Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: For Angela

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated October 14, 2008:

Last night, much to Angela’s delight, I had a horrible night’s sleep.

I got into bed at 11pm but when I turned on the TV to help lull me to sleep, I discovered a Rachel Zoe Project marathon on Bravo. Rachel was “coming undone” and couldn’t meet Rodger for dinner and her outfits were totally cute and I couldn’t stop watching! (Brad, I love your glasses!) I only got about 5 hours of sleep…minus the times I got up to pee, adjust the tempurature and move my cat.

I came to work and told Angela my sob story. She smiled wildly.

I guess ever since she had her baby I’ve talked a lot about how much sleep I get each night. She pretty much wants to strangle me on a daily basis. And, I get it.

HOWEVER, after having a baby, Angela has lost all the weight, looks amazing, and regularly eats donuts and cheese quesadillas in front of me while I eat bland meals of chicken and broccoli and go to the gym 3 times a week. So, my tiny friend. If you continue to flash your after-baby, fit-with-no-effort figure in front of me, I’m going to tell tales of 9 hour sleep sessions.

In fact, little Angela, on Monday, when you had to work, and I had the day off, I slept until 10:30am!

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