Angela Kinsey visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

mindysfavshow: I have them…they are the BEST
Jenleigh: makes you wish that every guy was like that!
Angela Kinsey: I know!
berry: *nice*
Angela Kinsey: I call him JK
Angela Kinsey: where’s our JK clone?!
JAMgirl: John just makes me weak everytime I see him!

kaityliz1120: I saw that u were in RI for a speaking engagement Ever think of coming to Connecticut? Pretty please!
Angela Kinsey: oh I love Connecticut!
Angela Kinsey: that is where Warren and Paul are from
berry: no no dc dc!
Angela Kinsey: I have been there many times
Angela Kinsey: it’s lovely
Urglegrue: central coast!!
brizzi: i believe colorado needs you more! this is a fact
Angela Kinsey: lol!
tanster: lol
JAMgirl: how about Lafayette?
Angela Kinsey: I am trying not to be away from the baby for more than one night

JAMgirl: I find it awesome that you were born in Lafayette, Louisiana, because I live near there! Were you really born there or in Texas. I get confused about that sometimes.
Angela Kinsey: I was born in Lafayette and then before my second birthday we moved to Indonesia
Angela Kinsey: and then moved back to Texas in the late 80’s

mindysfavshow: have you seen the tours going on in Scranton?
Angela Kinsey: well guys… Isabel’s dinner is wrapping up
Angela Kinsey: I need to put my Mommy hat on
tanster: andy buckley was just there
Angela Kinsey: I heard about andy being there
Angela Kinsey: I didn’t know there were tours!
Angela Kinsey: Awesome!
tanster: every saturday all summer!
tanster: they’ve asked me to go
Angela Kinsey: that is hilarious
Angela Kinsey: tanster you definitely should!
Angela Kinsey: and do a travel journal so we can live it through you
Angela Kinsey: that’s what I love about your site
tanster: totally!
Angela Kinsey: well one of the things!
Jenleigh: that sounds like a GREAT idea

Angela Kinsey: well… guys I’ve got to go check on the baby
Angela Kinsey: I think she is done with me being on the computer
Angela Kinsey: :)
tanster: aww thank you angela. :) thanks so much for chatting with us tonight!
Jenleigh: thank you so much for talking to us, it made my night!
Angela Kinsey: thanks for having me tanster!
catebobait: yay! we <3 you angela!
Mare: you are awesome! thanks!
Angela Kinsey: I feel bad that I haven’t been blogging
kolchak: Have a good summer Angela!
dayafterxmas: Thank you, Angela!
brizzi: love you angela!
mindysfavshow: Thank you thank you….sooooo much.
Siress: Thank you Angela
Angela Kinsey: bye
Angela Kinsey: you too!
justduckey: Thanks Angela!
ChillisBannedMe: Have a great summer with the baby :)
berry: thank you angela, it was great to come home to this!!
[Disconnect] Angela Kinsey


  1. Yay, Thank you again tanster and Angela for the awesome chat. I had so much fun asking questions and having them answered. It pays to be in the chat room an hour ahead of time haha.

  2. Tanster! Please advertise when these things are going down. I know you don’t want to crowd up the chat room when it’s going down but it would be super cool if tallyheads could get a hint from time to time.

    [from tanster: yeah, i’m so sorry i can’t do a full-blown preannouncement — the last time i did that with rainn’s chat, my computer crashed from the overload of people in the chat room! i am now posting messages on the chat page ( a few days before a chat, so you can check there. thanks!]

  3. I just LOVE how down-to-earth The Office cast is! I always think of celebrities as people that I will never ever interact with…but The Office cast are REAL people! It’s just amazing.

  4. Awww, missed yet another chat… I’m determined to make one eventually (hopefully the next one haha). It’s so awesome that Angela, along with all the other cast members who visit the chat room, take the time to talk to us fans.

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