Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms conference call

Ed: … we’ll be shooting a scene and maybe I’ll feel like, you know what, I’m not sure Andy would say it this way or I’m not sure Andy would, like would really feel this way in this particular scene.
And we’ll just launch into a really sort of analytical discussion because the — whoever wrote a given episode is always on set for — while that episode is being shot.

And, you know, the director and Paul Feig who is like a — what is he? He’s some sort of producer.

Angela: He’s a co-exec producer but he really is there to sort of make sure when we do have different directors that we’re really keeping the tone and the feel of the show.

Ed: Yeah, he really keeps things sort of consistent.

Ed: And so it’s really so funny because just like two weeks ago, I was having this really intense discussion with Jen Celotta about this scene we were shooting.

And I was like well I think that where Andy’s head is at he might go this way or whatever. And Paul was there, and — Paul Feig and I think Paul Lieberstein floated over.

And we were just sort of getting into it. And then we kind of got to a conclusion.

And I remember saying out loud, I was like god I love these conversations because it’s so collaborative and it’s so — like it’s just a team process. And everyone’s input really matters.

And the writers really care that what the actors are doing makes sense to the actor, you know.

Angela: Exactly. And I think it so shows in the show — I mean it really shows itself in our finished episodes. And I also think that it’s so unique.

I mean you talk to other actors and writers in LA who — the writers are in one building, the actors are on set and the two never meet, you know.

Ed: Yeah.

Angela: So we’re so fortunate.

Press: It sounds like a great working environment.

Angela: It is.

Ed: It’s exceptional.

Press: Is Angela pregnant with Dwight’s baby? And if so, are they going to have a shotgun wedding?

Angela: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Angela: Wouldn’t it be funny if all of a sudden I had to be pregnant since I was just pregnant for real? Oh my god. Lady, I cannot answer your question.

Angela: I can’t. I can tell you this. Things get really complicated pretty quickly.

Ed: There you go. That’s the right answer.

Angela: In the next few episodes. That’s all I can say.

Press: Are we going to get to any kind of wedding? A wedding in general?

Ed: You got to — you can’t just ask blatant spoilers like this. We got to — because we just can’t get…

Angela: Yeah.

Ed: … we can’t answer them.

Angela: Exactly.

Angela: I mean it’s like Fort Knox. It’s Fort Knox over there.

Ed: I know.

Angela: I mean they’ll come after us.

Ed: We’ve got a list of things we can’t talk about.

Angela: Yes.

Press: I wanted to ask you about the fan base. The show obviously has a wide range of fans and I know that actually The Office did a panel at Comic-Con this summer.

So I was wondering — so obviously you have a big geek, comic book crowd trend. And I’m just wondering what you attribute the success of the show and that wide range of fans there?

Angela: Oh my gosh. Well I think a lot of us in America, we spend more time with the people we work with then even our own families. And you sort of have this forced family where you go to work.

And definitely that makes it relatable because everyone sort of works with an Angela or knows a Dwight, or an Andy. And that’s a lot of fun to see every week. But I have to say sometimes I am blown away by the different spectrum of our fans.

Like my cousin is ten years old and is the biggest fan for our show; like can quote like Dwight monologues and she’s ten. She’s never worked in an office. And so that is always surprising to me, but a lot of fun.

Ed: You know who cracks me up as like the biggest fan is one of our editors, Dave Rogers.

Angela: And he like sits with it all day long.


  1. They are such wonderful people! I love how careful they are with their characters, and how they try their best to give US the best, not just reading some lines. This is a wonderful, insightful interview, and makes me even more glad that Ed Helms joined the cast in Season 3, he fits in like…um….like a analogy to show how good he fits in.

  2. These two crack me up! I loved the story about Angela having to clean out the fridge! It’s amazing how situations from The Office, regardless of how bizarre and weird they are, have some real-life basis. As an almost-marketing-graduate, I’m excited (and scared) to get out there!

  3. This was so great! I love it when we get to hear about the actor’s perspectives on their own characters. Also I have a new favorite Ed Helms quote: “I have prided myself on the lack of dignity I have.” Awesome.

  4. The ‘altered states of mind’ comment just melted my brain! Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  5. “But he did it and by jobe, he is doing it.” TWSS!haha. awesome transcript! I love how dedicated Angela and Ed are to their characters. it really shows in their work on the show and how realistic and complex their characters are. also, I think it’s great how the writers take part in the action and go beyond just writing the scripts. it doesn’t sound like that happens all the time. The simple things in life are the best, and The Office is the best! thank you Angela and Ed! you guys are awesome!

  6. Thank you for this! Wonderful interview and very funny. These are the things I come to this site for and it delivers. :)

  7. I was so happy when Ed Helms joined the cast. Andy has become my favorite character, and I think Ed Helms has given a wonderful sort of endearing quality to Andy that really makes him three-dimensional. Although I knew it was love immediately after delivering the line “I’m really going to shoot you” in the Call of Duty sub plot. that game makes everyone angry, especially if a teammate decides to snipe in Carentan. i can only imagine what it did to andy. thanks for the transcript!

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