or so. This is when The Office is at its best.

    Kudos to everyone for a job well done. I really enjoyed it.

  62. I loved the episode. It was great to see Andy stealing the show both in the play and in the episode.
    The distractions were funny with the phone and the bottle rolling.

    The end was sweet and had a lot of heart to it.
    Old-school Office in a way.

  63. Agree agree agree! The first two episodes this season have been less funny than Community, and that disappointed me a little- this one was SPOT ON! Felt like season two… little things had me laughing the ENTIRE way through the episode. Would have been funny for someone who had never seen the show, but had little things to pick up on for seasoned fans. Bravo!

  64. Andy is my favorite character and this definitely was “his” episode. We have watched him evolve in so many ways, I hope we can watch him have a genuine, authentic relationship soon.

  65. I enjoyed this epi, but wish the writers wouldn’t push the Andy-Erin thing. It seems like Stanley is the only one that can get a relationship outside of the Business Park. Other than that, I agree that it has more 2/3 feel.

    O, and how cute was Cece’s chubby cheeks?!? So adorable! (btw, is it the same baby(ies) that played her at birth?)

  66. This episode was one of my favorites because as Pam said, it was nice to see Andy sing outside of the office. Stanley sleeping was also priceless

  67. This is probably my favorite episode of The Office ever. Andy has been my favorite character since he first showed up, and I love how much screen time they gave him. And the ending with all of them singing was so sweet. They did a great job.

  68. This is turning out to be a great season in all forms but I just wish that Angela and Dwight would not get back together.

  69. I must admit I wasn’t all that excited about this episode going into it – not a huge fan of musicals – but I have to say I ended up loving it! It’s the first episode in a while that I’ve watched more than once. I’m not a fan of Andy/Erin, but I am a fan of seeing Andy’s understated emotional side. The scenes where he was left heartbroken in the theater – so poignant and a side we rarely see of Andy. I just hope they find someone better suited for him than Erin; I’m just not feeling the chemistry between them. Now Jim and Pam on the other hand, their chemistry, as always, is undeniable – loved their scenes!

  70. The ONLY thing that could make this episode better is to have an OT Q&A with Charlie Grandy and/or John Stuart Scott…

    Fingers crossed!

  71. Andy’s play had so many twists that I didn’t know what to do with myself. Erin bailing to babysit then actually coming to the play. Michael auditioning and getting really mad but not actually ruining the show. It was a great episode!

  72. I loved Andy’s Play. One of the best things about it is how it gave most of the great cast something to do in it.

  73. I know it’s too soon, but I can see this episode will be one of the best for this season – top 5 at least. Love the awkward opening scene. The storyline was hilarious, romantic and cute. It ends perfectly with clips from Jim & Pam, Angela and the rest of the characters with Andy’s singing as the background music. Perfect! Reminds me the old days of The Office.

  74. Just re-watched it on Watching Andy die on stage is so painful, but when the gang rallies around him and they sing “I Try” with the montage of Angela and Jim/Pam, it ends the show on the highest of notes. Watching Andy and Erin in this episode, I feel the same as I did when I watched Jim and Pam in season two (only this episode, though).

  75. It was a perfect episode in every way. Although the plot was simple, it offered a great view into each relationship as well as some hilarious ‘Office’ moments that I’m sure will be talked about for quite some time. Definitely one of my favorites and by far my favorite so far this season!

  76. I wish I was in the audience of Andy’s play…
    This episode was a return to form.


  77. I loved Jim’s comment: It is like The Hurt Locker! When he was trying to get CeCe to fall asleep in the car.

  78. What a terrific episode — well written and performed by all!
    I love that they found a legit way to include Andy’s singing and I love eps that showcase most of the cast.
    Oh, and Ryan with the iPad…too funny!

  79. Such an adorable episode! I really thought Ed Helms was awesome, and I loved how proud everyone was of him. I was expecting to see a lot of focus on Michael being jealous and trying to ruin things, but I was pleasantly surprised to see so much else going on. Lovely.

  80. I loved this episode. The writer (Charlie Grandy) definitely has a way with zingers. I thought Angela looked awesome in “regular” clothes. Michael’s monologue of “Law & Order” was spectacular. I’ve already rewatched the episode twice.

  81. I loved everything about “Andy’s Play,” and “Sweeney Todd” was the perfect choice of musical for the episode. I’d like to know if it was a coincidence that both “The Office” and “30 Rock” had significant references to “Law and Order” on the same night. This was the third satisfying episode in a row, and I have high expectations for next week!

  82. Good episode, just one complaint though. In the final montage at the end, why would Angela allow the cameras inside her car as she is driving home? It makes sense, for example, when Michael is driving and has the cameras in his car, but of all people, I would think Angela would be totally against it. That little thing just really irked me

  83. Great show! Loved Andy’s quote “Women cannot resist a man singing show tunes. It’s so powerful, even a lot of men can’t resist a man singing show tunes”. Is it Thursday yet?

  84. I was very pleasantly surprised that they used so much material from Sweeney (including The Ballad of Sweeney Todd cut from the movie); perhaps Stephen Sondheim is a fan of The Office? Either way, it was a fantastic episode that gave most of the characters some great screen time.

  85. I thought that the opening, with Dwight pulling out a dagger when all of Andy’s co stars brandished razors during their song, was hilarious!

  86. I started sweating profusely at Andy’s cell phone thing and almost had a heart attack when he wouldn’t stop talking – and then, Sweeney saved me! His yelling at Andy was SPOT ON!

    The only really crazy thing to me is the balloons. That was way too much but when they busted, that made it all okay!

    I haven’t been into The Office as of the last 2 seasons much but this made me feel like 1st season, so nervous I peed a little. Good stuff.

  87. @109 I thought about that too, it was such an amazing moment. (Angela smiling in her car). But for argument’s sake I guess they could have hid a lipstick camera in her car either when she was in the play or at the office at some point in the last 7 years?? Maybe not that likely but hey I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for such an amazing moment!

  88. I really enjoyed this episode and it was an excellent use of the whole cast.

    Best line for me was when Darryl says: “If we don’t listen to the overture, we won’t recognize the themes when they come back later.”

  89. I really enjoyed this episode! Sweeney Todd is a great musical and I was so excited to see it on The Office. I wasn’t disappointed!

  90. Supremely great episode–it reminded me of Waiting for Guffman! Michael’s reenactment of a Law and Order episode complete with sound effects was so great–I can’t wait to rewatch that many times! Loved Kelly asking Ryan “What time is it?” since that’s usually how I feel during musicals! Ed Helms was simply amazing throughout. When his phone was supposedly finally turned off, yet still made the little “you have a message” noise, I just died laughing.

    But what’s up with the drink that Jim and Pam were having, and why were they sitting in the car? Was it Irish Cream and orange juice? Wouldn’t that um, separate or curdle? (yuck-I hate that word, curdle) Blech!

  91. My Favorite episode in a long time! Ed Helms is absolutely a star! So impressed!

    Oh, and “what’s the dealio,” just to answer your question about Jim and Pam sitting in their car: many a tired, stressed parent has been in their EXACT situation, where the baby will ONLY sleep in the car….so you, as the parent, will just give up the battle and sit in the car to let the baby sleep. Ah, the joys of parenthood. It’s actually cool to see Jim and Pam experience it together.

  92. Don’t worry blacklamb, I’m right there with you. Now there are (apparently only) two of us that didn’t care for the episode. It’s rare that they make an episode that takes place outside of the office work; and I don’t think this was one of them. Someone else commented that the show has become more goofy and sitcom-ish. I agree, but I think that’s a bad thing! I miss the sharp wit and subtlety of past seasons (especially seasons 2 and 3, which this episode would not fit into). Sorry to be a killjoy, just wanted to throw my two cents in there – I was surprised so many people loved this one!

  93. One of the most quoteable episodes in a long time! That makes three good episodes in a row, this season is shaping up to be a great one.

  94. Loved it when Michael’s balloons got away then popped when they hit the ceiling and Kelly screamed…sometimes it’s the little things that get me!

  95. It’s been awhile since awhile since a montage of everybody at the end of an episode. I was very happy to see one of those again.

    If the rest of the season continues to be as well done as these first three episodes, it’s going to definitely be one of the best.

  96. “It’s like The Hurt Locker.” has had me laughing for the entire day. Such a great episode.

    I, too, found Angela’s unusual appearance in casual clothing to be one of the more subtle-yet-awesome aspects of the episode. I have always had a difficult time envisioning her in apparel other than that she is known for sporting. For me, it brings out an entirely different side of Kinsey’s character.

    Pure excellence.

  97. Oh man, that was brilliant! I was hysterical when Michael dropped the bottle. Jim and Pam are so awesome. Why did Jim go “ruh, ruh ruh ruh ruh” after “Let’s get our juice on!”? It’s probably a really obvious answer.

  98. All around wonderful episode! I loved getting to see baby Cece again! The cold open was hilarious also….I loved how Andy had the entire cast from the play show up!

  99. I laughed out loud so many times! The first is when Jim says “Yes!” as the second cast member jumps out to sing with Andy in the cold open. And Erin showing up at the theater with Cece… As a parent, I was horrified! It was hilarious!

  100. This has probably already been said, but Michael’s “Law and Order” sound effects were spot on.

  101. Has to be tied for my favourite episode ever, along with Dinner Party…odd how both took place outside the office but it still worked! Seriously brilliant in every aspect, had everything. After the last two seasons, I hope the office is finally returning to the form we know it can show. The first episode was poor in my opinion, the second was better, but this one was in a completely different league. Not going to bother with my favourite quotes for this episode: way too many to name!

  102. This episode, while definitely not the best ever, really gives me faith that the writers are capable of getting the quality of the show back to where it used to be. Now we just need a Season 7 episode of this caliber (or better) to take place inside the offices of Dunder Mifflin Sabre

  103. @#95 Wendy, I agree about Andy and Erin. They have some cute moments but overall something’s lacking. There’s no fire/chemistry there, or something. The only reason i’d even root for them is just so Andy can be happy, otherwise i’m not feeling it. They’re no Jim/Pam, and i hope the writers don’t even attempt to take them down that road.

  104. Pamalamadingdong & Blacklamb…. Count me in as the third. I have been a huge Office fan since the very first episode of the series. But this season has been such a letdown for me. I remember laughing until I cried at seasons past, but I have chuckled only a couple of times this season. I had to make myself even finish this week’s episode.

  105. Not being a fan of over the top Michael or Andy’s singing, I was not looking forward. But it was great!
    I thought Michael was going to be doing distractions the entire show. Brilliant move spreading that gag around to different people (Erin, anyone who drank the wine, Jim/Pam, even Andy). I think this was the best “outside the office” episode since “The Dundies”.

    As an aside, did they get a new hair/make-up person for the women? Lots of people have commented that Pam looks good this season. But last night Erin, Angela and Kelly also looked especially gorgeous.

  106. 3/3 Office writers! Well done once again. This was such a funny and sweet episode. It was worth the extra 24 hours I had to wait to watch it. I loved Creed saying “be cool Michael we just saw this guy kill a bunch of people”. Angela, wowzas! My favorite was Pam’s “let’s get our juice on” haha. Can’t wait for next week!

  107. I have watched this episode 4 times already, that’s how much I loved it. I liked watching Michael behave with a modicum of restraint, yet still have the ability to crack me up. I laughed so hard when he stopped himself from saying “that’s what she said” when Andy was in his office.

    Perhaps he is stepping back a bit to make room for Andy’s eventual coronation as manager? For the first time, I can really see this happening. Andy has the right mixture of awkwardness, lack of self awareness and a kind heart to pull it off.

    LOVE the return of Dwight and Angela too.

    And Stanley giving his version of a complement to Andy for his performance.

  108. My favourite comedy combined with one of my favourite musicals; could Thursday night have been any better? Methinks not. Loved every minute of it!.

  109. #138, Mari, I kinda got that vibe to. About Andy possibly being the new manager. So far this season, he’s been featured quite a bit, maybe they’re testing the waters to see how people feel about him. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as the new boss…he’s the right mixture to do it.

  110. This rates a miss in my book. Less singing please, less Andy/Erin please. More reality would be nice.

  111. Go Angela! yay!! I hope her sneaky plan will give her Dwight back. Seriously, Dwangela is the best.

  112. i just have to say I loved this episode. As someone who has been in the musical “Sweeney Todd” before, I thought it was a great job they did with the music. Andy was perfectly cast as Anthony, and Ed Helms did some great singing too! I’m glad they showed the Office enjoying themselves. This season is turning out to be great so far.

  113. I thought it was great to see another side of Ed Helms’ acting ability–singing in a musical format and a more serious demeanor when Andy is disappointed by Erin. What a fabulous showcase for Ed!

  114. I loves me some awkward humor, and seeing Andy come apart at the seems on stage was fantastic. Add in his own version of the Unrequited Love Jim Face (which nearly brought me to tears) and I really dug the episode.

    Oh, and I felt much the same way Dwight did at the end. Angela was looking HOT. When that breeze hit her…

  115. BTW, Angela looked HOT in her “seed catalog model” clothes! It caught me by surprise to see Angela in temptress mode with Dwight – first the calculated move to change into “farm” clothes that would appeal to Dwight, then seeing them get frisky by the side of the car! Loved the way she was toying with him. And when she reached into his pocket…WOW! Go Angela!

  116. This episode was so awesome on so many levels! I enjoyed seeing Andy do the whole musical side and Michael’s sillyness in the audience. I loved it all. And I totally had an “Aw Toby” kind of moment when Andy found out Erin was babysitting. Ed Helms was amazing in this episode and I was glad he was able to shine in this episode. I still think Andy can do way better than Erin though! What a great episode to catch up on since I was at the baseball game, so I had to miss it. Amazing episode.

  117. Awww, the office is back baby! I loved this episode, Andy was amazing! I can’t help but love the whole balloon popping and bottle rolling thing, it was hilarious! I felt slightly sad, and heartbroken, poor Andy. & I love Erin, her character is just something else! Jim and Pam were okay, and whoo go Ryan with that HUGE ipad, haha.

  118. Anyone else notice that Dwight actually WANTS to have sex with Angela now? lol I was watching the episode again and realized that.

  119. Dwight bought the office complex, so I’m sure he took over a vacant room somewhere in the building.

  120. I love the Office, I love the characters especially my favorite goofball Michael. But, when the show was about to end the first thing I said to my sister was, “It was all right”. Didn’t really complete it for me, I thought that the Dwight/Angela thing wasn’t needed. What I did love, well, anything that Michael does I enjoy, the ending was the best part of the episode. But, I also like seeing how much Jam has changed from S2 to S7.

  121. tanster, in the quotes, you left out one of my favorite erin quotes: “see you soup!”

  122. Best episode so far this season but do we really need a repeat of the Jim/Pam storyline with Andy/Erin?

  123. During one of my re-watchings of “Andy’s Play,” I noticed a little discrepancy. In the beginning of the episode when Michael asks Andy what time the play starts, Andy says “8 pm sharp.” Michael asks how long it is and Andy said “an hour and 45.” That means the play should be over by 9:45 pm, or possibly just after 10 pm if you add in time for intermission.

    But during the play, when Kelly asks Ryan for the time and he checks his iPad, the time displayed is 10:07 pm. THEN the next scene is intermission, and the director tells Michael to “enjoy the second act.”

    So the second act isn’t even starting till some time around 10:30 at the earliest, and would probably last at least 30-45 minutes. That means the play would be ending after 11 pm, much longer than “an hour and 45.”

    Yup, I’m a Virgo! Stickler for little details. ;)

  124. Serious question… Was that the real music from the real play? The main theme – the one used in the opening sequence – almost sounded ad-libbed. No offense to the writers of the play, because I don’t how how old it might be, but the song sounded very… Sesame Street.

    And come on people… You gotta love the shades of Jim and Pam in the Andy/Erin storyline!

  125. Wow…I won…what do I do now, Tanster?

    [from tanster: please respond to the email I sent you on Oct. 10. thanks!]

  126. @Matt 158–Yes, that is the real music for “Sweeney Todd.” Stephen Sondheim don’t come cheap. I’d imagine they paid a boat-load o’ cash to use it and bits from the play. Plus the dvd rights…oy!

  127. HUGE fan of this episode. Best I’ve seen in a long, long time. Michael’s bitterness? Erin being a huge ditz? Andy’s phone going off? Classic. Love love loved it.

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